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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


…and Littlefinger, after years of plotting and scheming and lying, finally loses the Game of Thrones.


I can’t be the only one who was waiting for a twist. This feels too easy considering all the roads we’ve taken to get here.

Loads of great moments of course, and there’s something terribly satisfying seeing all these great characters reconnecting. But the creative genius touch of GRR is clearly missing. The dialogue is too plain, the story too linear, the characters too one dimensional.

It’s still great TV, but alas I think the magic has faded and next season we might get just a simple run-of-the-mill conclusion. Endings really are the hardest part.


Ha! Well, I was kind of expecting for Cersei to die and Baelish to survive this season, I guess I got a plot twist of sorts in the end… Shit if the mountain hadn’t been there… who knows… but then again that’s why he’s ALWAYS there… :smile:

Who had Arya as the one to kill LF? Well, I suppose the three of them did tho, as she said Arya was just the executioner, but it was clearly a plot from the Stark trio. I’m glad to see it was indeed a triple-cross to flush-out LF instead of a last minute useless drama. I was really wishing for LF to actually get a step away from the Iron Throne with his last breath, that would’ve been a much more poetic ending, given all the shit he caused (which is basically the entire plot of the series except the Danny/WW parts), but since the Starks kids suffered the most from his action I supposed it’s good enough of an ending, although it kinda felt a bit flat compared to the rest of everything that’s going on.

Oh and I’m SOOOOOO glad Jamie is FINALLY free of Cersei’s chains. Holy shit that took forever… I liked a lot that final scene with him riding north… but alone?? WTF dude!!! Take Bronn with you, you fuckin idiot… :unamused:

The rest was pretty much expected, but that’s not to say bad. I was a bit iffy with the Sam/Dr Branhattan convo because, wow really? Bran didn’t know about the legitimacy? And also, was Sam paying attention to Gilly? Then how the fuck did he not figure it out? That scene was honestly badly written, but that’s the only actual issue I had with this episode.

Well, that and… oh FFS, GRRM really likes his incest doesn’t he? :roll_eyes: I’m not sure how I feel about that whole thing, tbh. I can’t really root for the cute lovers knowing she’s his aunt… creepy as fuck. Good thing it’s almost guaranteed that at least one of them should somehow sacrifice themselves in the end… but… ugh… that was an awkward boner :joy:

Edit: Oh crap, I forgot: So… wait wait wai… are we supposed to infer that the reason the WW army took forever is because the Night King was indeed waiting for Danny to bring him a Dragon? Meaning he knew what was gonna happen and was biding his time? Because, I mean, it sort of makes sense cosidering he was created with the same sort of magic than the 3-eyed raven, thus it’s very much possible he also has some sort of vision… So that means he was just waiting for someone to bring him the “key” to the wall… but that also means that he let Jon escape once in Hardhome, for obvious reasons… but last episode, he could killed Drogon and get his dragon AND kill Jon & co… So I wonder, does he still have plans for Jon? or Danny? hum…:thinking:


Lots of good stuff, and not without twists, but, yes, some were a little too well set up.

But like everyone else, I still really enjoyed it and it’s still great TV.

The biggest disappointment though, was the Wall. Damn I know “easy” isn’t the right word, but that was too quick. It’s a twist that it wasn’t something that took half a season to overcome, but still, a bit of a let down.

Like Parker, I feel like I’m complaining about something that was only really good, rather than truly great.

My favourite moment though, was the snow starting to fall on Jamie. That was poetry.


Pretty impressive how Game of Thrones has made a few million people root for a guy to fuck his aunt.


A personal thing, the arena that was meant to be the old “kennel” for the Targaryan dragons.

If this was a huge feature film they’ve have built a set, probably massive in it’s own right, and then extended it with VFX.

