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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Adoptive Father/Uncle :wink:

I agree, but there’s a disparity that everyone feels - it’s one that could have easily been avoided for the sake of two weeks script consultation with the guy who wrote the books and had a career writing TV.


That’s what made it more confusing they didn’t even have him polish them. I understand him not having time to write full scripts, but I’m sure he could polish seven scripts with his eyes closed, all the hard work and graft is already done.

EDIT: I actually thought he only co-wrote episodes actually, I didn’t know he wrote full scripts, or if I did, I’ve forgotten :laughing:


Well, I’m not sure if people truly feel a disparity or if they’re just pissed at the show’s new super fast pace and the fact that it’s almost over.

And hey, for all we know GRRM might still be consulting a bit, but none says anything about it because fanboys would lose their shit if they knew he’s not locked in a basement somwhere finishing the goddamned books :smile:

Actually, a couple years back fans of the book were all like “oh he should stop spending so much time with the show and focus on the books”… now it’s the opposite… so yeah, people u_u


I;ve had a ton of people say it to me irl, it’s not just here people think it. I have three friends completely go off it this season. Of course, they still watch :wink: :laughing:


No one else giving the FB filter a go?


He’s cut back on his non Winds of Winter activities extensively in the last couple of years, including stepping back from editing Wild Cards, and attending fewer cons. The main thing he’s doing aside from writing is curating shows at his cinema.


Sounds taxing :wink:


It’s definitely a first world problem sort of thing. He’s also co-funding a theatre, but I don’t think he takes an active hand in it.


No, stop trying to distract him from writing the books!


I did ones for Stacy and I, and Mayweather. It works amazingly well.

And the way I see it, Jon owes Daenerys a child.


I dunno. Considering the last child on GoT to come from incest:


Tommen was a bro though.


Dany’s the result of incest too, so…


Cersei will still get another incest-baby before Dany either way.

(Or will she…?)


Unless Euron’s the father, or she’s faking the pregnancy.


Or she gets killed first.


I’ve seen a theory that she’s pregnant with twins, and she’ll die delivering the second child, thus fulfilling the Valonquar prophesy, which everyone assumes is actually referring to Tyrion or Jamie


But wouldn’t that get in the way of the part of the prophecy that says she only has three children?


That’s the common interpretation of Maggy the Frog’s prophesy, and it might be one of those letter of the law things, like she didn’t have more children if she’s dead when they’re born.

Or the theory could be bunk


I believe Cersi is pregnant, it’s an impossible lie to maintain otherwise (and if it’s just for the short term why bother with it, and why let Tyrion fall for it too). I think Kings Landing is about to be viisted by a dragon. I think for 7 seasons we saw the dragon shadow over Kings Landing and thought it was Dany, but it’s really the Nights King. And of course for everyone he kills there he gets a new recruit. We think the battle against the dead will be in the North, but now he could kill a million in Kings Landing and have a much bigger impossible army in the south. That’s why I think the Night’s King is going to win, and giving him a dragon was a game changer. Silly Jon and Dany. All this is to say I don’t think Cersi is having that baby, but I do like my Night’s Queen theory.

Cersi is an interesting character in that she’s not as bad as we think. She only defends herself and her family throughout the story. Alot of Joffery’s nastiness is transferred onto her, but most of his shit was against her wishes. She didn’t want Ned dead, and she went after him as he was about to go after her. Robert beat her and cheated on her for years so we can see why she schemed to have him killed. Her main problems seems to be being nasty to Tyrion, but then Tyrion is an insufferable dick. I’m rewatching Season 2 right now, when he becomes Hand. And while we the readers cheered him as we love Tyrion, he’s a jackass and power hungry Hand who fucks shit up and sets things right for himself.

I’m not saying I’m full team Cersi, but she’s not as straight evil as most folks think.