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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Lots of planets have an Ireland!


True enough. It never makes that much sense in the show. I think they somewhat tried to follow the idea from LOTR that each group has a certain regional accent, like the Hobbits were west country and orcs are Cockneys etc (and they didn’t keep to it that well as there’s a Scottish Hobbit for some reason).

So the Starks are from the north so generally have northern English voices but Sansa just speaks in RP. Her mother sounds Irish even though none of the rest of her house do. I don’t really care because it’s all fantasy and they aren’t trying to portray a realistic region but Aiden Gillan seems to have ended up in his own no man’s land when he really shouldn’t have bothered and just read the lines in his own voice. :smile:


I’d have loved it if the wildlings all had north inner city Dublin accents.


Yes but he was a Took, and they were a queer lot. Bandobras Took even invented the game of golf, so clearly he was Scottish.


Since they are in ‘the north’ and they film it there I would love for them to have proper full on Ian Paisley rant accents. :smile:


Wouldn’t that mean they started and ended every sentence with “ya knoow”?


Yeah, his accent for Littlefinger is frustrating. It makes everything he says sound super menacing, to the point where you wonder why anybody trusted him in the first place.



Well, yeah! It was a right Dikon move. Now, the Khal with the first Sting, that was cool. I think Bronn is next to fall for Dany’s charms. Now think of Drogon as the big brother this hopeful beau has to pass in order to woo his new beloved. Drogon is not a happy dragon. And I bet he’s been blabbing to his siblings. That’s gonna be one tough first date.




My wife’s nephew is watching GoT and he’s on Season 2. Everyone looks so young, especially Arya! They’re all babies! :wink: :smile:


Mark and I were joking the other day that if they let Bran stand up they’d realise he was the tallest person in the cast now.



Is he, really? I guess if he lies down, he’d be the longest person in the cast then.


I’m sure a lot of work went into this, I’m glad to say, I think it was all worth it. :smile:

I have to wonder if that guy ever took a film course? Because that kind of breakdown is what you do a LOT of in a course like that.

He treats it like a discovery, but just as the battle sequence is part of a long tradition, so is critical analysis.


I think that’s really his style of presentation when it comes to his video essays, more than an attempt to make his work look like a great discover.



Not a fan then, despite the content.


I can’t say for sure, but I heard a rumour that Isaac Hempstead-Wright played Wun Wun live on set, rather than him being a CGI composite