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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Maybe it can’t be addressed because it was a screw up? :wink:

There’s a lot to love in this season, but there were problems too.



Well they already knew what the gist of the gathering was, Danny wanted a truce and for Cersei (thus for Euron) to roll back their armies until the “threat” in the north was dealt with, so presumably Euron was still gonna agree to leave with his army back to the Iron Islands at some point during the meeting.

But the easier way to explain it is: Euron put on his show, then left a message to Cersei that he was only j/k lol… =P


I hear that they dated once and now it has come to this.


That’s right.

Separately, the closing scenes with Tyrion looking at Dany’s room after Jon entered was baffling; we wondered if he was falling for Dany (which would of course be dumb) - apparently the directors have stated that it was meant to indicate that Tyrion is concerned that a romantic/sexual relationship could jeopardise their military/professional alliance. That’s all.


yeah I never took the Tyrion thing as him longing for Danny… but it seems a lot of people did. It was pretty clear it was supposed to be an ominous moment, what with Bran narrating and all.


That’s exactly how I took it as well.


I took it as an ominous something. What that something was I had no idea.


Well I reckon it wasn’t the fact that they hooked up, because Tyrion was pushing Danny to think about it earlier… but I guess it’s more to do with the fact that they seem to have fallen in love, which could be problematic. Getting married to Jon once the war is over because it’s a good alliance is one thing… the two of them falling for each other could turn out to be problematic, considering how Danny flew off to save them and lost a dragon in the process. So that’s how I interpreted that bit, basically, that he’s afraid they’ll both do something stupid or reckless because of their love.


Tyrion’s worried that Jon’s gonna Yoko the whole thing.


Danny lost a dragon saving Jon, and could have herself died and screwed up the whole fight against Cersi and the White Walkers. And now they’re boning. She’ll become more reckless and in this story falling in love typically ends in death.

Tyrian is right to be worried. This isn’t a time for love.


Yes, that’s pretty much what I mentioned above.

They have a big job to do - when work colleagues hook up, it usually results in a drop in the quality of their work, and complicates organisational relationships.


Adult Swim had this bump this past Sunday:


Love got Robb killed.


I took the Tyrion scene to be a call back to when he and Ser Davos were hinting to their respective monarchs that the other would be a good match, and at the time none of them knew that Ajon and Daenerys were so closely related. Like even now he doesn’t know the problems they’ve created.


I don’t see how/why Tyrion would see that as a problem. He likes and respects Jon; it consolidates and strengthens Dany’s army and claim; and he’s well aware of the problem beyond the wall, so it’s not like he should be concerned about Jon leading Dany astray from conquest. The only thing I can see him being worried about is a marriage to Jon muddying up the already unclear line of succession by bringing the Starks in, which would be politically awkward. But Dany’s almost certainly going to turn out to be fertile again, so I doubt that’ll be an issue for long (unless people find out about the incest, but that’s another issue).


I honestly don’t know why they didn’t ask GRRM to at least polish up the scripts, he’s in the screenwriters guild and made his first mark on television. It a really silly oversight, considering.

I can hear his wee chuckle and see him shaking his head watching some of the clunkier exchanges and heavy handed stuff.

I’m sure he loved, “Fewer,” just as much as we all did, though.


Because he knows Jon is too stubborn and can be reckless (much like his step-dad), which means he might put himself in dangerous situations, like he did with the whole expedition beyond the wall, and so if Danny falls in love, she might do something stupid like she already did and go try save him again… against Tyrion’s counsel, much like the first time. So I guess he’s worried Sanny will stop listening to reason, basically, which is after all his job.


Eh… honestly people are exagerating… I mean, sure these scripts might not be as awesome as in previous seasons, but it’s not like they’re shit. They’re still well above most TV shows.


He hasn’t had the time the last few years. He wrote one episode each series for 1-4.