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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


I wonder if it’s an everybody dies type story with only a handful of survivors who have to build a new better world. That’s what the Night King is for and in the last episode we go through hundreds of years in the future with Bran serving as the Three Eyed Raven.

It feels like the story got away from GRR a couple of books in and it’s become much bigger than he originally intended.


Here’s a question: What happened at the end of the War of the Roses?


Unfortunately history suggests that none of those qualities prevents people from becoming successful leaders.


Given that Lyanna Stark MARRIED Rhaegar Targaryen, and Jon Snow is their legitimate son, Jon has the opportunity to continue the legacies of both houses. Unless, y’know, he dies in the upcoming season.


He’s already done that once.


So they all become Cylons?


Never forget:


Not exactly… There’s still Gendry for the Baratheons, yes a bastard, but a Baratheon nonetheless… Jon is a Targaryen and both Sansa and Arya are eligible for rule, and capable of offspring.

I don’t think the people in Westeros even want a democracy, they seem to be quite happy with their houses, what they don’t want is to be ruled by the Iron Throne… so what’s bound to happen is the various regions becoming independent but securing alliances and eventually become a single nation sort of like the US (very far in the future).


We’ve spent hardly any time with “the people”, and for good reason, they’re not doing very much that affects the plot. The plot affects them instead.

The show has featured characters who buck the feudal trend, like The Brotherhood Without Banners, and even Danny’s army is a volunteer force rather than conscripts (although given their abusive upbringing you’d seriously wonder at their mind set when making that choice).

I think the general population are there as a plot device so far, and their role in choosing the future of Westeros has yet to be set up in any convincing way.

Unless the show spins off in a really unexpected direction I think the Night King and his army are going to devastate Westeros as far south as King Landing, and the population will either flee or die.

There are other lands, but the one the show cares most about could well be reduced to a few thousand refugee survivors by the end. If that.


It would be amusing if the show with a reputation for killing key characters ends by killing everyone.


Is this ultimately a Roman Empire scenario, with “barbarians at the gate” waiting to complete something that began with internal degeneration? Is “winter” the impending Dark Ages?


Well if it is it’s not very historically accurate.

The Dark Ages have been pretty well illuminated now. The “barbarians” were a lot less barbarous than they were painted for a long time.

The show could still choose to go that way, but if it’s going to follow GRRM’s original intentions, the big question becomes, what were those intentions?


50 page banquet scene, lots and lots of trenchers filled with stew.


The only “regular people” characters I can think of who’ve gotten a spotlight moment on the show are Hot Pie and Ed Sheeran.


There are a few others, the father and daughter that the Hound stole from, then found later when he and the Brotherhood took shelter in their farm house.


The whores in Mole’s Rown, Ollie and his family who got murdered by the wildlings, the guy who shook his ding-dong at Cersei during her walk of shame, the two kids Theon killed and burned to pass off as Bran, the old woman Ramsay skinned alive who tried to help Sansa, the two guys Robb killed who were joking about Renly stabbing Loras…

Seems like a generally miserable and hellish life if you’re not a noble.


You forgot the butcher’s boy.


Y’all know if I were writing this thing some major character would be offed by a single arrow from a pissed-off peasant. Varys, maybe. (Where the hell is he? Vanished? Disappeared?)


It’s clearly set up that the story is about these nobles causing misery for everyone else. Making them fight their battles, making them starve or suffer while they take care of themselves. And there doesn’t seem to be any house that’s immune. The show opens with Ned Stark executing a man for desertion without listening to what he has to say (and maybe helping stop the Nights King). Even Dany is murdering prisoners and torturing people. Jon just executed a traumatized 12 year old boy (though fuck Olly). They’re all monsters in a monstrous world. Ending the world and starting over feels like it might be best.

I wonder if they’ll cover more about the Gods. There’s so much built up there I’d hate for them to ignore it all and leave so many parts unanswered. For a long time the show has felt planned out and carefully put together, at this stage if there’s no conclusion to some of the plot points I think most fans would be pretty angry. You can’t fuck with a story like this too much.


Sorry but the Night King is the villain. He has always been hinted at as the main villain.

The more I see that vision the more I can see an episode of the NK with that dragon flying and devastating KL and the throneroom with Cersi killing herself thinking she was far away and safe.

Just saying