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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Walking Dead of Thrones would be great. See the world falling apart. Great cities just collapsing. Houses that hate each other forced to stay together and still sabotaging each other. Seeing how these characters cope when everything they knew ends. I’d eat that up like ice cream.


I’ll be annoyed if the Night King never speaks. If they’re just this silent ancient curse with no reason or motivation it’ll diminish the series.

My only hope is HBO knew the ending from the start so they have a plan on how to land it. Lost and X Files and BSG and Sopranos were all making it up as they went along so they could find a good ending to wrap things up.


I assume we’ll get a check-on or two every episode showing how far the army of the dead have travelled in the interim. The question is really will the final battle be at Winterfell, or will that castle’s destruction be the turning point in the series?

Apparently GRRM has told Weiss and Beinhoff what his planned ending for the series is, How much of that makes it to the screen is in question


Winterfell is symbolic (that name!) but Kings Landing is going to be the focus for a lot of what happens.

Unless they ditch Dany’s prophetic vision of the throne room from a few years ago.


I suspect that the ending of the tv series is the only one we’ll get.

At this point, I don’t think the Song of Ice and Fire saga will see completion. It’s been seven years since ADWD was published, and there’s no indication that TWOW is near completion. And then he has to start ADOS…

And on top of that, the story keeps expanding. AFFC and ADWD started out as one book, and even then, he pulled some stuff out of ADWD to put into TWOW. I have a suspicion that he’s not going to be able to fit the story he wants to tell in two books, and he’s going to need an eighth or even ninth book to finish it.

And Martin is 69 years old, and since ASOS, each book has been taking him longer to finish than the one before it. And Martin has been adamant about finishing the story himself, so I don’t think he’ll bring on Kevin J. Anderson as a co-writer.


I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Wheel of Time-style continuation under a different author should GRRM die before the series is competed. I’ve heard rumours that Ty Franck did a lot of the heavy lifting for Book 3, and given that he and Daniel Abraham will be finished with The Expanse in about 2 years, I’d expect one or both of them to be the hand-picked successors


Or maybe he’ll surprise everyone by making the next book the last one =P

I mean, I haven’t read the books, so I don’t know how it all works between the show and the books in terms of progression and all that, but why not…


For want of a nail, a kingdom was lost.


It was a box office hit;


He’s 69 not 89, and beyond rich so he’ll have the best health treatment available in human history. I hope he’s got loads of years left. I do think when the TV series ends it’ll kill the enthusiasm for the books unless he promises a different ending. He’s clearly stuck with the story and has no path out, so maybe he’ll eventually give in to a ghost writer.


I do too, the reason I mentioned Wheel of Time is because Robert Jordan died relatively quickly after an unexpected diagnosis of a serious illness, leaving his signature series unfinished only for a friend to complete it based on his notes. Less an expectation that he’s going to die, and more speculating on what might happen in that scenario


In fairness if GRRM died unexpectedly it would be in keeping with the ethos of the series.



Cunningham has a ton of respect for Cranston, who’s also an executive producer on the show. He’s been a fan of Cranston’s for years, long before Cranston moved into the pantheon of greats with Breaking Bad.

“I sat with my kids on the couch watching Malcolm in the Middle for years,” Cunningham says. “We still watch the reruns.”




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