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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


This probably won’t improve your opinion of the idea:


On the one hand I get it. He plays a very popular character on a very popular show and the ladies seem to love him. On the other hand, dude’s shorter than me. No one shorter than me can be Batman. That’s nuts. I honestly haven’t seen him in anything other than GoT so I can’t comment much on his acting ability.


He’s also not Bruce Wayne. He’s not a smooth confident CEO billionaire type. He’s a scrappy wee guy - that’s a completely different kind of character. That’s Robin. The physical presence of Batman is as important as the physical presence of Superman.

The look is the most important thing in casting - I don’t know why Warners haven’t learned this from themselves and Marvel. They need a small time actor, someone who’s only done bit parts on TV shows. The character is the star, doesn’t matter who the actor is. Didn’t matter for Wonder Woman, didn’t matter for Superman or most of the other superhero characters. Stop chasing names.



No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.



OK, hear me out, but - Jack Gleason as Batman, and Charles Dance as Alfred

“I’m Batman!”
“Any man who has to say ‘I’m Batman’ is no such thing”




Maybe Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, if he weren’t too old.


They do want a younger version if reports about Matt Reeves version of the character are to be believed.

Richard Madden has a hit TV show on the BBC right now, he’s turning up in the “Who will be Bond after Craig?” stories. I expect him to be tipped for this too.


Back to the show…

The whole thing points to Jon Snow going from the outsider/bastard to being the heroic true heir but …




Ned Stark will be revealed to have been alive and in hiding, but it turns out that he’s a bitter old shithead who tells Jon Snow that not only is he not his father, but neither was Rhaegar Targaryen, and Lyanna wasn’t his mother, either. His parents were just drunks who sold him to Ned for beer money.

And then sucks milk straight out of a dragon’s giant tit and tells Jon to fuck off of his island.


Then Tony Stark has to fight the Night King who has an Infinity Gauntlet. Meanwhile, Thor goes on a bender in King’s Landing while Loki chats up Cersei.


That actually doesn’t seem implausible.



I would pay cash money for that to happen


So does every man ever born.


Say… I know that time will tell but of the major cast members, which of them do you suppose will move on to nice roles afterwards and which will be typecast to a specific genre?


Peter Dinklage already has a thriving career apart from GoT. I think Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke have promising futures that don’t involve typecasting.


I don’t think any of them will escape their roles. I think if you become defined as a TV character it’s hard for people to see beyond that - Jim from the Office is still Jim from the office. I think it takes an exceptional talent like a George Clooney to make that transition. Loads of the GOT main cast have had their chances already and none of them exactly set the cinema on fire.

Plus I think most productions prefer to cast relative unknowns rather than mid sized names that aren’t really a draw but are always going to be linked to a different show. It’s something I know Millar is considering as they start thinking about casting for his shows.