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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


You mean Paul McCartney.


Murder, She Won’t.


So that means the body count will be half then?


It means they’re missing an opportunity.


I really miss Ferguson =(


Cross the streams.

I have been granted permission to watch GOT without herself next year. Last season was a bit rough on her emotions.

And news of “The Lansbury!” Joining means I must report back if she’s survives or not. As Aoife couldn’t take anything bad happening to her.


So… I am about to embark on binge watching the first 5 seasons (50 episodes).

I will be oozing this medieval fantasy stuff out of my ears by the end. :smile:

I won’t watch 5 eps straight. Most likely 2 or 3 at a time per week.

Wish me good fortune.


I finished season six a couple of weeks ago but forgot to mention it here. For the most part I thought it was similar to season five - a bit all over the place in terms of pacing, and not as tight and focused as the show has been in the past.

But then I saw the two concluding episodes and was absolutely won over again. They were by far the best the show has been in years. If that’s the level that the series can operate at for the final two seasons then it will be a treat to watch.


The Cersei revenge sequence was just brilliant television.


It was. Gripping, brilliantly paced, with a wonderful use of music. After the penultimate episode I was thinking “top that”, and, well, they did.


Anyway, after watching seasons 5 and 6 in pretty quick succession, the one bit that I’m still turning over in my mind is Dany’s insistence to Tyrion in season five that she doesn’t want ‘to stop the wheel’, but wants to ‘break the wheel’.

I keep wondering exactly what she’s getting at with that, and the only thing I can think is that she wants to eradicate the system of monarchy altogether, and maybe institute something more closely resembling a democracy.

It feels like it’s telling that we still don’t really have a strong idea of what her endgame is, and something like that feels like it would be a genuinely huge shift for the world of the show, but would also fit with what we know of her politics.

It also fits with Tyrion’s warning at the start of that clip that she doesn’t have enough support from other houses to take the throne - because maybe she doesn’t think that’s necessary if she can gain the support of the people, through the promise of stopping them from being crushed under the wheel.

Or maybe I’m just over-analysing that scene.

(I don’t really follow GoT fan theories closely as I’m usually too far behind the latest episodes, so apologies if this has already been covered somewhere and I’m missing something obvious.)


She might be planning that, but the simplest reading is that she’s returning as a Targaryan, with a huge army and three dragons, to retake the Iron Throne and restore her house to power for now and for the future.

I would like it more if she was planning to turn the kingdoms into republics, but I’m not counting on it.


I wondered about that, but isn’t that exactly what Tyrion is getting at with the mention of ‘stopping the wheel’? The fact that she counters him makes me think her plan must be something less obvious, less straightforward.

But you could be right, it could be what it seems at this point.


I kind of assumed she meant something like destroying the patriarchy that’s been ruling Westeros forever. Especially considering she’s made allies with many of the most powerful women in the 7 kingdoms. But it could go beyond that, I suppose.


Whatever it means, it won’t work, nothing goes as planned in GoTs.

While everyone is concentrating on power, for whatever reasons, winter is coming.


That’s how I always interpreted it. She’s clearly unhappy with how things are done all around.


But she’s still the queen, using her power as monarch, imposing her power in fact.

I think she’s been presented as someone with a lot of good intentions but also a huge chunk of entitlement.

If the system in Westeros survives the winter then she’d make as a good as ruler as anyone else so far, but I don’t think her idea of reform is a democracy.


Well, she doesn’t know what democracy is, so it’s doubtful she’d come up with parliament and stuff all on her own. And during the first seasons I saw her more or less as a dangerous child, whose naive ideas about politics would get people killed, mainly. Which they did, but by now she’s learned some lessons.

Her teaming up with Tyrion could well lead to them developing some interesting ideas about how to structure governing power in Westeros in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was how the show ended: with the iron throne being melted to sludge. Seems kind of inevitable, really.


I’m still not sure who’ll survive the Winter? I’m not counting on Dany (or any of them) making it to the final episode.


[quote=“Christian, post:1648, topic:172, full:true”]

Well, she doesn’t know what democracy is, so it’s doubtful she’d come up with parliament and stuff all on her own.[/quote]
Yes, I mentioned “something more closely resembling a democracy” but I don’t seriously expect anything near to a fully-developed democracy or even necessarily a parliament. Just steps in that direction - maybe some form of election, or other system of consent from the people, for their leader.

The only thing I can think of that’s close to that in the world of GoT so far is the election of the head of the Night’s Watch, and that’s obviously on a much smaller scale.