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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


How did I not know about this?








Starting yesterday, HBO is re-airing every season of GoT, one season per day between now and New Year’s Eve.

Caught a few episodes of Season One last night, and witnessed a scene between Robb (who’s a bit of a dick) and Theon, where the former insults the latter and reminds him that Winterfell will never be his. A foreshadowing of the events of a later season when Theon betrays the Starks and lays siege to Winterfell.


I have seen a few scenes here and there the past few days as well…

Thing is there are so many storylines of the past that I and others have forgotten… Now it is all about the living and dead war, Dany and Jon, the final fate of all the different characters, and who survives the show to be the final king.


I just saw it where she assassinates some, blew up the church, and tortured the nun. That music gets to me all the time…

Thing is, it is a long time ago and when the show does comes back in April, it will be a last hurrah…

Shame shame shame ….


That episode and the Battle of the Bastards episode immediately preceding it comprise the best two hours of television ever broadcast up to that time.

Then came season 7…


…which had no book to go by but a sketchy outline and the showrunners. The show has been relegated to the final war, everyone’s final fate, etc. I know that the ending won’t be happy, but now is a good time to end it and move on.



I think Al means this one…



A “Red Season”?


It’s an automatic response. Any time anybody mentions “Game of Thrones” and “song”, I’ve got Rains of Castamere playing in my head.



Jon - The song of ice and fire is about him. At least the ice part, and fire either refers to Dani or Jon’s Targaryen heritage.
Tyrion - author avatar grants him plot armor
Theon - he’s made it this far despite everything that’s happened to him
Tormund - too mean to die


Cersei - killed by one of her brothers, I’m leaning toward Jamie
Jorah - Poor bastard has “tragic end” written all over him
Melisandre - she’s already 400 years old
Bran - I’m thinking he sacrifices himself to take out the Night King
Euron - f*** that guy


Dani - if she’s the “fire” in the song she’ll live, though it’s foreshadowed frequently that she has a cruel and vindictive side, and it’s possible she takes a heel turn and needs to be taken out
Davos - too many Hands running around
Yara - she seems to have outlived her usefulness in the story, but she’s still alive…
The remaining two dragons


You forgot about Stannis.




No way both Stark Sisters make it out alive. I think Arya is pretty well and dead.


Even though it should probably be Tyrion.


Now, now. He got to kill Daddy. Leave something for Jamie.