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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


I am saying that one spinoff I can understand but not five… this is not Disney with Star Wars.


I wonder what the other four spin-offs would have been about…


My guess is one was about Robert’s Rebellion, but whatever they were, I’m confident HBO went with the right one.


A cooking show starring Hot Pie.


That was what the early speculation was, but Martin said that neither Robert’s Rebellion nor Dunk and Egg were under consideration.

Looking at the known stuff, maybe Aegon’s Conquest or the Dance of the Dragons?

The Age of Heroes has a lot of potential, though, with the Long Winter, the building of the Wall, the founding of the Night’s Watch, Brandon the Builder, Lan the Clever, and maybe even Old Valyria.


One was set long after the end of Fire and Ice I think.


GRRM said they were all prequels.

I can say that, like the other pilots, it will be a prequel rather than sequel, a successor rather than a spinoff.


Fwiw, today marks one year since the episode where the NK threw that ice spear and killed a dragon. There were so many postings here of the episode inconsistencies but I digress… I just want to know where did they get those huge chains? How did they attach them to the dragon?

Anyway that obviously means that next Monday will mark a year since the season finale…

When will we get a trailer for next year?




“George RR Martin attends Worldcon” is the SF news equivalent of “Dog bites man”


Shouldn’t the headline be 'Instead of finishing Game of Thrones, author George RR Martin to host World Sci-Fi Convention in NZ"?


He’s been a Worldcon regular long before he wasn’t finishing A Song of Ice and Fire.


It can be two things.

Or just one, if he writes while he’s hosting.


Sometimes we think in a remarkably similar, and frightening, manner.


The big quation is if we’ll be reading The Winds of Winter while he’s Worldconning in beautiful New Zealand.

I have twenty bucks on NOPE.


“I was supposed to give a keynote speech, but I know you would all prefer me to finish the book so I’m going to sit here and let you watch my type for the next half hour.” tap tap tappity tap…



This is hilarious and true. But, beware! I think there’s an autoplay on the page.


I was just thinking how I’m not really on the cliff for GOT anymore. Then I saw that picture… HELL YEAH!!
Still thinking about a Hound & Arya cosplay with my daughter, she wants to talk my brother into being The Mountain, at 6’8" he could pull it off. :slight_smile: