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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


It’s probably why they left her out of the tv series.

I suspect that, judging by what is and isn’t included in the tv series, we can sort of get a picture of what is going to be important in the book series.

By that yardstick, I think we can assume that Stannis, the Martells, Mance, and Victarion Greyjoy won’t be doing much in the final two books.


Martin has said that Lady Stoneheart is important in his version of the end and that he’s upset they didn’t include her.


Well maybe if he had finished writing the books before selling the rights, they would have understood how important she was. Sorry, I have no sympathy :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, she’s rubbish. :smiley:


Lady Stoneheart must somehow interact with the Night King. The dead rising must have something to say to each other.

I suspect someone else will play that role. Maybe Jon.


The Night’s King isn’t even in the books, is he?

Or, rather, so far, in the books, the Night’s King was a Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch (and probably a Stark, to boot) who went rogue during the Age of Heroes without any direct connection to the Others.

The tv series has shown more of the White Walkers (Others) than the books have, and the Night’s King might be an invention of the tv series to put a face on the White Walkers, and the books may never show an identifiable leader of the Others.

Now Martin has said that the stuff we know about from the Age of Heroes is mostly legend, and that those stories (Lan the Clever, Night’s King, Bran the Builder) may be embellished and not entirely true.

The sequel series is going to be set during the Age of Heroes, so it should be interesting to see how all of this goes down.

In the supplementary material for the tv series, they have said that GRRM told them that “Hodor” means “Hold the door,” so we can assume that Bran’s ability to change the past is from Martin himself, so it’s probably safe to assume that it will be important later on in both versions. I’m thinking that Bran will probably use his time travel abilities to defeat the Night’s King and White Walkers.


Moments… for review.

When they were beyond the Wall to capture a zombie and the kid was talking to them about how the witch mounted him for sex and the big guy said “Doesn’t sound so bad to me…”

I almost died laughing.

So many moments in the show like the girl burning at the stake crying for her father. That was hard core.

Cersi destroying the church…

Shame, shame, shame…

What moments stayed with you?


I honestly think that opening 20 minutes or whatever it is of that episode is the finest chunk of TV I have ever seen. Mostly silent, the music, the anticipation, the shock of her kid topping himself, it was breathtaking stuff.



I think I laughed more at that last look than anything else in the show.


Hardhome & Battle of the Bastards. Better than anything I’d seen in the movies. So good I think they challenge what TV should be able to do. They set a new standard.

My other favorite bit is the Hound talking about eating all the chickens.

  • Littlefinger’s End.
  • The Red Wedding
  • First sight of the White Walkers, episode one.
  • Tyrion dealing with daddy.
  • The dragons dealing with the invading fleet.
  • Bran hitting Littlefinger with “Chaos is a ladder”.
  • All of Osha’s arc.


Now at this time we would usually get a trailer released at SDCC but since this is the last season and GOT is not there at SDCC …

When will we get a trailer?


Never mind.


November 17th.


“In regards to the final season of GOT, Bloys said at TCA “I’m not going to say what to expect (in the final season) through it’s pretty great” and that the premiere date is “Sometime in 2019…first half.”


Every season had that one big war episode so most likely we will have one with the army vs. the dead and the Night King leaving the other 5 to tie up loose ends.

I figure the NK war will come at #3 leaving the rest of the season to tie up loose ends like dealing with Cersi etc.


The fellow who did some of the big battle episodes (‘Hardhome’ and 'Battle of the Bastards") is doing three of the last 2-hours eps. I’m thinking Winterfell, a big sea battle (some sort of Golden Corsairs or summat) and the biggie at King’s Landing.


Here’s a 'splainer video (with some nice visuals).

And a short article.


I figured that the new management of HBO wouldn’t be all in for FIVE shows maybe just one prequel


Nah, that would definitely kill the franchise. There’s no guarantee the prequel series will be a success.