Actually using a real place and pretending it was something else put me in mind of the old Harryhausen movies and other sword and sandal/sorcery films. :slight_smile:


Well also (and again) here’s the thing about “surprises” and “plot twists”… I’m pretty certian the LF one was one of, if not the last one, simply because we’ve already had 6 fuckin series chokefull of those :smile:

At this point, and probably starting with this season already, I think we’re just supposed to enjoy the fine wine that’s been in the making for 6+ years. Now is the time to see our favorite underdogs and misfits team up and chew the scenery… fuck, I’d even say we’ve earned it :smile:

So yeah, not a super suprising or plot-twisty episode… but how fuckin cool was it seeing Lord Bronn of the Awesome, Tyirion and magic Cock toghether back again??? How great was it seeing Brienne and Jamie reunite, even if briefly? How cathartic was that Tyrion/Cersei confrontation? How satisfying was seeing the survivng Stark cubs act as a pack and fuck Little Finger’s shit up?

Those are the moments I’ve been looking forward to all these years, so I’m not gonna complain for a lack of plot twists… I’ve gotten more than enough of those on this show… Now I wanna see them be awesome! And that’s, I think, what we should be looking forward to next season… but hey, that’s just me… I don’t know, I was kinda joking earlier, but after so much shit, torture, brutal murders etc we got through, I really think we kinda deserve the bro-tastic awesome moments now :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I need to say this…

Tormund and Beric at Eastwatch … When the Wall fell


That’s my favourite single image from the books.


They more than made up for the previous episode with this one. Not a dull moment, no minute wasted (though they really rushed Theon re-establishing his status. And how did Greyworm get where he was, considering when last we saw him? - I’ll let them go).

They only had so much time, but it was odd to include Varys in the Dragonpit crew and not give him a single line. Cersei’s first words to Dany were perfect, and soon after I was totally expecting Jamie to die. The whole 'pit scene was great tension; so many people who want to kill each other for countless reasons, it felt like it could go off at any minute.

Littefinger was one of my favourite characters so seeing him die was sad, but of course it was justified, and pulled off so well, Sansa’s play. Seeing him get all flustered, and even beg! Great stuff.

And the ending! I wasn’t expecting them to actually get through this season - I figured they’d be close and we’d end with a shot of the ice dragon approaching - this was way better.

Great, great episode.


Jamie remembering he’d grown a spine and a conscience in book 3 was a nice moment.

I guess it’s not an ice dragon, just a zombie fire dragon.

I enjoyed the trial scene because I genuinely believed Sansa was stupid enough to have fallen for Littlefinger’s ploy and that Bran was weird/moody/useless enough to have not been consulted or fact-check anything.

I wish the Hound had said something to Brienne about Tormund. Even just “I met your boyfriend”.

The AV Club has a decent article about how this season of the show has had problems in storytelling.

Oh, is someone else playing the Mountain now? Because he really didn’t look that much taller than The Hound in this episode.


They’ve changed it twice, but the current guy has been doing it since S4. I don’t know if he’s had scenes with The Hound before.


I thought Hafthor (the current Mountain) was significantly taller than McCann, but thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve seen anything of them together.


It was a fine episode, but everything was pretty clearly telegraphed. Which can be said of most of this season, really. It was probably necessary to have a season where the heroes get some wins in their column before the final war, but at the same time having a full season where the heroes get all the victories doesn’t feel like Game of Thrones.

It’s a real shame that GRRM is such a slower writer, because there is a certain level of nuance lost without the books to guide the show. I think the Arya/Sansa/Littlefinger stuff showed it the most. That twist was obvious, if only because the way Sansa and Arya were acting the last few episodes was completely out of line with the characters they’ve become (i.e. they were presented as gullible children for half this season). Also, the need to spell out everything about Jon (I will never call him Aegon…or however you spell it) as he was getting sexy with Dany was weird, unnecessary exposition.

I’m bummed that Cersei turned out to be just a villain here instead of actually keeping to her word, but good on Jamie for running away. And yeah, the snow falling on Jamie as he’s riding away was a great image.

And yeah, I think it’s dumb as hell that the zombie dragon doesn’t appear to be an Ice Dragon. That, somehow, bothers me more than just about anything else the show has done.

Still, lots of good in the episode and I have my fingers crossed that season 8 will be brutal and amazing, but as Jim said endings are really hard…


Ice can’t melt ice and the wall needs to be out of the way (though I thought there was a magic horn somewhere along the line that could do that).


