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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Or at the last moment as the Dead are eating the last of the Living, they place their infant son in Qyburn’s experimental rocket…


Jon has not been reunited with Arya or Bran yet.

Walk over the frozen water once Winter really arrives? The dragon just moves the schedule up a bit.

Having something that can fly would mean even if the wall couldn’t come down, you could probably fly over, drop off a group of walkers, take out the Night’s Watch and Wildling at that particular section and then open the gate from the south side.

Also, Jon’s parentage means that he is Fire and Ice; he doesn’t need to be with Dany to embody that.


Well, also, considering it’s a world with prophecies and people who see shit in the fire and whatnot, it’s not implausible to reason that the Night King also has some sort of premonition powers and knew that he’d get a dragon eventually to punch a hole through the wall… I mean, they haven’t alluded to any of that so it’s not that viable of a theory, but plausible nonetheless considering the context.


The dragon is unlikely to have been the only way to bring down the wall, its just the one we ended up with.


Maisie Williams interview;

Published after the final episode so spoilers (not that anyone here hasn’t seen the episode! :slight_smile: ).


One of the things GRRM has said about the story is that he wanted to subvert expectations. So you read through A Game of Thrones or watch series 1, and you’re expecting it to be the battle between Ned Stark and Cersei Lannister, only he gets killed, and Robb is named King in the North. So now you get where the story is going - it’s Dune, only we took longer to get to the death of the father. So next, you kill Robb. And because Joffrey’s this evil monster you expect to be the final enemy, you kill him too. And Cersei turns out to be in over her head in a different way to the usual plotting antagonist.

Similarly Renly dies because he’s the figure you expect to ally with Robb at a pivotal moment and when they join forces it spells the end for their enemies. The story is full of the right people being killed, so the wrong people are left in charge. And they still have to fight a civil war, and the army of the dead is still coming!

But eventually that subversion has to fall away. The battles have to be won and greater threat has to be dealt with. And we’re clearly at that stage in the story where the final gambits are being played, and the straightforward overtakes the obfuscation. Even if D&D are well off from GRRM’s script and plot notes now, I fully expect that book 7, if not book 6 will similarly be more of a “we’ve got to team up and fight these guys!” story.


Yup it’s inevitable. Once you get so far in you can’t subvert expectations and dramatically change the direction without also severely disappointing people. The directions it can go in keep reducing, if you take the Night King or Cersei or Jon or Danaerys off the board in a shock now then a large part of the audience will feel conned that you built it all up for nothing.

By the way a funny aside I heard. The reason Bron wandered off for a pint at the start of the big summit was Jerome Flynn once had a relationship with Lena Headey and she’s asked for them not to appear together. I have absolutely zero evidence for this other than two pals mentioned it but two sources is good enough for journalists. :smile:


I think Flynn probably wanted a pint too.

Looked like a hot day.


I felt very bad for Kit Harrington and Gwendolyn Christie in those IKEA rugs during those scenes.


Oh, and I meant to say that on an asthethic level, I like that Cersei and the Queensguard colour coordinated on their black and grey


A lot of historians believe that no-one really changed how they dressed according to the weather in the past. Hot or cold, they might add or remove a cloak at most.

I think that’s mad!

Looks impressive on screen though.



I’ve seen that reported in a few places too. I wouldn’t be surprised - the nature of the show means that a lot of the characters rarely share screentime with each other, but if any two actors on the show had a bad relationship, the odds were pretty good that they’d be at that meeting. :slight_smile:




Headey also seems to have quite a lot of sway. All her nude or sex scenes from the first episode on have been body doubles. Alfie Allen never got that when he had to whack his cock out pre surgery.

Then again his father made a living out of doing that quite often and he’s the only member of the cast with a pop video about him being a lazy shit that smokes pot all day and wanking a lot. :smile:


Via Carlos;

Egon Targaryan.


To this day, a lot of workers wear business suits year round.


Apparently this is a Games of Thrones thing:

I just think they’re cool images :slight_smile:


Yeah, me too. I truly didn’t expect the moment Sansa turned to Littlefinger, so it had me punching the air shouting. Awesome move. Also, just nice to see Arya slit the weasely fuck’s throat.

Also loved the little moments Bronn and Tyrion had. And I knew Cersei would turn around and fuck them over, but it still hurt. Nice to Jaimie finally rid of all this.

Overall, I am firmly in the camp that thinks that the season felt rushed - not many big events, not enough character moments. Extending the travelling time and instead having more smaller moments wouldn’t have been a problem; quite the opposite, to my mind. It’s what we had in large parts of the show, and the times the plot rushed along (like the whole Dorne thing) was always to the show’s detriment.

Oh, the one plot thingie that bothered me: how can the evil Greyjoy fella and Cersei have planned his rushing off when they didn’t know there was a zombie in a box coming? I suppose they could’ve acted as if they were convinced by the story alone, or maybe he improvised and the original plan was him sulking off because he’s cowed by Dany or something along those lines… but that is something I felt should’ve been addressed.