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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


The series diverged from the books massively some to e ago. There are key characters for whom very different paths are being followed in the books.
That’s why it will be interesting to see whether the critical story beats remain the same, but the journey is a different route, or the whole thing is different.

I read the books way back when they first came out, but my wife is refusing to read them until they are done, as she can’t tolerate the concept they might not get finished.
Unless you are not a book person, you really should read them. They are superior to the series in many ways and a fantastic story in their own right.


To me, it feels more like an extra-length final season split over two parts. HBO did the same thing with The Sopranos and AMC did it with Breaking Bad and Mad Men.


Mad Men was slightly different, as they just filmed it as one season and then aired it over two years. Breaking Bad shot their final season in two parts, and GOT haven’t started production on the final season yet.


Wasn’t the rationale for the shortened seasons so that they could throw more money at the individual episodes and afford the all the necessary effects?


I don’t think budget is a big deal for HBO when it comes to Game of Thrones. And with so many longer episodes I don’t know how much they’re saving (I checked, they had 35 mins of additional running time this season).

I’m sure there’s more that’s left on the editing floor too. No, I suspect this was entirely driven by the writers.


I seem to remember reading that David and DB discussed that they originally envisioned the final season being 13 - 16 episodes. It was HBO wanting to break it up into two seasons to milk it as much as possible until they could find their next big hit.


IIRC the official excuse for 2 shorter seasons (instead of a long final one, presumably) has got to do with filming schedules, because since it’s winter in the story, they don’t want to shoot the series during the summer… or something like that.

I’m assuming these 7 and next 6 episodes will take longer too, because of the set pieces, it’s basically like filiming several movies, and not shitty ones… So that might also be a reason.


No, that was to do with filming it later in the year, and it does make sense.

The length and number of episodes begins and ends with the showrunners and what they want to do. Not HBO, not the weather, not Martin. There’s an abundance of shitty cold weather in Northern Ireland, any challenge would be finding a sunny day. :smile:


Well then it’s probably because of production difficulties… previous seasons had mostly talky-talk episodes with one or two huge battles. This season had A LOT more action than any of the previous ones, and it’s safe to assume the last will have even more. I reckon it takes longer to shoot all that stuff


There was the weather problem (no snow when they needed a lot, if I recall) that threw off the S7 shooting schedule. I think they planned out 7 and 8 as one big denouement. My hunch? S8 will hit like Baratheon hammers, a big deal every episode, more like films. Also, feedback and time between now and shooting will let them course-correct as they will.

I have high hopes of epic destruction.


I can confirm this, I was just out in it.

Imagine sitting inside a freezer with the walls painted grey and a 2 foot fan pointed directly at you whilst constantly getting sprayed in the face with water. Only everyone is drunk.


Which wasn’t an issue for the previous 6 seasons but is now suddenly an issue? This is all crap, nothing to do with the real reasons, which I assume they don’t want discussed.


D&D were pretty open about wanting to finish the show this year, but HBO wanted more. And two short series was a compromise position. I’m pretty sure there’s an article or five about it upthread.


Maybe it is something to do with how it is or is going to be franchised?
I have no idea what the arrangements are in this case but I did read something once about ‘The Big Bang Theory’ that the arrangements for that were such that making any more programmes would not earn the producers any more bucks as it was sold as a ‘package’.



Shooting later in the year makes sense because even Spain and Croatia (locations used for King’s Landing and other places in the South) have a change in seasonal weather, more grey skies and longer nights, so that helps them sell the arrival of winter.

But I think there are two reasons why they reduced the episode count; one is that it takes the pressure off the production a bit. Each episode can shoot for a bit longer, post for a bit longer, run a bit longer!

And secondly the show is great for advertising HBO, they get it on air for an extra year. Less episodes but still, an extra year of hype and publicity.


I think you mean ‘syndicated’. That business model doesn’t really apply to HBO productions.


A little longer? They’re skipping a year.

They have Westworld coming back in 2018, but it’s no GoT. The Deuce might do well; should be better than Vinyl (which was crazy expensive), but it’s not likely to be a blockbuster - more a Mad Men level at best.


That’s possible, even likely, but not confirmed. We don’t have an air date for season 8 yet.


I heard that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos wants their programming to get a huge hit like GoT.

I get what he is saying but the next big TV hit that has a huge impact on pop culture won’t be a medieval fantasy show or a suburban mobster drama. Those settings have already been done.

Bezos and Amazon have their work cut out for them.


But that’s impossible to know Al. It could be any show… well, one of the well made ones, of course. There’s been many candidates recently, but sadly none’s made it… who knows why =/