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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)



White Walker Varys?? Say it ain’t so!


Giving the whole thing a rewatch. I forgot how much of a slog season 5 was - Arya training, Dany Mereen-ing, Ramsey raping Sansa…
Seasons 2-3 and most of 4 remain a highlight, though.


Most of season 6 is that way too. They really delivered with the final 2 episodes of season six though, and it completely restored my interest and faith in the series.


“The Door” from season 6 might be my favorite episode of the entire show.


I remember feeling like 5 was a bit of a step down, and towards the end of 6 I was considering dropping the show, but then… those last couple of episodes.


Putting the captions on definitely helped me catch more of the nuance going on in the show during this rewatch.


Well it has been 10 years since the Sopranos and no one came up with a similar mobster drama as it is a tough act to follow. I have to say the same would apply with GoT. Who is going to introduce another medieval fantasy show after this? The two shows I mentioned have in themselves exhausted all the copycat attempts. Same with any space adventure show for that matter. The only thing that comes to mind is the GoT prequel shows being considered and that is just milking dry the GoT world.

Now, back to my original posting. I said that Jeff Bezos of Amazon wants to get the next hit show as big as “GoT” and I am just saying I just don’t see where the next genre where it will come from… Westerns anyone? :smile:


Feels like we’re due a new space epic TV show. Haven’t had one in a long time. The success of the The Expanse might prompt someone with money to fund a new big budget series.


I’d love to see Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained by Peter Hamilton adapted as a big-budget TV series. It’s got everything HBO loves - long page counts, millions of characters, pots and pots of graphic sex.


I can’t see HBO going full tilt sci-fi - they MO is human dramas and it’s where they’ve had most of their success. Production companies tend to make similar types of shows and then sell to similar types of networks. An AMC show looks different from a FX show looks different from a Showtime show for example. Same as movie studios each kind of do their own style and type of movie.

Someone will do it though because I think the global market for that kind fo show is absolutely massive. Take Games of Thrones and add in all the people turned off by the fantasy setting but who’d be ok with space battles and aliens.


Well, to be honest, Black Sails for exemple was easily on par with GoT, in terms of sheer quality, production values, stellar acting, compelling story, etc it also had its fair share of boobs and violence… Why didn’t it become a massive hit like GoT? Who the hell knows… bad luck, probably.

That’s my point, there’s plenty of incredible quality on TV these days, yet there’s only one GoT… kinda sucks, but honestly GoT just got lucky, imo. It could’ve been any of those other series.

Oh and HBO should jump either on Dune or StarCraft =P


You can’t beat a good pot of graphic sex. I get mine delivered by the local garden centre.


Netflix has ‘Altered Carbon’ in post production now.

It’s more Blade Runner than space opera, but has off world elements.

No trailer or release date (that I can find) beyond the fact that it’s due next year.


The book of Altered Carbon is fantastic, and would also appeal to the HBO CEO of Tits.


Ironically, word is he’s a dick


Slightly OT

Rob Stark (Richard Madden) is the male lead in 'The Hood Maker" the first of the Phillip K. Dick adaptions on CH4 at 9pm on Sunday UKT.



I’d buy that for a dollar.


Depending on how much money they have pumped into this, I think Altered Carbon could be huge. But Netflix hasn’t done this kind of show successfully yet - even the Marvel shows have been a very mixed blessing.