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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


There’s a question as to whether Stannis would have fallen under Mellisandre’s sway as heavily as he did were he not fighting for the throne.


Stannis would’ve been an autocrat, inflexible and ruthless. Under Melisandre’s influence he would also have been head of a theocracy, so all other gods and forms of worship would’ve been banned and punishable by death at the stake.

Stannis wasn’t a cruel sadist like Joffrey, but if he’d won the throne and then beaten the Night King (his holy mission after all) his version of Westeros would’ve been a cold place nonetheless.


Still, better than Joffery.


Not a very high bar though, that one.


I think Tywin was a good compromise between all of them… buuut… yeah :smile:

At least he would’ve ketp Westeros in functioning shape to face the WWs, and he was pragmatic enough not do any dumb shit.


Better than Ramsay Bolton :smile:


Joffrey was just Ramsey with the rough edges sanded off.



He fucked his son’s ex-girlfriend. That’s pretty stupid.



“Fancy lad school.”

What other expressions from the season stayed with you?


The moment that immediately preceded this was my favourite line reading of the season.


So here’s the ranking. And remember, you can’t argue with it — it’s science.

12 ) Daenerys Targaryen
At the beginning of the season, Daenerys had every piece in place to succeed. She had the world’s most powerful army, three strong allies, a compelling objective of “breaking” the wheel that had hurt ordinary people, and — most importantly — she was the sole possessor of the world’s most powerful military technology, dragons. By all rights, she should have ended this season atop the Iron Throne and ready to confront the White Walker threat in the North.

She failed, miserably.

Later in the season, after losing most of her main allies, she became obsessed with winning Jon’s loyalty — leading to the precise opposite problem. She put her dragons at too much risk, sending them to rescue Jon in a situation where the enemy’s military capability was not well known. She managed to save Jon and win his loyalty, just as Lyall’s theory would predict — but also handed a weapon of mass destruction to a power bent on literally extinguishing all human life.

This was revisionism at its most incompetent.

Number 1 is Cersei:

Who else could it be?

At the beginning of the season, Cersei was isolated and friendless. She was surrounded by enemies, her kingdom was deeply in debt to the Iron Bank, and she was facing a kind of military threat — dragons — that she simply had no answer to. It seemed like most people, as my colleague Andrew Prokop writes, expected her to die this season.

She dedicated herself to one objective — protecting the survival of the Lannister dynasty and the life of her unborn child — and centered every tool of statecraft on accomplishing that goal.

She pledged to marry an unpleasant pirate, exposed a large chunk of her army to dragon fire in the name of acquiring vital gold to pay back the Iron Bank, and even let her ancestral home of Casterly Rock fall to put her enemy in a strategically vulnerable situation. No other Westerosi power thought as creatively about how to link the major aspects of state power — military, economic, and diplomatic — in order to accomplish a particular political end.



Next year they could kill a major character every episode and still have enough left for a fight at the end of the season.


Don’t know if this has been posted, but just discovered this Wiki encyclopedia GOT specific site.
Seems to have a lot of well cross-linked factual stuff for quick reference.


I posted that some time ago and the site is so well done in detail that it made me wonder if the contributors had a life. It seemed they had waaay too much free time on their hands.

Anyway, I read it to get the gist of past episodes I seen and forgot about.

On another note, I binge watched all of it and never had to wait a full year to see what happened after a cliffhanger. This time it will be strange. I have to get into something else called LIFE and not agonize over the hiatus. :smile:


A good summary of what has been discussed here:



I said before that imho GoT is more interesting than Star Wars. Back in the day, Star Wars was the storyline to get into, but now with a generation that did not grow up with the story, competition from other franchises, and the test of time left SW rather dated.

It makes me wonder if 20 years from now the same will be said of GoT… assuming we get the conclusion to the story by then.:grinning: