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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)

On one hand, I think this is not so unexpected. these guys are trained to be warriors, an army. Here they’re being asked to act as a police force/guards, to react rather than act - a completely different set of skills. Plus, they don’t know the terrain of the city as the Sons of the Harpy do.

Put the Unsullied in an open field against an army and they’ll stand toe-to-toe with anyone. .

They were also outnumbered 10 to one in most of those ambushes. And killed a ton of their attackers.

They kind of weren’t and they kind of didn’t. I don’t know if it was a budget thing but there were relatively few Sons of the Harpy, and the Unsullied often took out one or two of them each (if that) before they got killed.

In the final ambush, Grey Worm and Ser Barristan do a lot better, but before that, not so much.

Dany should get a refund.

It’s not the concept that gets me; if they’re surprised or really overwhelmed by superior numbers then it’s like ‘300’; they’re going to die eventually, but eventually should take a while and involve a lot of dead SotH.

I chalked it up to production costs, but yeah, most of those unsullied went out like chumps (though, hard to react when you’re getting your throat sliced all of a sudden).

The fight with Greyworm was handled better… though also remember the unsullied use spears, and it’s hard to use that in a confined space. It wasn’t as bad’s what I’m saying xD

Oh and accoridng to my theory, Geryworm at least should survive, since he’s one of the “outcasts”… but on the other hand he doesn’t seem to play a major part in the show (at least yet), so he could bite it.

I was a bit disappointed in the Unsullied in the episode, but it was worth it just to see Grey Worm and Selmy be all awesome.

At this point I think the show is doing the best it can with the source material (which by this time in the books is basically a sprawling mess…an engaging mess, mind you, but a mess just the same). I’m kind of amazed they’ve managed to streamline it as well as they have.

And this may be the reason more than anything else we speculate about…the other Unsullied went down easier to showcase how Grey Worm and Selmy are a class apart.

Probably a part of it, maybe all of it.

It still sucks as a choice though. We’ve been told how awesome these guys are, now suddenly, only some of them are awesome? :angry:

They should all be great, and then Grey Worm and Ser Barristan look even greater.

The Sons of the Harpy are part of Daenrys’ plot that she gets embroiled in an Iraq-like situation. Similarly, the Church Militant are there as part of Cersei biting off more than she can chew. You can’t do those stories with the Greyjoys or the Brotherhood without banners.

I can definitely see why it bothers you. That trope can be annoying. But this was just our introduction to the Sand Snakes in the show. While it makes them less sympathetic and plays up their need for vengeance, a bit one noted, we’ll see the Snakes again and I’ll be surprised if the showrunners continue to show them only in this light as the story moves forward. For now, I agree - it was annoyingly cliche, poorly scripted and acted.

Aren’t the brotherhood withour banners religious fanatics though? Their leader was IIRC.

But anyways, so they can’t do those stories without those characters… fine, don’t do them =P Show me what’s going on with all those other characters like Theon’s sister and all of that…

Not in the slightest. Their leader - Ser Beric Dondarrion was brought back from the dead repeatedly by Thoros of Myr, who is a priest of the Lord of Light, like Melisandre. Even so, you can’t have them become the vaguely official enforcers of religious law in King’s Landing at Cersei’s behest. And quite frankly, they’re not important to the plot any more.

Similarly, what are the Ironborn going to do? In the show, they’re not a threat to anyone and the story is packed enough with the stuff that does matter to the protagonists that peopel would be complaining about pointless scenes with them - you know, like Yara’s failed attempt to rescue Theon.

Well that’s my point, since they already introduced those conflicts, it would be nice for them to continue them… and since we’re going off-books now, why not?

I don’t know where they’re going with the fanatics in KL but it screams of yet another pointless tangent like those with thoros of Myr and Yara. They might as well give more time to Snow, Tyrion and the other interesting characters and plots.

Theon’s sister (and the Iron Born in general) do play a much bigger role in the books. As do the Brotherhood Without Banners, but those plotline are even more meandering than what’s going on in the show right now. Like I said, the books at this point are a sprawling mess.

Well what do you remove? I have the advantage of reading ahead and know that the stuff they’ve left in is releavant (and going off-books does mean removing plot involving the Brotherhood without Banners and Ironborn), and most importantly, more relevant than what’s been excised.

OK, then trust me, it goes somewhere very important.

There are plenty of other story lines still open as well. Like the Frey’s post-Red Wedding holding Tully family members and important Northerners (like GreatJon Umber) hostages and the Blackfish is still out there on the loose. But they’re not adding anything to the main storyline at this point. Same with the Brotherhood and the Iron Isle gang.

There’s just not enough screen time to give these sub-plots any credible treatment, without taking away time from the main plot lines. The religious fanatics seem to be one of the sub-plots important to the main story in the immediate now.

Considering they’ve even cut Bran’s story from this season, it’s pretty clear they’ve had to make a lot of concessions on what they’ve got time for. Thus I’d assume that the showrunners feel that all the plotlines they do have in the season are relevant for one reason or another.

Well okay then… xD

I don’t have the advantage of knowing what’s coming on this one, so I just react to what is presented to me… =P

While I haven’t read the books, I get the impression that HBO could do 26 episodes per season and stuff would still have to be cut.

True, but you are aware that the show is based on a series of novels, and by now you should be used to the show setting stuff up, frequently long in advance for an eventual payoff.