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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


12 o13 seasons, no… hell no… I would’ve been glad with 2 last FULL seasons though.


Yeah, last season would have been much improved with a few additional episodes. And it feels like there’s too much to cram into this last season with the little time they have. We’ll have spent more time watching Arya become a ninja than the final conflict with the Nights King. That feels wrong.


The final conflict with the Night King will be a huge epic episode like they did every season. Always one episode devoted to a huge battle whether the bastard one, the KIng’s Landing one, etc.

As for the other five episodes that make up the last season, I really don’t know. So many storylines to resolve and so on…


The final episode will probably be about the Hobbits returning to the Shire, and then Tyrion sails away with the elves to the West.


We’ll have to wait to see how it goes, but the pacing does seem a little wonky.

The threat of the White Walkers is the over-arcing conflict, but the bulk of it is being held back until the last, what, the final 8% of the series? We have six episodes — though they each might be 90 minutes or so— and, outside of the coming Long Night, there are still a lot of dangling plotlines. It feels like season seven should have been a full ten episodes; a lot of stuff felt rushed, without getting into how quickly everyone seems to gallivanting around the known world around now. And then eight, the denouement, feels like it should be an extended season of about thirteen to sixteen episodes with none of that split season bullshit.

And I really wish they would have put Arianne Martell in the show. The Dorne plotlines felt rushed and pointless; all they really did was set up the death of Myrcella. Arianne is a great character, and certainly one of highlights introduced in the last two novels.


They probably would have been better served eliminating the Dorne plots entirely. They ended up just filling valuable time that could have been spent anywhere else. Really the show runners seem a bit lost without the books to guide them. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the show, but the pacing really went off the rails when they lost the books as a map.


The best parts of GOT are the character bits. 10 minutes of characters essentially living out their motivations, without it actually advancing the plot. Things like Arya and Tywin, or Brienne and Jamie, or Tyrion and anyone, or Arya and the Hound.

The story took its time, and made the characters richer by not really advancing everything. That’s been lost for a while. The High Sparrow slow bits weren’t that interesting as he was a one dimensional character and Cersi never got to do much except suffer. Jon leading the Knights Watch didn’t have many just character bits once Mance died. Dany has been a disaster for a couple of seasons. As was Arya. It’s amazing how wobbly the series became once the source material ran out. It’s really a different show, and we’d be hating it if it didn’t have some cracker episodes that saved things (Hardhold, Battle of the Bastards).

It’s a shame - I think this might end up like Lost where ultimately the story got away from the production. Like happened with Westworld. And Battlestar.


Nah it’s nowhere near that bad… Honestly, besides some weird time-related issues (as in travel time, mainly) it’s been okay… I think they’ve done a pretty good job of continuing the story, considering the lack of source material.

It’s possible the ending might be rushed, but then again, it seems to be a common thing in fantasy books… Hopefully they can do a satisfying ending, but the reality is, out of the (what 6 or 7?) final episodes, I’ll bet you the first 4 will feel slow paced, and then the last 2 or 3 will be like super hectic in wrapping everything up…


Classical myths don’t all have happy endings. Protagonist die, kingdoms fall, the lessons learned are tragic ones, but they relate to real life and the real world.

Stories like this are escapist, because this isn’t our real life (and there’s magic and dragons etc.) but the people are generally pretty believable.

Westeros has to be come something different so, whoever survives and whatever is left standing, there has to be a significant change.

Even if it goes back to being a bunch of squabbling wannabe overlords, that has to feel like it was inevitable because of human nature.

A satisfying resolution for the show relies on creating the feeling that it was all worth it for us, if not them.


Entirely agree about the character bits, and that the High Sparrow and Cersi could’ve been more interesting. And yes, it has been a different show.

It is still very good though, and I hope they’ll be able to get their mojo back for the last season. And I do think we will get a proper ending to the story - one that may feel a bit rushed and not as well built as maybe it would’ve been with the source material, but still a good one.


One spends years training in the martial arts and personal combat, yet in real life when the shit goes down it happens in about one second flat.

Just sayin’.


… Interesting



I got out of the habit of watching Game of Thrones when it lulled a bit in the early fifth series. I’d always planned to catch back up again, and finally got around to it after I bought a new TV (old TV: dark ages, tiny, new TV: 21st century, BIIIIG)

I rewound a bit, and have watched all of seasons 4 through 7 over the last couple of weeks, and binge watching definitely pays off. I can see where I’d’ve got a bit frustrated with it week by week, but it smooths out much better time watched all together (though the issue of travel time suddenly becoming virtually irrelevant is a bit heightened)

Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed it, very much looking forward to watching the final series week by week … and I think it’s completely dulled my interest in the remaining books, assuming they ever do appear.


Welcome back to the club Mike…

On a side note… I was never into the show because I am not into medieval stuff and fantasy. I passed on LOTR, the Hobbit, etc… Every now and then, I would channel surf with the remote and stay for whatever grabbed my attention like everyone else. So I saw Dany in a few scenes, her assistant Missandei, some Jon Snow, the dragons, and so I went for it and watched off of the reruns on HBO GO and the rest is history. It was mostly Missandei but I digress… :smile:

Thing is, there are a lot of shows and movies to look forward to like the Avengers Infinity thing and Thanos, but I couldn’t care less about watching the conclusion of that movie. Season 8 of GoT however…it got me hooked and I am not alone apparently as it is the most illegally downloaded series of all time.






I don’t know if it’s fear of peers that drives Maisie onward, but she gets better all the time and I see a great career ahead of her. Bill Seinkiewicz got to spend some time with her and the cast of New Mutants and was impressed. That says a lot. The other person I heard with that frame of mind? Early Helen Mirren.