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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


It’s definitely a story that’s grown in the telling.

And I don’t think Martin can pull off an ending in two more novels. A Dance with Dragons became so unwieldy that he had to split it into two books (A Feast for Crows being the first half), and even then he had to pull some stuff out of ADWD and put it in The Winds of Winter. I don’t really see how he won’t have to add at least an eighth book, and probably a ninth one, too. (The Wolves of Autumn and The Lions of Summer between The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring?)

But I suspect that when you combine Martin’s age, his slowing output, and the ever expanding story, that while we may eventually hold TWOW in our hands in the next five years, it will be the last novel in the series that gets published unless Martin hands the series off to someone else to complete.

As for the tv series, it’s interesting to see it unfold. The first four seasons were a pretty straight-up adaption of the first three novels, and then they struck out on their own and started removing characters (even major ones) and entire plotlines. Weiss and Beinhoff probably saw the writing on the wall and they had focus on tying everything up and finishing the story off in seven or eight seasons.

It did lead to some continuity issues, like with the season 7 episode “Beyond the Wall,” which would seem to take place over the course of a few hours or a day, but would, realistically, probably take at least a week for all of that stuff to happen. Overall a horribly clumsy episode that has so many elements that don’t stand up to scrutiny that it’s a huge blemish on an otherwise remarkable series. I understand they had to accomplish a lot of things, but you start asking yourself questions like how did Jon not freeze to death after falling in the water? Where did the Night King get those enormous chains? Why didn’t the dragons kill all of the wights and white walkers? Wouldn’t the weight of a dragon landing on the frozen lake break the ice? Why didn’t the Night King kill the dragon right in front of him? How fast can Gendry run? That run should have killed him considering he spent his whole life in the subtropical south. He’s probably never seen snow or had to wear a coat.


Wizards did it.


Never underestimate the power of Baratheon blood.


Okay let me do one last post about LF…

So, in essence, he’s the one who kills Jon Arryn and gets the ball rolling.

As master of coin he basically runs KL’s finances to the ground, leaving KL in massive debt.

Then he tries to get Bran killed and blames Tyrion, that’s his first attempt at getting rid of Tyrion btw, so that the Starks and Lanisters will go to war.

He pushes Ned to discover the whole Lanister incest thing, knowing that Ned being Ned, he would tell Stannis, thus creating another war between the Baratheons and the Lanisters… plus he flat out betrays Ned to the Lanisters, getting rid of the Warden of the North and sealing the on-going war.

He arranges a Tyrell/Lanister Alliance to beat Stannis’ forces, further weakening both Baratheons and Lanister forces.

Then he plans to go marry Lysa Arryn and take Sansa with him (having other plans in mind), but is betrayed by Ros, so the whole Tyrion/Sansa wedding happens, and shortly thereafter he conspires with Olenna to poison Joffrey and blame Tyrion (again xD). Then he helps Sansa escape, finally, and goes to the Ayrie.

At that point he marries Lysa, kills her, weasels himself into a power position at the Vale, and arranges Sansa to Marry Ramsey as part of the next step of his plan. He knows Stannis army is going for Winterfell, so he plants Sansa as Lady of Winterfell ahead of time, planning on squashing whoever is left standing between the Boltons and Stannis’ army and conveniently “save her” and wed her, thus becoming the warden of the north and the vale… however there’s another hiccup here, because Stannis is an idiot and squanders his army completely, leaving the Boltons in a pretty powerful position.

Fortunately Jon is next, BUT since Jon is Sansa’s brother he can’t just play it the same way and chooses to help Jon, and after that he continues trying to manipulate Sansa to overthrow Jon’s rule. It’s more or less at this point that he reveals that his plan has always been to get the Iron Throne and that he wants her with him.

So in essence, the guy is basically behind all the wars and conflict between major houses in Westeros for the whole series. And it’s not a “happy coincidence” either, he’s been directly pulling strings behind the curtains even though sometimes things go wrong and he need to adjust.

How is he not the main villain? :smile:


…and it would have worked, too, if it wasn’t for that meddling greensighted kid!


And after writting that I went and checked a wikia page, 'cause I knew I was forgetting stuff, and sure enough a lot… most of which I already forgot once more, except for his involvement in first betraying Loras and Margery to Cersei (to the High Sparrow) but then ALSO betraying Cersei but to Olenna the 2nd time around (which means he’s directly responsible for Cersei’s walk of shame and what happened after that)…

And just before that, he also threw Roose Bolton under the bus by telling Cersei he was plotting against the crown with the Sansa marriage… for which Cersei tasks him to destroy the Boltons (with the Vale armies) and he would become Ward of the North as a reward…

So yeah, he was byyyy far the most deliciously conniving of them all, and things were going pretty great for his goals until he ran into Jon and then even worse Arya & Bran.

But again, such a shame they killed him, I would’ve loved to see him interact with Danny and meet Varys again.


Fwiw, there is an HBO preview of future shows (including Watchmen) with a snippet from GoT. It was footage of Sansa talking to Dany saying Winterfell is yours.

Now it is all over social media the nitpicking and over analyzing the lines, the body language, facial expression etc.

Still no set date yet


Sansa isn’t happy and probably thinks Jon is acting like Rob, and that got Rob killed.

That’s my analysis.


Feels like a safe bet.


She’d be more unhappy if she didn’t have 2 dragons defending her.

Jon is a bit hopeless for going balls deep with Dany though. Imagine if the sex was terrible and they wanted to avoid each other as much as possible afterwards? Don’t shit where you eat Jon!


It’s medieval times, he doesn’t even wash his hands after shitting.


The Shite’s Watch.




GRRM likes to make people unhappy. It is so well known it became a meme. your best hearted female fed a man to dogs and has shown vindictive and manipulative streaks. this is a very cruel world. Could anyone be truly warmhearted?


But compared to everyone else…


repeated for emphasis


I guess Sansa still loves her family, for the most part. Which is more warm hearted than most of the other characters floating around out there.


It’s all relative.


I mean, winter is here


Not surprising, but it confirms Clarkson’s Star Trek movie is on hold.



I’m guessing that Josh Whitehouse will play Bran the Builder and Jamie Campbell Bower will be Lan the Clever…