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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Oh, maybe you did not hear? Each episode is at least two hours. There’s some talk at HBO that the last two eps are closer to three. There are 8 episodes, not 6. so 8 x 2 = 16, the low end of the range I stated.


I don’t know if they’re gonna be 2 hours each, but they did hint at the episodes being longer and closer to movie lenght (which traditionally is between 1:15 and 1:30 mins), but that hasn’t been confirmed afaik.

*And a 2hrs finale, I think they did mention that about the finale.

I sure hope so though… =/

The wait is gonna suck for sure though… u_u


From the article:

The cabler did not release a specific start date for the six-episode run.

You are looking at most, 12 hours. It will probably in actuality be in the 8-10 hour range.


Most likely we’ll see a trailer at the San Diego Comic Con.

I wish we could find out where they are in production… Usually they do all the scenes then obviously the post production stuff adding cgi etc.


That doesn’t feel like enough. It feels like we’ve spent 60 hours getting to this point, and the point is really setting the stage for the Night King story. We have covered the origins of the main characters, in painstaking detail. We know the story of Jamie, Cersi, Tyrion, Sansa, Jon, Arya, Bran and Dany. We know the supporting characters linked to each arc. We’re at the main event now. The Night King war feels like it should take 20 hours to cover. Instead it must be resolved in just a couple of hours - enough for one big battle. I’m hugely skeptical they’re going to nail this ending, honestly if they escaped the original plan it feels like there should be 4 more seasons left. This feels like Lost. It had fabulous long winding backstories of the main characters, only for none of it to pay off.


I think a number of characters are going to die before the finale so that will wrap up their stories.

I kind of wonder if of the last 6 episodes, Number 5 will be close to two hours with the culmination of the epic battle. That would leave Number 6 to be the epilogue/coda/denouement with an hour or so wrapping up the stories of the survivors.


That seems the general idea.

btw, how did the War of the Roses turn out?


Yeah, I’m sure we’ll see a mass pruning of the remaining secondary storylines, leaving the War with the Undead to exclusively take up the last couple of episodes


This final season will be a killing field.

Some of them will even stay dead!


It’s such a cheap ending. The Lannister Stark war took 2 full seasons. The Night King war only taking an episode or two is really cheap. It guarantees victory by macguffin. Walking Dead of Thrones would make for compelling TV, knocking off a bunch of long standing characters for quick deaths will be awful. Death used to matter, when you have 3-4 faves dying every episode it’ll just feel rushed.


Yeah, I don’t want to be one of those really obnoxious I read the books guys (I’m fine being a mildly obnoxious one), but it’s pretty clear that part of what’s taking GRRM so long with Winds of Winter is figuring out how to advance all the plots and wrap them up in a satisfying way in two books. And as the show has moved away from the books it’s lost a lot of the scope and thought Martin had already put in.


Ok… back to what I was getting to…

When it is all done, would you really want to buy the 8 season dvd box set?

Also, would anyone be in the mood for another medieval fantasy epic like the LOTR upcoming series?

GoT will be remembered as good epic TV no doubt, but will it have lasting value or just something everyone got into at the time and finished like the Sopranos?


Pretty sure the Sopranos is generally seen as having lasting value.


I spent the week between Christmas and New Years watching much of the marathon GoT broadcast on HBO, which renewed my conviction that this is one of the best-produced shows on television EVER! I would seriously consider buying a special boxed set of all 8 seasons on Blu-Ray.


Me, too - and then I got Potterized again. Double trouble!


I think GoT is really going to be judged on the final season.

If it sticks the landing, it will be hailed as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, TV series of all time.

If it faceplants into the mat, I think it will anger fans immensely and taint its legacy. Furthermore, a botched final season could seriously damper any enthusiasm for the proposed spinoff/prequel series HBO is planning.

Yeah, HBO really needs this to succeed.


I meant to mention that… 5 (FIVE) proposed spinoffs… I can see the average viewer getting into the last season, but not all the spinoffs. Unless HBO drops GoT for a while then bring the spinoffs YEARS later.


Technically, HBO solicited four proposals for one series. (I have seen reports that the number was five.) There will only be one spinoff series.


I feel the same way, too.

With the Wall coming down it feels like we’ve entered the third and final act, so just having six more episodes doesn’t feel like enough to wrap up the story in a satisfying way.

On the other hand, I don’t know that an extended conflict with the White Walkers and wights would be very interesting. The wights are zombies and the White Walkers are, as far as we know, completely inhuman. We’ve had seven seasons of human drama, and when the final enemy is mute and its only goal is to wipe out the humans, I don’t think watching that over three seasons would be terribly interesting when we’ve watched the Lannisters, Boltons, Littlefingers, Greyjoys, and Danis scheme, fight, and backstab.

It’s going to be tough to come up with a satisfying ending with everything to wrap up in six episodes, and a final boss that works best as a menace just offscreen, lurking in the shadows.


I dunno, I think it was always gonna be a “win by macguffin” of some sort, even if it’s not a literal deus-ex machina pulled out of their asses…

The thing is, GRRM has always been openly against war and all that, so to me it always seemed kinda strange if his big conclusion all hinged in yet another war/battle… for a while I’ve thought he’s gona zag where a zig is expected and they’ll resolve the white walker issue in some other way, maybe a non-violent way (there’ll still be a battle or two of course), because that’s kind of the whole fuckin deal about the story…

Also, to be fair, the frozombies have always been just a background almost red-herring threat. GoT is about the characters and their shenanigans first and foremost, so if they macguffin the Nightking like a chump I won’t be bothered… They do have to resolve everything else though. Particularly the main 3 conflict (Jon, Danny & Cersie) but also the big secondary ones like Tyrion, Jamie & Arya.

That’s gonna be where it makes or breaks, imo. The fantasy elements have always been bg stuff…