There was meant said to be a horn, yeah. In the books that was part of the Mance Rayder plot line. I do get that ice can’t melt ice. But a giant dragon bulldozing into the wall could crack it. Dragon is already dead, so it could be a living battering ram. Sure, it’s not as visually interesting, but at the same time the idea of a 100,000 dead things hurling themselves at the wall until it cracks open is kind of terrifying. Especially when one of those things is a giant dragon.

I just think the idea of a being of living fire being turned into a dead thing that can be destroyed by fire (unless we’re going with the dragon is a White Walker and White Walkers can’t be destroyed by fire…which is still unclear) is a bit wonky even in mystical fantasy terms.

I get the story mechanics behind the choice, I just don’t care for the choice. Because I wanted to see an Ice Dragon vs Fire Dragon brawl. That said, there was a surprising lack of steam and water during the destruction of the Wall.


There were a couple of logic points that to me highlight the lack of GRR in the story:

  1. The Ice King needed a dragon to bring down the wall. I’m not sure how he was going to get through otherwise. Maybe the Walkers are active because it’s a time of magic and the dragons birth helped activate them, but it feels crazy that after all this time in the story he was waiting on the dragons to come to him and making one of his throws with split second timing to bring down the wall. That seems like a crazy strategy. After 8,000 years of waiting.

  2. Cersi letting Tyrion go. This is the lady who blew up hundreds of people in a church and tortured a nun with a raping undead zombie because she was mean to her. Tyrion murders her father, threatens her life, causes the death of her kids and is working for the enemy. When she left the first time she’d achieved her goal all along - never agree to the truce but cause discord between Jon and Dany. Going back and pretending she’d send her armies, only to not do that the very next day is silly. Why go through the pretense? They’d know it was a lie within a couple of weeks. Why betray Jamie after he was on her side with the decision the first time? And why let Tyrion go? Why not just keep him locked in a cell and torture him some? Dany’s bluff has been called in not burning Kings Landing. There would be no reprisals.

She had a good point. If dragons can’t stop the dead then the Lannister army won’t fare any better. So let Dany use her forces, let the bulk of them die, and then clean up what’s left. There’s no point in her sending a few thousand redshirts north. It’s not even what Dany asked for. The whole sequence was just silly.

  1. Why go after Littlefinger? You know what he is. You know how he schemes. Clearly Sansa and Arya were never going against each other. So why now, after all this time? He feels like a character created for some purpose, but his arc doesn’t really have an end, he went from all powerful schemer to his panty sniffer who at the end of the day tried a really stupid scheme. Maybe in more elegant hands his move to put the sisters against each other would have made more sense, but he looks clumsy compared to previous seasons Littlefinger.


Made perfect sense that a zombie dragon was needed to bring down the Wall, as that is likely a high enough power level - with the combination of fire and ice - to overcome the binding magic.

Wonderful to see the majority of the Stark family together again. After all, it will be a long time to Howard and Tony.

See what happens when people actually talk to each other?

I note that no one mentioned to the Lannisters that Valyrian steel also works.

Loot Train episode was best, this came close.


They are officially 6’5" versus 6’9". In truth it isn’t that huge a difference, 4 inches. A change of shoes or a different camera angle and it’s easily negated and the Mountain did look taller when they went face to face.

The tallest member of the cast was actually Hodor at 6’11".


I was on edge at that point and thought he could be offed, just as I was with Tormund last week and it’s always a trick Game of Thrones has played, we remember the massive twists like the red wedding but they are also offset by things going to type. If you just subvert convention and nothing else it becomes a sequence of contrary responses and would end up deeply unsatisfying.

We’re in the last straight here, there’s a limit to the stunts you can play with narrative. They could have killed Jaime but to me it’s just as interesting he’s switched sides. What I enjoyed most about the finale is you got to see the relationships built up during the ‘game’. That needs to be the payoff whatever happens, if you want a twist they can have the Night King and his zombies win at the end and everyone dies and it will be the most hated ending ever.