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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


No, one of the central themes of the story is that nobody’s got the whole picture, and if everyone sat down and talked they’d be in a much better position, of course.


I remember big family dinners from when I was a kid.

I think I see the problem.


A few things to consider on the resurgence of magic

The White Walkers haven’t been seen in the South in 8,000 years. The Wall and the Night’s Watch have successfully kept them at bay, long enough that they’ve passed into legend for most Southrons. But the White Walkers probably never died out and came back. Craster’s been dealing with them for some time prior to the start of the show.

However, the rise of the White Walkers is the first fantastic element in both the books and the show - the opening scene in the show of the Men of the Night’s Watch being killed by the White Walker and the Wight girl is also the prologue in the book.

Also, Mance Rayder has been gathering his army and leading them south for some time. So the Wildlings are already fleeing the army of the dead when the story begins.

The Targeryans conquered Westeros some 300 years before the story begins, so healthy dragons were still a thing then. It’s been around 100 years since the last dragon died, and the last few weren’t as strong as their predecessors. It’s around this point that magic begins to decline as well.

In the interim magic still works, but definitely not as well South of the Wall as it does North. The Three-Eyed Raven is able use his greenseeing abilities, for example, and Warging remains an ability some Wildlings can use. The Pyromancers can still make wildfire, but it loses potency. In Qarth the Warlocks can still use their magic, but it’s harder to do things. We don’t know if Mellisandre can cast the glamour spell that makes her look young at this point, but she is incredibly long-lived with no lost of mental faculties.

Given the timeframes involved with the story, we can assume that magic is resurgent before the end of series 1/A Game of Thrones. Mellisandre is ensconced at Dragonstone at the start of series 2/A Clash of Kings, and nobody noticed her changing to a younger woman, so she was able to cast glamours before she arrived there. In the books, rumours of Robb warging into Grey Wind begin before he’s declared King in the North, though he’s the only Stark child that we don’t know for sure that he was actually a warg (in the books, Jon, Arya and Bran are, Sansa isn’t)

The things that are unclear are:
Did magic decline at all North of the Wall?
What have the White Walkers been up to for six thousand years?
Is there any correlation between the resurgence in magic and the comet or the birth of the dragons?


Chaos is a ladder…


It’s also very possible that magic might be tied to the gods… in this kind of story, often times magic is linked to the gods, usually bestowed to their followers and whatnot… it certainly seems to be the case of the red priests with the lord of light. The face dancers are also very devout to their faceless god (both give tribute to their respective gods as well, sacrifices and killings in their name)… Also, the Starks are quite obvervant of their faith (they’re always hanging around that damned tree) which might also explain why they’re “special”… but maybe that’s something that will be more explored in the books.


Perhaps he return of magic is due to the coming long winter? It is something that comes with the winter. It is strongest north of the Wall because it is always cold up there and further North, you have the unexplored Lands of Always Winter, which we can assume is where the White Walkers live, and as the winter moves south, they do as well.

The wights seem to be tied to the White Walkers. The WW werer there when the wights were raised in the first episode, and the Night King seemingly raised the dead at Hardhome.


We have seen the “creation” of the Night King, having what seems a dragonglass stake being shoved in his heart by (leader? maester?) of the Children. They created the WMD against humans - it is unclear as to exactly when they did this. With the shaky timeline, could it have been around the birth of Jon Snow or Dany?


It was thousands of years ago.


I can relate to that…


That probably happened eight-to-ten thousand years ago, when the First Men came to Westeros, before the Wall was erected, and before the invasion of the Andals.



Yeah remember that the white walkers are things of legend, so far back in time that most Westeros folk no longer believe they exist.


GIving Season 2 a rewatch, and find it funny how quickly Ros went from run of the mill Northern prostitute to being head madame for Littlefingers brothel.


On the subject of Drogon not dying from a rather large harpoon to the shoulder, I felt watching that there’s a good chance this will lead to eventual death in another episode. Turns out Khal Drogo was also wounded in the shoulder and later died from his wounds. It’s like Back To The Future all over again!


This was a lot of fun.
Spoilers ABOUND!





Macbeth, Act 2, Scene 1

“Is this a dagger I see in front of me, with its handle pointing toward my hand? (to the dagger) Come, let me hold you. (he grabs at the air in front of him without touching anything) I don’t have you but I can still see you. Fateful apparition, isn’t it possible to touch you as well as see you? Or are you nothing more than a dagger created by the mind, a hallucination from my fevered brain? I can still see you, and you look as real as this other dagger that I’m pulling out now. (he draws a dagger) You’re leading me toward the place I was going already, and I was planning to use a weapon just like you. My eyesight must either be the one sense that’s not working, or else it’s the only one that’s working right. I can still see you, and I see blood splotches on your blade and handle that weren’t there before. (to himself) There’s no dagger here. It’s the murder I’m about to do that’s making me think I see one. Now half the world is asleep and being deceived by evil nightmares. Witches are offering sacrifices to their goddess Hecate. Old man murder, having been roused by the howls of his wolf, walks silently to his destination…”


Damn. When I saw the title I hoped he would do it in character as Littlefinger. That would’ve been so awesome.

In fact, that’s what I want to see for the whole series.


It’s interesting that his accent is stronger as Littlefinger than when he’s just being himself.


I gave up on what Littlefinger’s accent is meant to be doing a long time ago. It has definitely changed since he started :smile:

I wonder why he just didn’t use his own one, Michelle Fairley had an Irish accent from the first episode (even though none of her family on either side do). :smile: