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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


We started our GOT rewatch last week, I forgot how quickly everything moves in season 1. Amber received the foam cosplay versions of Needle and Cat’s Paw for Christmas so she’s going to Emerald City Comic-con as Arya, I thought about dressing as The Hound but don’t have the time to pull it together this year. I can do a crash keto diet or it will be a King Robert costume for me! :wink:



The teaser itself;


I appreciate the utter lack of faffing in this headline:


Yes and that’s why it gets 4 upvotes and Todd’s clickbait gets none. :smile:


The day before Tax Day.

Unleash the Kraken!

Oh, wait. That’s not right…



Very little is given away which is good.

I want to be surprised amazed astonished by the season



It was said that a real trailer with scenes and footage will be out in mid February…



There are some fresh memes with puns like “Winter is coming but Snow already came” and “Ygritte/Dany had 7 inches of Snow”.

There are others about how Gilly is the sister of some White Walkers and I chuckled at this one:


This might be of some use:


I wanted to get a nice reminder of the show but nothing really registers. Then I see this:


Not a bad idea. :thinking:


Still doesn’t seem to be anything to rememberers the show by. The games aren’t so great, pictures and statues are so/so. Maybe a nice book on
The making of the show, episodes, and interviews. And a box dvd set.

I won’t get an intense tattoo like this guy:


Your tats will be MORE intense then? :wink:


I am picturing Al with a giant back piece.



This contains the Lena Headly interview on Jimmy Kimmel from last week (which is hilarious).