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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Pft. Why make a new show when there’s still the perfect Conan show to rewatch time and again?


There’s already a Conan show currently on the air:




Uni doesn’t really same to be a good fit for high/epic fantasy. To really bring Melnibone to life, there’s going to need to be a ton of design work done (costumes, weapons, architecture, creatures, ships), essentially a Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings-level undertaking. I just don’t see anywhere in Universal’s corporate structure where this would fit. They don’t really do “big” movies outside of action movies like Miami Vice and F&F, everything on Hulu looks like it’s done on the cheap, SyFy would seem to be the logical fit, but it seems too ambitious for that net.

And on top of that, the fantasy setting would put the kibosh on all of that product placement Universal loves so much.


Amazon’s Jeff Bezos said that he wanted Amazon programming to get the next GoT, that is to say, the next big cultural hit. Thing is, I just don’t see that coming from another fantasy epic…

I don’t know where it will come from but some show will strike a nerve and have everyone into it. Thoughts? Opinions?


Mike’s Eternal Champion would be a perfect fit with major cable - HBO or Netflix, I’m thinking. With the underlying multiverse concept now out in the public mind the biggest obstacle is overcome - not needing tons of exposition any time somebody takes a stroll on the Moonbeam Road. Take 4-5 seasons to lead up to A Sailor On the Seas of Fate (a book I love totally) where several of the Champions come together with their Eternal Companions (yes, Mike used that before Dr. Who!) to save the multiverse. Elric, despite Stormbringer, despite Arioch, has a tremendous long arc before his character comes to a new understanding.

What we need is a seven-foot-tall albino who can act!


Main title would have to be Black Blade by BOC, maybe a remake, just for the show. :smile:
Edit: have BOC record with TSO, perfect mix!


Or, to go total Moorcock-meta - use Veteran of the Psychic Wars. Tie in Jerry Cornelius that way - and never show that alternate! Knowing Mike, the music would have to be a huge part of the look and feel. So, yeah - Hawkwind.



I wonder if they played “Rains of Castamere” at their wedding…


The tartan wedding.


It’s not about genre, I think. Breaking Bad was that kind of show - not quite to GoT extent, but in the same ballpark - and that was crime (and Shakespearean tragedy). Stranger Things made a huge splash and that was 80s horror/urban fantasy of the Stephen King tradition. “Lost” was a sci-fi mystery show blended with Gilligan’s Island.

I would’ve said I expect the next big thing to be proper sci-fi, but West World hasn’t had that kind of impact, so at this point, it’s anyone’s guess what will. And Bezos’ people will find it just as hard to figure out the next big thing, because the thing is, it’s not about genre or any particular concept that will hit everybody just the right way, it’s about building the best show you possibly can and making it special in a way that catches people’s interest and you make it so good they keep coming back and you build on that.

It could be another fantasy epic. Could be anything else.


I agree it could be anything else…

Speaking for myself, I just don’t see getting into another medieval fantasy world show.

Now as for the wedding:

I really don’t know if it is that appropriate.


Yeah, Maisie Williams wearing a jumpsuit. What the hell was she thinking? And with those glasses? Call the Fashion Police!


Yeah, I’m a heterosexual man with absolutely zero sense of women’s fashion, and… YIKES!


Did Sophie Turner forget to wear pants to ‘Game of Thrones’ co-stars’ wedding?


Did Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams wear what they liked to ‘Game of Thrones’ co-stars’ wedding and it’s none of anyone else’s fucking business?


I’ve been doing a rewatch of the series with a friend and noticed something.

There are several prophecies that refer to some coming savior figure: The Stallion Who Mounts The World (SWMTW), Azor Ahai (AA), and The Prince That Was Promised (PTWP).

The SWMTW is said to be a Khal who unites the Dothraki, and rides to the ends of the Earth. In season six, Dani killed the Khals and the Dothraki submitted to her, and they crossed the seas to .westeros, so it seems like Dani might fulfill this prophecy.

Giving it a bit of further thought, is it possible that SWMTW, AA, and PTWP are the same person? Could Dani fulfill all three prophecies? Will she get a flaming sword and defeat the winter? (The Song of Ice and Fire?)


If Dani is the SWMTW, then Jon could be the PTWP. PTWP is said to have the song of ice and fire; Jon is the offspring of Stark (ice) and Targaryen (fire).

It’s often assumed that AA and PWWP are the same person, but if they’re not, then the dragon has three heads and there could be a third Targaryen out there. Could that theory about Tyrion’s real father being the Mad King be true? Or is AA someone else entirely?

I do recall some speculation that Dani, Jon, and Tyrion would be the three dragon riders, but since we’re currently down a dragon, it doesn’t look,like we need three riders.


Azhor Ahai reborn is the Prince that was Promised - they’re the same prophesy. IIRC there’s a plotline in book 5 where Mellisandre becomes increasingly convinced that she was wrong about Stannis, and Jon is in fact Azhor Ahai reborn.


Yeah they touched on that in show too (the logic aided by the fact Stannis is dead) :smile: