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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)



Congrats are in order:





Iranian? That’s handy.


Stannis would be proud of my grocery store:




The good:

The bad:


The delays aren’t my worst fears about the last series of Game of Thrones.


It will air to commemorate your 65th birthday, and YOU WILL LIKE IT!


He won’t though because he will still be waiting for the last book in the series.



Dragons are fine though.



What part of “partially built by magic” did they not understand?

Stoopid scientists.


Although he noted that this work was meant only as a fun exercise, it could have practical uses as well. “These same equations also have more serious applications in examining the behavior of polar ice caps on Mars,” Truffer said.

Not stoopid at all…




Truffer calculated that the weight of an ice wall about 655 feet (200 m) high would generate nearly 1.8 megapascals (261 pounds per square inch) of stress at its base. In comparison, the amount of stress it typically takes for ice to flow in glaciers is just 0.1 megapascals (14.5 psi) or so, Truffer said.

“I just ran through some really simple equations to determine how that wall would deform under its own weight,” Truffer told Live Science.

I bet he loves the smell of his own farts.