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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)



Front part is GoT: A Journey in Prosthetics (which I’ll put in the Movie Magic thread as well). The rest is, of course, op-ed.


Episode 1 - April 14, 54 minutes
Episode 2 - April 21, 58 minutes.
Episode 3 - April 28, 1 hr. 22 minutes.
Episode 4 - May 5, 1 hr. 18 minutes.
Episode 5 - May 12, 1 hr. 20 minutes.
Episode 6 - May 19, 1 hr. 20 minutes


Well, that’s about exactly what I thought, so TVGuide can take it’s snarky headline, fold it five ways and shove it where the sun don’t shine.


For @njerry:



I wonder: Is the final season of Game of Thrones the biggest event in TV history? I mean as far as fictional series are concerned, not something like the OJ trial or Live Aid or news-related stuff.


Nowhere near it I’m afraid. GoT viewership is only peaking at 30 million whereas Friends, Sienfeld, MAS*H and Roots all had 100 million upwards.

There is a chance we get higher ratings for this season and finale but because it’s on subscription TV the only way GoT will get those numbers is if people have last episode viewing parties and considering Roots peaked at 140 million, that means each viewer needs to be watching with at least 4 other people.


Having said that, GOT is the most pirated show ever and it is collected by millions and binged watched on DVD and Bluray. It is a massive event, but viewership will play out in a different time frame, so it’s difficult to equate it on those terms.


Yeah, that’s what I had to think of immediately. I also wonder about international viewership - those other shows were never as big here as they were in the US, but Game of Thrones seems to be pretty much as popular all over the world.


Internationally I’m not sure it would be as big as Friends. It was a phenomenon. But it definitely has a big international following. I’d say in those countries it’s still on subscription TV. Here for instance it’s only on Sky and that’s only subscribed to by about one and a half million people.


It wasn’t in Germany. It was on TV a lot, like a lot of other stuff, but it was never particularly popular compared to other TV stuff and sitcoms - possibly because the dubbing was crap. I don’t know how it did globally, especially outside of English-speaking countries.


Germany has seen a larger rise in viewership than anywhere else at a rise of over 200% since season 6, but the only global number I can find estimates 30 million all in. That number seems to be consolidated views. Viewers will continue to grow past it’s finally season, but right now it still seems low in comparison to those 100 million numbers. Basically it will never be as big an event because it’s pay per view so people will watch it over time as opposed to every one viewing at once or close to initial airing. That doesn’t mean it still won’t be a massive event, definitely the biggest since Friends.


Mash and Roots were both before cable and Seinfeld and Friends were on at the beginning of Cable so you could they all had more captive audiences. You remove the piracy and the other 500 channels with nothing on(ty, Springsteen) and then compare ratings.


I agree that it’s not a level playing field, that’s why I’m saying it can’t be as big an event. I’m not being negative towards GoT, I love it and I’ll be having a viewer party, but 2am on a Sunday night, or even 8-9pm on a Sunday night in the US isn’t a great time for a get together. It’s something that will be played out at a different pace than the shows I mentioned.

At least 100 million people will watch the finale, it just won’t all be at the time.


Oh, I don’t think it has to be exactly at the same time to be considered an event. The speed at which people consume it will be different anyway, but the thing is that during this season and especially in the days and weeks after the finale, everybody will be talking about it, everywhere around the world.

It’s a good point though that maybe nothing can ever be as big as the big events that were going on when there was only a handful of programmes.
In Germany back in the day they had the term “Straßenfeger” (street sweeper) for some TV shows because while they were running, there was nobody in the streets - because everybody was at home watching TV.


30 million people might watch Game of Thrones. 50 million people watched Birdbox within a month of its release. The distribution format will always be a limit on things from HBO.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a big TV show though. The networks seem unable to create something with worldwide appeal. The last show that I think reached this level is Lost.


No that’s true, but the closer together every one watches it, the more of an event it’s going to be. In cinema you get the opening weekend, if people are watching the finale two weeks later it’s begun to lose a lot of it’s worth as a big event by that stage.

The finale of Breaking Bad was the same. It was watered down by how people enjoy watching and binging tv shows now. It felt big at the time but didn’t break a sweat compared to the way we used to consume shows that had massive popularity.


You know, maybe I’ll have a party for the finale, too. Hadn’t thought about it, but it’d actually be kind of neat.


I’m looking forward to it. My dad has a wee bar out his back with a 70 inch screen so I’m going to utilize it for me and some friends. It airs at 2am here, what time do you get it in Germany?


You do have to remember GoT is not for everyone.

My mother does watch, and is a fan, but I remember when back when she said she was going to let some things go (swearing/language) because she was missing out on good television.
That was 2004 and watching Deadwood.
Honestly not be the best show to okay swearing as she lasted 2 episodes.
(Although she did borrow my box set a few years back and loved it.)

But the point of this not being for everyone exists.

Of note, a co-worker asked (maybe after season 3?), and I offered my Blu-Rays for him to catch up.
(Confession, I knew his wife was heavily religious.)

“Does it have any sex or violence in it?”

“Oh yeah man! Lots of sex and lots of violence and lots of sex with boobs and lots of violence with death.
There’s even some brother-sister sex, and nastier shit than that!”

He did not take me up on my offer (and had a real weird look about him).

I forget where I’m at in this story (I’m home, but still on vacation, w/ beers).
I guess my point is not watching this show makes you an asshole.