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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


I do notice that as a lot authors grow older and more financially secure that their output slows down.

Martin is the obvious example, but I’ve been waiting some twenty-five years for Clive Barker to finish his art trilogy and the five part young adult series he started in 2002 is stalled at the third book. Neil Gaiman hasn’t put out a full adult novel since 2005. Harlan Ellison, once prolific, seemingly stopped writing in the late 80s or early 90s.

Stephen King would be an exception. Despite being wealthy and “retired” he still pounds out at least one book a year.


We all age. Some grow old sooner than others. We also cannot guess as to physical condition, which can have massive effects. I think GRRM got to see his tale unfold and while it was not quite as he saw it, gave him some ideas. All this mishegas with new series and meetings and such takes away from that quiet writing time. King has a family of authors, the whole lot is mutually supportive. Ellison had cardiac problems (and a temper).


Age is a big part of it , while creative types don’t fully retire that much they do slow down. I think of the hot creators in comics in the 80s that are still active but now at retirement age. Guys like George Perez or Walt Simonson would have no trouble getting work in modern comics but their output has really slowed down compared to when they were churning out material.


April 2019


Precisely as expected. This “mystery” of a release date hath become cliquebait, for sooth.


Well that wasn’t too hard to expect considering it’s the most popular show ever… :smile:


This new campaign—which will also involve a massive takeover of Grand Central Station and the unveiling of multiple character posters—comes with a new, hashtag-friendly slogan: “#ForTheThrone.” Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin is well known for his pithy, motto-esque sayings, like “Winter Is Coming,” “The North Remembers,” and ”Fire and Blood.” But like most things pertaining to the story these days, this new phrase is purely a show invention. It was never a rallying cry of Martin’s characters in the novels.

In fact, some might suspect that attaching so much of the final season’s significance to who winds up on the throne is a bit of a bait and switch. Several popular theories hold that the throne actually won’t matter in the final clash of kings in Westeros. If the Night King and his undead army (including their ice dragon) make it all the way to King’s Landing, the throne itself might wind up a puddle of molten steel when all is said and done. (Though early reports indicate the final clash will happen at the Northern Stark ancestral home of Winterfell.) “For the Throne” is catchy, but last season’s HBO motto, “Rally the Realm,” might be more in line with what Daenerys and Jon, at least, think is of utmost importance as the threat from the North approaches.

The idea that the throne is the big important endgame seems odd to me; I thought the whole point was everyone was wasting time squabbling over it while ignoring the actual danger in the North.


Yeah, that seems to be how it’s played out. And a reason that the books are The Song of Ice and Fire and not the Game of Thrones Saga.


The show is called ‘Game of Thrones’. The tag line is playing to that.


So premiere is either April 7, 14, 21, or 28.

Which one are you picking?


Cosplay of the red witch and the dark spirit she gave birth to …



GoT marathon going on today on HBO2.





Nice and I get the feeling we will get some real scenes in a trailer before Xmas…

Would be nice.



This is gonna have to do in the meanwhile (also, it’s quite funny):