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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


What, you mean like Cap doing a complete 180 on his developpement and character arc up to that point at the end of Endgame just in service of some un-earned feels? :smile:

No, GoT hasn’t done anything as bad as that… yet… there’s still one episode left for them to truly fuck it up.




It funny, I think I’m the only one shitting on both Endgame and GOT.


Yeah =P

But hey, respect… at least you ain’t giving Disney a pass… that’s better than most.

Also, there’s still a chance I’ll come back to this thread and go nuclear this sunday… they could still truly fuck it up… but I don’t see it, fortunately.


I know how the show will end now.


Daenerys sitting on the iron throne. Drogon looms overhead, perched on where the roof once was. Jon and Daenerys have a heated argument. Over the million dead civilians. It gets bad. Daenerys says it.


Drogon snorts. Looks at Jon. Heavy breaths. Looks at daenerys. She can’t believe it. Jon does. He goes:


Daenerys stands up. It’s too late. The iron throne melts into the floor as The Queen is reduced to ash. Jon climbs up on drogon. And just leaves. Fuck westeros and errbody in it.

The end.


She’s fireproof, bro.




If it’s anything like the battle of Winterfell, we won’t be able to see much of it anyway.


That’s just because I have no interest in seeing Endgame.



Imagine if today’s audiences were watching the 60’s THE PRISONER series…

Now that was a final episode.

GAME OF THRONES or NEON GENESIS EVANGELION… which on went off the rails faster?


Neon Genesis Evangelion at least kept stable character cores.
It might have presented it in a really weird way, but in context it made all the sense and was natural.


Jon, Bran, and Sansa are sitting in a tavern eating onion rings, Arya is outside trying to park her horse. Jon says that after taking Kings Landing, Dani is coming to kill him and wage war on the North. Arya walks toward the tavern door to open it, Jon looks up toward the door, smash cut to black for thirty seconds. End credits roll as a cover of “Don’t Stop Believing” by The National plays.


I will get back to you after Evangelion goes on Netflix this year


Have they confirmed they’re also putting up End of Evangelion as well?
It’s like the Dance With Dragons to the final episode’s Feast For Crows.

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End of Eva and Death and Rebirth as well as the show.


Sopranos is absolutely on my “Shows that ended well” list.

The ending I hated most of any show ever, even more so than Lost, was Twin Peaks. But then, that’s not the ending anymore now… (still haven’t watched the new show, mind you).

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You need to go sort that out.


I know, man!

When it came out, I was hoping to get a few people together and make a bit of an event out of it, like back in the nineties when we watched the whole of Twin Peaks in one weekend with a circle of friends. But it turns out that people seem to have less time and overall flexibility in their forties than they did in their twenties. Who would have thought?

So I’ll have to reserve a time and space and just make it special for myself.