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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


I don’t know what living is in this story. The country is in ruins, most of the great houses have collapsed, the Night King is clearly going to let loose some mass slaughter (I still think Kings Landing is toast), and whoever remains when he’s defeated will have tried to kill each other at some point. After the war the world will be like post Walking Dead. They’ll have to rebuild something new, but all anyone knows is Kings and Lords. We don’t have a single peasant POV character - they’re all part of the system. Even Bran is a knight with titles and lands now. Even Dany, breaker of chains, is all about the throne and murdering people who don’t bend the knee.

I think only Sansa is safe, and she’s still my choice for leading once the story ends. Her arc makes the most sense - from selfish spoiled little princess to someone who learned every lesson the hard way, she’s got the most sympathy and drive to fix the country. She’s a better Dany, leading without needing 3 dragons and magic powers to bully everyone into obedience. And probably Tyrion is safe because he’s the writers favorite and it’s the only satisfying end to his arc - building something new. And Sam of course - the GRR stand ins.


Are Sansa and Tyrion still technically married? I don’t remember all that happened there, but it would be funny if they somehow ended up ruling together.


The wedding wasn’t consummated so isn’t valid.


I think Sansa will end up married to Gendry. Those two haven’t met yet, but they’re both the best hearted people on the show and I think GRR would love that kind of happy ending. Gendry showed up last season clearly for a reason. Tyrion I think will forever be a Hand, using his mind rather than his body to rebuild the world. Sam is clearly set to be the Miester.

Characters like Arya and Varys don’t belong in the new world. Davos will end up watching the wall I suspect. Jamie I can see serving under Davos. The Hound has nothing to live for, Brienne I think ends up part of the new world as she breaks the mold - it’d be a bit Disney is she’s married to Tormund though. Jorah, Cersi, Euron, Qyburn clearly are set to die. Theon is interesting - it’s his story as much as it’s Sansas. I can see him becoming Warden of the North. Jon and Dany I think end up dead.


If Martin told them his preferred ending, and they stick with it, then I’d put my money on one thing.

Once the season starts, look at who offers the best chance to get the living out of this mess and and build a better future.

They’re gonna die before the series ends.

Then whoever does survive will have to do the best they can, despite being the second or third or whatever choice.


I’m a bit iffy on that one. Unless Jon manages to magically knock up Dany or someone else first…I feel like it would be weird to wipe out the last two remaining Targaryans. Not to say it won’t happen, but would feel a little odd to me.


The thing that makes me think Jon won’t die is that he’s already done it. I think Martin is aware that it won’t have the same kind of impact if he kills him a second time.


It would also be a bit weird to kill him since his whole arc is about being a bastard trying to find his place in the world then he’s going to find out he’s the true heir to the throne only to immediately die? On paper that sound like odd and pretty pointless arc.


I think the subtext is that Dany isn’t fit to rule, so I think she has to go before the story ends. She’s just a different Cersi. And as long as she has the dragons she’s a threat to everyone. This world doesn’t need dragons. Once the Night King is defeated she has no narrative purpose. The Song of Fire and Ice can be Dany and Jon saving the world, and sacrificing themselves to make that happen.

I’ve always had this theory that the faith of the seven will be reflected by 7 characters when the show ends. The Father (Jon), The Mother (Dany), the Crone (Cersi), The Stranger (Arya), The Smith (TYrion or Gendry), The Warrior (Jorah or Jamie) and The Maiden (Brienne or Sansa).


Interesting theory.


That was kind of Steve’s point upthread, though, about who he believes will die and who will live: Martin has in the past deliberately disappointed viewer’s expectations, setting characters and their hero’s journey up for the viewer only to subvert that storytelling convention by killing the character off instantly. It’s why the Red Wedding was so powerful - Robb had been set up as one of the heroes, the eldest son avenging his father, and his campaign had overcome some hurdles, and we had his love story with Jeyne and she was even pregnant with his baby… and all of that, that whole complicated and involving story arc, was wiped out in five minutes flat.

It was impossible to see coming. That’s what made it so mindblowing.

The question is if Martin really wants to go to those lengths again, now that the story is drawing to a close. Or perhaps even more so, if the showrunners would go along with it even if he does.


Jon’s purpose is to defeat the Night King. That’s it. Does anyone think he’d have any interest in being King, ruling over people for the rest of his life? That doesn’t fit him at all. He gets to save the world, that’s his destiny. Once it’s saved he has no more purpose. Why saddle him with 50 years of having kids and getting fat. It’s the same reason why Harry Potter should have died at the end of his story. Middle aged Potter tending to his teenage kid was just a sad ending.

Maybe Star Wars would have been better if Luke had died at the end too.


I agree that ending was dumb, but that doesn’t mean the hero had to die, just that Rowling shouldn’t have done that stupid epilogue. Better to leave it open ended. It’s not that I can’t see Jon and Dany dying. That outcome could work and make sense if done right, but if he lives that doesn’t mean you have to give some crappy epilogue that shows him as a fat worthless king. There is a middle ground between that and death. Rowling blew it probably because she didn’t want people thinking there would ever be more Potter stuff…then she went and wrote a play anyway.

I do think that the story here is certainly about changing the old ways to something more progressive. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a king/queen in the new world.


I think most of the men will die, and most of the women will survive and be in charge. By the end of last season, it seemed like the people in the most powerful and influential positions were all women (Dany, to whom even Snow bowed, Cersei, Ellaria Sand, and whatsername from the Iron Islands, and Sansa. ) Most of the men appeared content to take a backseat and do what they were directed to do by powerful women.


Gendry is your ‘working class hero’.

I agree there’s a lot of subtext with Dany and her fitness to rule, it’s a show of shades of grey generally but for all her good deeds they have reminded us regularly of her arrogance and expectation to rule.

Equally we need to understand this is a society based on the worst of the middle ages. A benign dictatorship with a hint of representation is a happy ending compared to shit like Joffrey.


Well my theory of who would make it to the last season was proven right, but it only stopped there, since there’s no real way to tell who will be alive by the end of it.

My theory was that GoT is a story about the outcasts and the underdogs of the world, so yeah, that’s why I guessed all these characters would make it, since they’re the bastards, the deformed, the misunderstood, etc… It’s been really a story of the “underdogs” taking over their parents and their “old ways”.

That said, most of them can still fulfill their story objective AND die as well, so for exemple, Theon could very well rescue Yara or just kill his uncle in case she’s dead and he’d be fulfilling his arc of redemption, after that there’s no point in him being alive. Same for Jaime, once his redemption arc is over he could either make it out alive or not.

That said, I do think that Theon will make it. Jaime won’t, Jaime’s the “Kingslayer” so he’ll either sacrifice himself to kill the Night King, or he’ll be the one to kill cersei thus becoming the Queenslayer I guess… but I don’t see him surviving.

All that said, it IS Game of Thrones, so we also can’t discount the shock factor just for shock’s sake… u_u


EVERYBODY DIES!!! :wink: :smile:


Just to recap:
Ellaria Sand is in a dungeon in King’s Landing, watching her daughter die via poison
Yara is a prisoner of her uncle Euron, who is not exactly a role model


Nobody significant died in the last couple of seasons. They’re saving it all for this year I guess.


Littlefinger and Ramsey died, but I guess no significant heroes have died.