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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Once upon a time i could have been the Mountain.

Now I’m much more Hodor.



I like the artwork.

My favorite is the Night King artwork I posted way upthread some time ago. I followed the artist to see if he had more GoT stuff but he had no more on his deviant art page.



There is a season 7 marathon now on HBO.

I still got dibs on Missandei. :smile:


It’s on in the background. Right now it’s the big fight with Urine Greyjoy.


I believe Grey Worm may see things differently…


Speaking of Game of Thrones art, the 2019 Song of Ice and Fire Calendar came out last month and features art by John Jude Palencar (who is known for the covers for Charles de Lint’s “Newford” novels, and Jacqueline Carey’s “Kushiel” novels). He isn’t someone I would have thought of to provide art for Westeros, but his style has an otherworldly quality that capture’s Martin’s world in a unique and unsettling way.



In other news, one of the HBO channels rebroadcast all of Season 7 on Saturday (today is the 1-year anniversary of the airing of that amazing final episode of the season), causing me suffer the realization again that I still have a long time to wait for the next season. Bastards!!


Fwiw, in the HBO trailer for 2019 shows, there is a 3 second clip of GoT of Snow hugging Sansa…

Exciting eh? I thought so…

Maybe a real trailer is coming soon


I wouldn’t really expect anything all that substantial until next year. The season isn’t set to air until probably late May, so we’re a solid 9 months out right now.


The trailer will be our Christmas present - once Winter is here.


Ommegang is a regional brewery. I have had a number of their GoT offerings. My favorite was Take the black Stout. Hearing that King in the North is going to be another Stout makes me happy.


Strangest thing to me is that I have seen cliffhangers and a long wait like Infinity War for example but I could care less about waiting for the next movie to come next year.

Something about GoT though… or my lack of a life… or both. :smile:


It does not help that HBO is dropping tiny bits like chum, and we are hungry, hungry sharks.



I wonder how much of the post production work is done by now…


“We’re going to be toiling away on Season 8 until May of 2019, so it’s eight or nine months away,” he added. “But the prequel is starting to shoot in February, at least the pilot. So we’ll still have quite a lot to do on Season 8 when they’re beginning.”

Bauer said he’s blocked off his schedule until next May for “Game of Thrones” effects work. “So much of it comes down to timing and all that stuff. The situation changes every week. I know I’m not doing anything else but ‘Thrones’ until May of next year.”


They’ll prioritise shots for a trailer, but that priority will change. A lot of people have a say in how those things are made and what they contain.