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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


it’s literally based on the Wars of the Roses.


And the Nixon administration.


On another note, I felt like getting the GoT calendar for next year but it was just 12 pictures of the different characters.I can google and get better pictures and use them for my pc desktop.

Then again, I can always get the calendar for 50- 75% off waiting a week or two into the new year. Exciting eh? :smile:

Thing is, when you are a fan of a show, some things will be nice to have, and others will bore you very quickly.

GoT action figures? GoT statues? T-shirts?

To each their own.


If you’re looking for calendars, I would recommend the Song of Ice and Fire calendars over the Game of Thrones calendars. These are based on the novels, not the tv series, and each one features brand new paintings based on scenes from the books.


And purchased. Those look lovely.


I saw a few reruns on HBO and I forgot a lot of the earlier seasons but who cares? There is no test at the end.
The show has a LOT in it with the characters, intrigue, plot twists, and “tropes”.

The Mountain is now Frankenstein.
Arya is a chameleon ninja
Bran is some all knowing thing
The living dead
Jon Snow is the noble "hero"
Wun -wun is a huge giant

I could go on but there is something in it for everyone.



Right as I type this, Maester Pie-Sell was just done in, and we’re back in the dungeons again. Where the wildfire is a friend. Where never is heard a discouraging word and the skies are all BOOM!


I heard some fan predictions for next season… Some way out there, others most likely to happen.

How about you?


No, I didn’t hear any.


You’re late on the speculation train Al… :smile:


IWell in looking back at the past seasons…

Dany going into that warlock’s lair and seeing visions of the throneroom with the roof destroyed and it was snowing …

The flashback of Cersi and her friend as a little child going into that hut and the witch telling her what was going to happen to her.

Makes me wonder…

I predict a huge cgi war episode next season with Jon Snow squaring off against the Night King

Jon and Dany find out they are related and go “EWWW”



I better get longer than usual episodes and an epic 2 hour finale out of this wait…


I’ll be happy if they can just maintain good writing for the last few episodes.


That is more important, but I’m just bitter about the waiting when there’s so little left.


There can be tons of story told in 16-20 hours.

If I figure right, wouldn’t that be about the running time of the Star Wars movies? Harry Potter ran about 19 1/2 for the eight.

What do you think is so “little”?


I’ll wait, obviously, it’s not like we have a choice.

The show has a lot to do, but as we saw with the Wall, they’re capable of taking the faster path for some things.


It is known.


Sure, but there’s only 6 episodes of GoT left, so likely somewhere between 6-8 hours of runtime left. And you can still tell plenty in 6-8 hours, but GoT has a ton of characters and storylines to resolve.