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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Bets on who’s going to blab critical details FIRST?

1:2 Nicolai
1:3 Sophie
1:5 Aiden
1:9 Peter
1:15 Bean (This is GoT! Via 3-Eyes!)


Seeing as how Petyr Baelish’s corpse is rotting in a heap outside Winterfell, I’m not sure that Aidan Gillen has access to the scripts for Season 8.


Pfft. “Dead is dead” works as well on Westeros as it does on Marvel Comics. That rotting heap can come back with a touch of the Night’s King. All we saw was a corpse (?) on the floor. No burial, no pyre.

In Aiden we trust!


Hopefully they don’t send a screener to Ian McShane.


This includes “Light of the Seven” and fan favorite “Needle,” aka Arya Stark’s theme.

Arya’s tune “always seems to be an audience favorite, because people just love that character and you really can hear the cheers when they get to see her onscreen,” Djawadi said.


I went to the concert when it was at Wembley (not the Stadium, the arena next door).

For a fan like me it was great, you do get wrapped up in watching the clips and montages while the orchestra plays the score live.

I was ready to run when they played The Rains of Castamere! :open_mouth:


But do they use real instruments? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I found it increasingly difficult to watch the opening, which features a pale, pallid, pathetic computer-generated imitation of a solo cello.

I did some research on this rather unbelievable oversight. Your choice of composer, Ramin Djawadi, certainly has many interesting scores to his credit. Though I am aware that Mr. Djawadi had a relatively short time to create the score and theme, I find it well nigh impossible to imagine that he could have simply forgotten to add the cellist to the theme song.

The only explanation I can muster is that he must have been constrained by budgetary concerns. Well, let’s look at the facts.

To hire a solo cellist in L.A. for a three-hour recording session would cost you 1.5 to 2 times scale (scale being approximately $236). So, let’s say the session would have cost, at the highest rate, $472. That would break down to, over the ten episodes of Season One, about $48 per episode. There would also be residuals payable to the cellist for the DVD release of that season – about the same amount.

I can only conclude, that, although you spent a reported $6 million to $10 million per episode, you were too tight to add fifty bucks to achieve musical integrity. Instead of an exciting, genuine, red-blooded cello solo, you went with an insipid simpering milquetoast midi version. I am surprised that Mr. G.R.R. Martin has not spoken out regarding this, since his considerable imagination deserves far more than a theme played by a fake anemic ghoul, which every true musician has to disgustedly wince at. Frankly, it’s enough to make Tyrion retch.


I think I said back in 2014 that cello geeks are the geekiest geeks.


Apparently “Lara” is clueless when it comes to permissions. Writing is the moneymaker, the big bite of residuals. Performance is minor and can even be paid for per performance - electronically generated or played. However, if the theme song is used under certain parameters, payment must be made every time the theme is played. So that means in-house advertising, purchased advertising, and any time the clip with the music is played - for instance an actor on a PR tour. If it is not in the category of “go ahead and play it” it would quickly become to expensive to tolerate.


Veruca Salt:

“I want the trailer and I want it NOW!!!”



How. Totally. Unexpected. Not.


You did. A fun time was had by all.



1987 - Senior year in high school


Now that, my friends, is a late 80s mullet.


Let’s hear it for Ralphie May! he knows from a mullet!

(We lost Ralphie last October. RIP.)



I’d watch Dinklage as Batman.

He’d do a great Batvoice too.


NotJonSnow. Not JonSnow. Not JonSnow.

Clicks link

Fucks sake Warners.


Get Sophie Turner.

Bridgett Wayne.