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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Prior to each new season, HBO typically replays all the previous episodes in a marathon airing. Who needs a boxed set? :wink:


I actually just re-watched it all with my boy and it was well worth it. I caught a lot of things I missed before, plus binge watching it is really satisfying. Would do it again.


Yeah I agree, my wife wanted to watch so I went back and saw it all again with her. That does add a little bit with enjoying their reaction when the next shock event happens but also you do really start to better understand all the peripheral characters.

If you haven’t devoured the books it’s quite easy on first viewing to ask who half these people are and how they all interact or forget when they don’t appear for 3 seasons and suddenly come back as if they’d been around all along.

It’s also better paced than I imagined because of that. A lot of the chatty bits have more resonance.



Here is another question:

After watching season 8 and all, will you be in the mood to watch another fantasy epic, or another GoT series?

Personally, after season 8, I think that will be it for me for a while…


I would give the next one a try, to see if it is worth my time.


It’s like Lord of the Rings. After Return of the King I thought I could watch any LOTR show. I’d watch a Hobbit dating show, or a show where elves taught dwarves how to dress like metrosexuals.

After the third Hobbit movie I was completely done with that world. Like no interest at all, it even spiked the previous movies.

So I’m ready for more GOT until it shits the bed.


As I mentioned a little while back. A big part of the appeal of GoT is the ‘anything can happen’ element. If they go for ‘Robert’s Rebellion’ I can see me switching off rapidly, a prequel where you know all the main events in advance.

A series set outside all we know in the same world and I’m in.


I’m still hoping against hope that some will do a good adaptation with GoT-levels of production of Dune…

Or I could go for the Death Gate Cycle… half fantasy half sci-fi… =P


Yep. Just look at how great Better Call Saul has been. It strikes the perfect balance of having plenty of Breaking Bad links while also being largely its own thing, and being fairly unpredictable despite us knowing where some of the characters have to end up.


Yeah, I’m there. Those Hobbit movies were so bad that they actuall damaged the LOTR trilogy.

They remind me of the Star Wars prequels in that regard. It’s like Jackson and Lucas went out of their way to make terrible movies. The stories were mostly solid, but the movies were poorly made on just about every level – the direction, the writing…

You watch the LOTR trilogy, and it’s focused and tight, and does just about everything right, but the Hobbit trilogy (like the Star Wars prequels) just does so many things wrong that it’s almost passive-aggressive in execution.


I’ll give the prequel series a shot, but I’m not a fan of fantasy in general. The Lord of the Rings movies bored me to tears.


To be fair to Jackson, he came in at the last moment after Del Toro dropped out and was making the movie flying by the seat of his pants with no plan. By all regards it was an utterly miserable experience for him.


On the other hand it looked silly in advance to make a 9 hour film out of a fairly short children’s book and still looked silly afterwards.


Was it silly if each movie made a billion?

I have no problem with 3 Hobbit movies, I enjoyed the first and tolerated the second. The third though was so awful, the bulk of it looked like a video game cut scene.


I skipped the Hobbit series for the same reason I skipped all the Highlander sequels and TV shows…There can be only ONE! (Or 3 for LOTR) :wink:


Well that’s the old art v commerce argument. I found the films too stretched out and repetitive. Like you I think it started well but I actually never got to the end of the 3rd one as I was bored.


There’s a very revealing BTS video that shows how far the project had got away from Jackson by that point.

I have currently still only watched two-and-a-half of the Hobbit films. I haven’t ever made it to the end of the last one.


I tried the first one but couldn’t make it through :frowning:


I would imagine there’s been hundreds of hours tearing apart why the Hobbit didn’t work, with every conceivable idea thrown out there. Even watching that video they’re blaming things that I don’t think were the real issue. To me it was simply that the last battle looked like a computer game, with thousands of characters moving in unison and massive battles with no real perspective. Compared to things like Helms Deep of the final battle in ROTK. On top of that the ghastly hobbit fight at the end just felt like something that never should have happened.

It’s similar to the Star Wras OT and the prequels. The movies lost that earthiness and sense of realism as they jumped to artificial sets and CGI.