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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Uh…never mind…


Here is an interesting question regarding character arcs:

Which character has gone through the most changes?

I would say Arya as she had to grow up real fast. Dany went through a transformation. Jon Snow seems a lot more sure of himself. Then there is Jaime, Tyrion, Bran and so on.


Tyrion. He’s lost everything and is an entirely different person. The Starks are in Winterfell, Cersi is still royalty, Jamie is still boneing her, Thron is still a Greyjoy. Tyrion lost all his wealth, his home, his family, titles, position, everything. And he’s gone from a dirty pervert to a noble statesman. Tyrion from season 1 would meet Tyrion from season six and would be horrified.


Well I’d say Bran 'cause technically he isn’t even Bran anymore… buuut he was never as interesting, so yeah Tyrion =P


While I think Jaime’s character arc is one of the most extreme in the series, from the complete shit who pushed a little boy from a window after fucking his own sister, to someone who has given up everything and was last seen riding away from King’s Landing, presumably to aid his sisters enemies.

In terms of who has gone through the most changes, though, I have to give it to Theon Greyjoy.


Sansa is the character who springs to mind for me. She might not have gone through the showiest changes, but in terms of developing her character to become someone very different to who she was in the early episodes, I think she’s in the running.


Well the dead ones have gone through quite a change, but I think Sansa has gone from romantic twit with fairytale dreams to a serious political force.

Dany was raised to be a pawn in the great game and now she’s a player wielding a lot of power.

Jamie and Theon both suffered the loss of their favourite body part and that broke Theon even worse than it did Jamie. Neither has finished their changes yet.


I can think of at least one major change that Theon went through.



I don’t know, Ned is about as effectual dead as he was alive.



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I like the way it almost turned into a Terminator trailer halfway through.


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