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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Maybe that’s why Daenerys doesn’t listen to him?

I agree with her though.


I can see the meeting at HBO now: “Emilia Clarke may have renegotiated her contract so she doesn’t have to expose her breasts, but we can still show the hell out of her nipples!”


It’s colder than it looks in Meereen.


Did she?

Though now that I think about it, the show’s been getting more violent and less nude… I’d rather it was the contrary, tbh.

Good 2nd episode. Great actor cast for the Red Viper’s brother… so I suspect they’ll kill him soon because that’s the show. Did like how uncle Lanister talked down to Cersei… those old grumpy Lanister men are very similar, huh? xD

Oh and glad to see the original Jaqar or whatever his name is… I didn’t like the other face he put on when he left. Oh and for a secret brotherhood, they must have the most un-secret lair EVER!


Well, it’s official – the books and the television show are two totally different animals now. Jaime going to Dorne? Brienne meets Sansa?

Kind of happy about this, because now the show can continue moving forward without spoiling the remaining books, since there are two different storylines now.

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Considering the scope of the books and limitations of the TV series, changes were inevitable. As I understand it though, the TV series will still cover the major beats of the book and reveal the ending before the novels do.

As to last night’s episode, it sure went be quickly! I was half surprised when the credits started rolling as I expected the show had another half hour to go.


Already? Whoa, I thought the changes would come later on… Well, not that it matters, I’m not even planning on reading the books anyways =P

At least now I can freely speculate without fear of accidentally spoiling anything.


Qyburn stole the show in his scenes. I’m very glad they kept him around


It’s fun to see the show breaking away from the books. I also happen to think the show has made much wiser storytelling choices with the changes they have made.


I expected more activity here - have folks lost interest?

Last night’s episode was the best so far in my opinion; Danerys’ story is boring me so I was happy to leave her for now, and my favourite characters (I haven’t read the books) featured prominently (Stannis, Littlefinger and Varys).

Jon’s progress is interesting, but Brienne seems a bit aimless. At this point I’m pretty bored with Arya’s tale too; the cryptic faceless men are thoroughly annoying (so far).


Sansa seems to end up with a “type” doesn’t she? At least for a while.

Jonathan Pryce was great, as always.


Yeah I’m a bit disappointed with Arya’s story as well… it’s already boring =/

Like Al, I’m not a fan of blondie so I was glad to not have her in last episode… the rest was ok, nothing more. It’s becoming a bit repetitive though, with Sanza marrying yet another psycho, Tyrion being abducted again, Jon having to prove himself again, Arya trying to become an assassin and buddying up to another weird dude again, Cersei having trouble with Maggy’s influence over her son again, and Danny still being boring (again =P).

Now that I think about it… Question for the book readers, and I’m not asking for spoilers or anything but feel free to blur it just in case: How far is Danny’s story in the books compared to the TV show? Because I’m thinking there must be, what, 2 books to go? And she’s still faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from Westeros, so I’m kinda hoping her story will start moving a bit faster.

Also, in a related question: Sweet frickin jeebus!!! When the hell is Winter coming??? It’s been coming for 4 seasons already… I hope it’ll be here by the end of the season 'cause seriously, wtf’s up with the weather over there? =P


The beheading of Janos Slynt was a set piece I’d been looking forward to, but I think the execution (pun intended) was poor.


there’s still a ways to go for Dani’s story to sync up where book 5 left off, but it’s getting close. I’d speculate that by season’s end, the tv show and the books will be in the same place as far as Dani goes.

As for Sansa’s storyline being the same. Her path has diverged widely from the books, where another character Sansa’s childhood friend, Jeyne Poole is reintroduced by Roose Bolton as Arya Stark marries Ramsey Bolton. In streamlining the countless storylines, HBO has substituted Sansa in that role. I won’t spoil where that storyline goes.

I’m thoroughly engaged with Arya’s story, but that’s not a shocker as she’s my favorite character. But I also think that Maisie Williams and Tom Wlaschiha (Faceless Man/Jaqen H’gar) have great chemistry on screen. I love their scenes together.

edit: fixed my botched spoiler tags. Apologies if anyone read it before I figured the tags out. Not a big spoiler for book readers (and no consequence at all for tv viewers), but I’m sorry nonetheless.

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I wasn’t super wild about the episode either. I think some of this is setup for the rest of the season. Hopefully, it will start to pick up the pace very soon.

As to when Winter comes, I’m guessing book 7 or after the series concludes.


I’m not a huge fan of last night’s episode.

It’s always fun to see Bronn and he didn’t disappoint, but the Sand Snakes were a let down. Waaaaaay too cartoonish and the acting was a a bit dodgy too.

Oberyn was a jerk, but he was a loveable one in some ways, his children aren’t.

Cersei manipulating things went a bit too easy for her, but I’m sure that wont last.


It was a very uneven episode. And the acting in the Sand Snakes scene was far from quality, though the pointy bit with the spear at the end gave the scene/characters some needed energy/substance.

Not sure why this episode was titled “Sons of the Harpy” when their appearance came in the final segment. In comparison, in “The House of Black and White,” Arya appears in the first scene and several others during that episode. Thematically, for me, “Sons of the Harpy” just doesn’t properly capture last night’s show. But I maybe picking at nits on that front.

This seemed more setup than anything, until the end Which is frustrating four episodes in. But we continue to see new ground broke/departures from the books, which is keeping things interesting for me.

Long Live Ser Barristan…


For once, I don’t think either of them are dead… looks like they might’ve survived… But IF Barristan died, that was a pretty cool way to go… He hacked the shit out of those masked people ^^

Speaking of which: I am completely uninterested in those sons of harpy people… They feel like a manufactured-on-the-spot threat that we’re supposed to care about. Oh so are the religious fanatics in King’s Landing btw… I’d rather they focused on the already exisiting threats and plots instead of creating new ones that are honestly not that interesting. Where are those pirate guys? the Greyjoys or whatever? I’d rather watch them, or the Robin Hood guys (although they were fairly boring as well) but it seems that the story simply moved on and never resolved anything about them =/

It was indeed good to see Bron & Jamie again, they’re my 2nd favorite bromance after Varys & Tyrion.

The rest was very meh…

Though they’re starting to heavily mention Reagar Targarian quite heavily out of nowhere, which seems to give weight to a popular theory about a certain clueless guy =P

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Actually, it was an example of a cliche that I hate; someone killing a helpful character to establish (for the audience) what a badass they are.

Yes, it show’s they’re bad, but killing people who are useful to them also shows how stupid they are, which makes them less of a threat.

Also, in the case of the Sand Snakes, it makes them less sympathetic and undoes a lot of the work from the previous season, with their father.

Regarding the ambush scenes and the fate of the characters caught up in it; who knows? The show kills. A lot.

I thought the ambushes themselves were a bit crap. The Unsullied have a tougher reputation than that. I would’ve expected them to make mincemeat of the Sons of the Harpy.


I’m glad I’m not alone in this. I really expected far more from the Unsullied. They went total Redshirt.