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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


It’s breathtaking to behold in person too


They’re getting hitched.


Especially with his crotch hugger.


New cast interview and some with George at the open. I know some of y’all don’t like Charlie and that’s cool - but there are some cool cast photos later along that are nostalgic.

AKA: “What I did at half-time!” :laughing:


He says they are halfway through filming. So then, there is the other half, post-production, editing, etc.





Except Arya. GRRM promised his wife she’d love.


I would post some GoT memes but a lot are fresh and decided against it.

Maise said now that she was quoted from an old interview and now we have no idea when season 8 will come out…

Meanwhile I will get a life.


I hear the Night’s Watch needs some people.




He’s a monster of a man.




Too soon.


I expect a trailer at this year’s SDCC and it will go viral in the first minute


Are we likely to get any meaningful sort of trailer though? The final season is still over a year away.


They’ve been filming for quite a while, so there will be hours of footage to work from.

It’ll come down to whether they prioritised any big VFX shots for a trailer? It’s normal practice to do that.