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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)




I heard a crazy rumor of a trailer airing during the Super Bowl commercial time…


Dilly dilly?


Kind of…


Destroying Bud Light is a good thing.


Probably more appropriate for the Food thread, but last month grocery stores got to start selling full strength and IPA as well as liquor stores in Colorado. This story id from the Fox affiliate (they all rather work out of a news pool then label as necessary) so it’s a bit gloom and doom. NBC reports are more positive, what small brick store can do to retain or even improve business. (Personal polite service, getting rare brands, price, price, price.)




Waiting for the real trailer and hoping for good storytelling

I can see in the war Bran doing something psychic to the NK or even possessing one of the dragons

There will be some tragic deaths and it looks too obvious that the clear heir apparent to the throne won’t get it.

Whatever I just don’t want a lame cop out victory and conclusion


My wife and I are considering dressing as Jaimie and Cersei for Emerald City Comic-con next month. Our daughter thinks it’s perverted. :smile:


You need to dress her as Joffrey.


They sell a cheap GOT crown at a shop in town, I might pick it up after work today. :wink:


Or as Mycela? I mean, Joffrey was a dick… at least go with Tomen…


Wait, shit no… I know… dress her as Tyrion… d’uh!!! :smile:


Tyrion would be a stretch for her at 5’11". :wink:


Make it Brianne, with sword and armor!

Brianne is SO going to off The Mountain, right after the Mountain offs the Hound. Ain’t gonna be purdy!


Was watching Season 1, “The Pointy End” and had a horrid bit of cross-series visual contamination.
To wit: (Or, more likely, to half-wit):



Is it just me?


Just you.