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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)



Should’ve seen that one coming!

As an aside, the only reason I even know there is another Brian Cox is because of Millarworld.


Wait, there’s another Brian Cox?


Not for long…


So there is a smart Brian Cox and an actor Brian Cox, right?


Brian Cox (the actor one) was in ‘Troy’ and that was written by David Benioff, who now co-showruns ‘Game of Thrones’.

So they know each other’s work directly, a reunion seems like an obvious step!


No, he was a musician before he was a particle physicist


Broadbent is one of my absolutely favourite actors in the whole world.

I hope he lasts for more than three episodes before his character dies :slight_smile:


Considering we are going into shorter seasons, he will be lucky to survive 15 minutes.


A fun little article by Clive James:

(Don’t be put off by the playful title. :slight_smile: )


Thoughtful and fun. Well written.



Regicide, She Wrote.


The body count in the episodes she appears in will exceed all previous seasons combined.


The hidden power behind the Night King!


The Prince Who Was Promised!


If she is in it, I’m guessing it’ll be a fairly small role, considering she’s 90 years old.


Has there been a Murder?


On GoT? Every two minutes or so…


so that means it is a perfect show for Jessica Fletcher aka Angela Lansbury :grin: