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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


The hideousness that were the Hobbit films were due, once again, to the Studio Suits. Let’s review. LotR was a huge hit, meticulously planned, financially backed, and basically had all of New Zealand backing it.

Companies changed. Personnel - mostly at the very top - changed. Guillermo del Toro, another Tolkien fan, was brought in for the second trilogy. Not the cleverest of moves, but PJ and Fran were making a monkey movie. The project was basically left unattended and mutated into something ugly. They hired Martin Freeman as a lead, who cannot act. They added female Elves and thinking, planning Orcs. They scrubbed every element of charm from the script. Somehow Radagast got a big role, and Galadriel learned the martial arts. The first was not so bad for the first twenty minutes or so, and then just went merrily down the shitter. Some lovely images, but Justice League has some lovely visuals as well. It still sucks. The second started promising Beorn, and what they delivered was … not Beorn. Please note Beorn is one of my favorite characters of all time.

It was bad, and got worse. By whatever the hell the second one had got to it was a far, far cry from The Hobbit I read at eleven. That was a wonderful book. These were three shitty movies. And I hated what they did with Smaug!


I was really asking about the level of fatigue. I am getting tired of dragons, witches, intrigue, people grabbing for power, etc.

There is also a factor of exhausting a genre. For example, it is hard to follow the Sopranos with another new mob drama as it is a little tiring to come up with another vampire franchise after all those movies and shows.

I think it was Brian K. Vaughn who had the idea of bringing back Flash Gordon to the movies but decided against it because of Guardians of the Galaxy.

As for the fantasy epic, there will be follow ups to the GoT world but I just don’t see another heavily detailed fantasy world everyone will get into all over again

A thread on storytelling...

And yet, MM’s take on the idea with Starlight offered a totally different take that made it work in a fresh way. There’s always a new take.

A thread on storytelling...

I read that fast and thought “wait a minute, Mogan Freeman was in it!?” :slight_smile:


I don’t know if there is “always” a new take. MM on Starlight May make it, but after a while a given genre or storyline does reach a limit. Is there really any room for a Flash Gordon or Buck Rodgers reboot or revival?

What should be done imho is after a thing ends, put it on a long hiatus and bring it back 10 to 20 years later for a new generation


I think all the SH movies have proved that’s not really a factor…

However, hard fantasy is not something that is either very popular or easy to swallow… in the end GoT has succeeded, not because of the dragons, but because of the political intrigue and the interpersonal relations… you coul take out the dragons and the frozombies and it’d still be a hit, I think.

So the next big series needs to be VERY good. Just putting some dragons in it won’t do it.


I wonder why no one has thought to bring a Conan the Barbarian series to cable television, as a replacement when GoT ends. His character arc from savage Cimmerian to king of the greatest kingdom of the Hyborian age (incorporating his various careers along the way, including thief, pirate, soldier, and mercenary) seems like it has a lot of potential. His primary adversary Thoth Amon could be developed into a more significant antagonist, and the supernatural and sorcery elements of the short stories could provide a CGI alternative to dragons.

One downside is that the original short stories did not have a recurring cast, so the focus was solely on Conan himself.


I dunno… Conan feels like a one-note idea… I know there’s a lot of lore, but honestly I’ve never really been all that interested… he seems like a boring character himself, just a grunt-y barbarian with big muscles. I’m assuming a lot of people think about it the same way… could be wrong though.

But I mean, sure with a good trailer and a good story behind it, why not… at least the name has some recognition still.


Conan is a difficult character to cast. Jason Mamoa is a big man who’s great as Aquaman and looked fearsome as Khal Drogo, but his Conan was nothing. Only Arnold could be a decent Conan, and don’t have bodybuilder actors these days.

Personally I think something like Dragonlance could work. However I’m hoping Reborn takes over for GOT.


They all need good writing.

Momoa was a little too positive to be Conan, but that was also the film, they went silly and flashy and just not very well thought out.

Conan can be epic if they chose to go that way.

As for the ‘GoTs’ spinoff, I know Gar isn’t interested in a story when he knows the ending, and I get that ‘GoTs’ has made a big deal about guessing who will die next, but that’s only one type of story.

Trying to do the same thing again is a risk in itself, it can be too familiar, or trying to crowbar one type of story into the format for another.

They all need good writing as a base to build on.


I think these days you have to hope for a wrestler who’s acting is up to scratch. The Rock could have been Conan, but his time for it has passed. Bautista would be great. I’m not up enough on current wrestling to know who else is likely to make the switch, but there’s sure to be someone.


Amazon are working on a Conan TV show, with GoT director Miguel Sapochnik producing:

I’ve never cared for Conan to be honest. I’ve read some of the comics, but it’s not for me.


If you’re looking for the next high fantasy series, what about Elric?

I it could either be done as a straight-up fantasy series like GOT and LOTR, or get all trippy with a Rodney Matthews aesthetic and all of multiverse eternal champion stuff thrown in, which would make it into something like Legion with magic swords and dragons.


Universal still holds the rights to Elric. They’ve been paying premiums for quite a while - about fifteen years, I think. The idea was around the time of Making of A Sorcerer, and using Walt Simonson’s designs for the overall first arc. (Elric would destroy Melniboné in the second film.)


What I am waiting for is the season 8 trailer which should be released at the San Diego Comic Con a month away…

Then we will nitpick and overanalyze every frame of it and tear it apart… :smile:


Game of Thrones aren’t doing SDCC this year. Practically nobody is.



You know nothing, Kit Harington.


Apparently he did know something.


the lords kiss.