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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Oh yeah, it would be awful. But kind of hilarious too.


Speculation: While working and studying at the Citadel Sam will find a way to reset the seasons so that the long winter doesn’t happen and the White Walkers are either destroyed or pushed back north beyond the realms of men.

By the end, the Nights Watch will no longer be necessary as peace has been forged between the Seven Kingdoms and the Wildlings and the White Walkers are no longer a threat.


But can he give a man back his penis?

Bill Simmons did a bit on last week’s Any Given Wednesday about him caring more about Theon getting his dick back than any other plot line but to be fair, if they do start handing out magical new cocks, Grey Worm deserves his manhood back a bazillion times more than Alfie Allen does.


The wall is going to be breached, they didn’t have zombie-Benjen mention the magic built into it just for fun. It’s setting up the big moment when the Night King breaks through it somehow anyway.

How far south he takes his army after that remains to be seen.


Yeah but the dragglass and V steel is only used for the WWs, there aren’t many of those anyways, the issue is the horde of dead people, that sure… dragons might be able to burn off in 4 minutes alike chris suggests, however 1) dragons need to be there… 2) there’s no guarantee dragons will even still be alive by that point, and 3) we don’t know if the WW have anti-dragon measures… they probably do =P

Otherwise you get into the LOTR’s eagles debacle again… why not just fly the dragons quickly up north and fuck their shit up in 10 minutes and winter is over? :smile:

There’s still a lot that has to happen before Danny and her army even get to the north, if they ever do.


Returning from the dead is starting to become a theme. The list is growing. There’s Beric Dondarrion, The Mountain (maybe), Jon Snow, and unless I misunderstood the drowning scene, Euron Greyjoy.


Euron wasn’t necessarily returning from the dead. That drowning thing is essentially a passage into manhood in the Iron Islands. It follows their belief of the Drowned god and the saying “What is dead may never die, but rise again, harder and stronger.”

The mountain wasn’t dead when Qyburn took him. He was dying from the poison, but not yet dead.


Euron drowned, but he was resuscitated in a more conventional way, rather than resurrected.

And yes, I think The Mountain was transformed without ever, completely dying.

Jon and Beric are the only two that have been brought back from actual death.


What about Uncle Benjen? Dead and resurrected? Almost-but-not-quite-White-Walker?


Benjen was almost dead (he was dying from a White Walker’s sword wound) when the Children of the Forest found him.

So he’s closer to The Mountain, but with different magic.


Mostly dead indeed.


There are some CRAZY GoT meme’s out there…


And there’s another one in the books. :wink:

Euron wasn’t resurrected, as such. That was a ritual drowning they perform that’s similar to a baptism. The priest drowns you and then revives you likeva lifeguard. Nothing supernatural.


I had no idea Alfie Allen was that hardcore of a method actor.


Samuel L. Jackson recap of season’s 1- 5, with hints for season 6. HBO made this prior to season 6, but apparently sat on it for some reason. As you’d expect, there’s lots of cursing.


This is pretty awesome - Arya vs. the Waif, the Lego version. My next request would be Oberyn vs. the Mountain. Or a reenactment of those 20 minutes leading up to the Sept of Baelor being blown sky high.


My assumption is that they don’t need to wipe out the whole army. Just the night king and his immediate cronies. The standard white walkers appear to be animated by their magic. I figure once they are gone the rest turn to dust.



I really hope it’s not that simple, because we’ve seen that as a plot device in too many stories before.

Killing the Night King should certainly be a significant event (if it happens) but the rest of the Walkers and their army of Wights should have some independent existence, even if they lack leadership at that point.