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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)




I believe you mean fewer.


What I want to see is that vision Dani had of the throne room destroyed…

I get the feeling that will come up and the Night King with his new dragon will attack Cersi and that area.


I don’t think the forzombies will make it that far… I think that vision was more of a warning rather than fact. Actually I have a feeling they’ll dispatch the NK early-ish and then they’ll have to deal with Cersei, since she’s the real main villain of the show.


I’ll be disappointed if that’s the case - I always assumed that vision was a tease of things to come, but we just didn’t know how events would lead there.


She already has a flaming sword.

(Don’t remember the context of that, but “flaming sword” seems like a neat metaphor for dragons, no?)


That was my assumption. Plus they have a dragon so they can fly anywhere. I think the dragon we’ve seen flying over kings landing will be the undead dragon and he’ll kill the whole city, creating a million zombies. It’d be a shame if Kings Landing gets away with no real harm done to it throughout the story considering it’s a cesspool.

After the Night’s King crossed the wall I’ve thought it looks like he’s going to win and the whole country is screwed.


Everybody dies, like every other series, and all that’s left is the dragon egg; child of Dani and Jon’s dalliance. Oh, and Samwell’s family. Sam always survives.


If the Night King’s dragon does visit the King’s Landing, maybe he’ll melt the Iron Tjrone that everyone has been fighting over.


And break the wheel.


Iron Throne’s gonna get molten no matter what. There’s no way Dani’s not going to break the wheel at the end of this season.

Whether things go well or wrong, Westeros will be a different place when it’s all over.


The war seems to have devastated the country and most of the houses. I can’t see any desire to return to the status quo with knights and lords and kings, but it doesn’t exactly feel like the kind of place that could have a democracy.

Can you imagine the outcry if they don’t stick the landing with this show???


They might want to try an autonomous collective.


I feel like some kind of rudimentary democracy is the only logical meaning behind Dany’s promise to Break The Wheel, but I agree, it would be hard to make an idea like that fit this world.


I actually find it harder to imagine them managing to stick the landing. There’s so much build up and so much still going on that 6 episodes doesn’t feel like nearly enough to come up with a satisfying conclusion. Plus, without the books to guide them, the showrunners clearly struggle a bit.


I really see the last episode as the denouement. No combat but the surviving characters taking stock and waxing on about the future.


Full blown democracy does not seem realistic but a King Arthur style round table approach to benign monarchy could be a believable outcome.


It would take decades, if not centuries, for a full democracy to come into full bloom in Westeros. We may see the seeds of the idea being discussed at the end.


Yeah. The tv series is different from the books (ie, fewer characters), but the way it’s portrayed on television, most of the great houses are effectively extinct.

Baratheon - Extinct
Tyrell - Extinct
Martell - Extinct
Stark - Bran is the last male heir
Lannister - Cersei (Days numbered), Tyrion (shunned), Jamie
Aaryn - Just the crazy breastfeeding kid
Tully - down to Edmure
Targaryen - Dani is sterile
Greyjoy - down to crazy Euron and Yara

Most of the houses that are still active are led by incompetants, lunatics, or people who can’t produce heirs (Dani, Bran, Theon).


If the history of this century so far has demonstrated anything, it’s that establishing democracy where none existed before is very, very difficult.