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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Return of the Jedi had a fantastic satisfying conclusion. We don’t know how Game of Thrones is going to end, but I think the landing defines the series. Shows that had bad endings like Lost of BSG went from pop culture significance to being mostly forgotten. With only 6 episodes GOT has a huge amount of work to do to resolve not only the main story, but the endings of the various characters (there’s at least 20 characters we care about), and tell us the future of Westeros. It’s a huge amount of work, and I don’t see how everything gets done in such limited time. I’m not sure this show can hit the landing it needs to, and with GRR’s influence clearly setting the scripts back a bit I’m more than a little concerned.

I’ve been rewatching the series form the start as I’m up 3 hours with the baby each night. I’m halfway through series 3 and it’s really the high point of the show for me. Every episode had something amazing and unexpected happen. It’s not got the worldbuilding series 1 had, nor the mass character expansion from series 2. And it won’t get caught up in the Tyrion trial from series 4 I think. It’s funny to see the structure of 10 minutes for each plot story, some characters not having any screen time at all, compared to the most recent season that had only a couple of different scenes in the whole episode.


All true. But the thing is. Could we really live with a redemption free, evil triumphs, ending?
e.g. Braveheart without the added on future final triumph of Bruce at Bannockburn.

Hope is dead, when that is the last thing folk ever have?

Really? OK pass the razor blades.


I have to agree, but I am going to add that we’re probably talking 90 minute episodes, I think the final episode will hit the 2 hour mark easy, one hour for climax, one hour for aftermath, so it is doable in those terms.

I think at least half the characters we care about will have a heroes deaths before the last episode and I can’t see Jon or Dani or Tyrion or The Hound’s stories ending in anything other than self sacrifice. Oul Mormont has been looking to kamakaze from the very beginning and Greyworm is 100% going to die in battle. Brienne and Tormond will likely go out back to back, swords in hand and, let’s face it, Beric has no chance.

So when you take all of them away, many of the rest can get taken care of in montage format if they survive, then leaving focus on the like of Jamie, Sansa, Arya, Davos, Pod and Samwell who I think will probably be our weary and wisened survivors, with Theon finally becoming a true leader of the iron isles despite being a dickless sack of shit up until now.


Have you seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Have you seen how much Ferris and his friends accomplished in that film, not to mention the side stories of his sister, his principal, and Charlie Sheen? And they did it all in 1 hour 43 minutes!!!

Granted, Ferris didn’t have to defeat White Walkers, but his sister was pretty scary.


I sense it’s a bit of an impossible task and maybe that’s how it is with TV shows. We moaned when BSG and Lost deferred the endings and then when GoT sets it all up.

The showrunners now have to accept that however many episodes they plan, however much GRR Martin is consulted, however much they go to the hero conclusion or make a radical twist and put Euron on the throne, at least half the audience will be pissed off.

I’ve sat here for 5 years or so reading 1500 posts complaining about how slow the show moved and then when they speed it up it gathers the same number of moans.


Principal Rooney was scarier than any White Walker.


I’m sure the ending will work, but whether it’ll live up to our hopes…?

The show has been about power, as much as anything else, it has to have a satisfying answer to the question of power, where it should come from and what limits should be placed on it?

If it does that, if it resolves the game of thrones well, then it’s a success.

Anything beyond that is beyond it. I don’t need to know how everyone goes forward (for those that do), but I want the world to come to something.


I really don’t think that many people were complaining about the pace. Except maybe the usual complainers. I think most viewers loved that the show took it’s time and really explored this world.

I find the whole decision to shorten the seasons to be very odd. I guess we have to see how the story plays out, but it feels like a weird choice. This season didn’t end on a proper cliffhanger shock either. Simply the Walkers crossing the wall was as obvious a ending as they could have chosen.


I think it is doable, however I’m concerned they might leave some threads unresolved… particularly the whole Lord of Light thing… they’ve been building it as something huge and important, but I don’t think there’s gonna be time to get into the whole “gods” part of the story. But then again, maybe they were never intending to do it… who knows, it might be a case of people just being overtly religious as a way of mirroring how people behaved in those times in RL.

Oh I was one, but I’m not complaining now =P I don’t mind the fast pace, and I am very happy with the pace of last season. I do mind unresolved threads tho, so we’ll see.

I’ve been thinking about this 'cause it doesn’t make sense on the surface of it, but come to the conclusion that they just decided to cut it to 7 & 6 for structure’s sake. They’re doing variable run-time on these 2 seasons, so it seems to me that they’ve just structured the final act in 13 episodes with variable lenght so they can better structure each of them for TV, so yeah it makes sense the last one will be 2hrs long probably, because it will deal with the conflict resolution and some sort of epilogue, as separating it in two would leave us with a maybe too slow and boring last ep.

So eh… they might pull it off. I’m just afraid, again, of unresolved threads… either because of bad writting, or because they decide the leave them unresolved on purpose to give GRRM some leeway to finish his books. Both are a possible =/


A thought occurred to me earlier, with Gendry’s father being acknowledged by various movers and shakers now, Danerys has representatives of all 4 great houses shown in the show’s logo in her council - Herself representing Targerayan, Tyrion (and possibly soon Jamie) for Lannister, Jon for Stark and Gendry for Baratheon.


Well she also has Greyjoy and used to have Tyrels and Martels, but then those 2 got all killed =P

She almost had the full deck but Gendry came too late.


It really feels to me like the showrunners wanted to do a final 13 episode season and HBO decided to split it up so they could keep the show around a little longer. It’s all conjecture, of course, but that how the season played to me.


…and a Mormont


I think HBO wanted 2 seasons of 10 episodes but the writing struggled to make that work. All these extra long episodes show a clumsiness that wasn’t present in previous seasons.


I heard somewhere there will be two episodes next season in the 2 - 2.5 hour range. First and last?

Edit: Remembered a friend told me, said he read it.
I can’t find anything, so don’t go by me.



I honestly think that Weiss and Benioff are just DONE with this property mentally. Without GRM to rely on, the continent hopping, all the pre and post production work that goes into this, I think they are exhausted and just want to end this story.


As everyone has said, this was great TV, despite its flaws.
Seeing little finger get his comeuppance was fantastic and that dragon smashing down the wall at the end was fairly epic, as was the fight on the rock in the previous season.

It’s going to be interesting to see what GRRM had planned for the last two books, should they ever emerge, and how far this ending diverges from them in terms of major story beats.


If I were him I’d go in a completely different direction. It’d be a pretty flat experience to have him write an adaptation of the TV show. Like The Walking Dead where they use a lot of the same characters and ideas but do different things with them so even if you have read the comics you don’t really know what is coming next.

If, just by random example, in the TV show Arya ends up on the Iron Throne, he should do one where it is Gendry and Jon form a joint administration.


Well the good thing is that with this “rushed” pace, GRRM has A LOT of leeway to expand upon all the interactions and the little details, even if he sticks somewhat closely to the show’s plot. But I think it’s already known that there’s a lot of characters that are still alive on the books or that never even made it to the show, so he can also tweak some stuff and make it quite different even if sticking to the big outline of the show.

All that is moot though since apparently the books are never coming out :smile:

I was thinking that I really didn’t want to read them, but the cool thing is that whenever they come out, there’s surely gonna be many many videos on youtube detailing the happenings and differences, so yay I guess…