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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


I read that differently. She’s hungry and she’s not used to being social with other people anymore. She’s being brusque, but not because she’s arrogant, but because she’s preoccupied and has been on her own not talking to anyone properly for a long time. But there is real warmth both in the way she says goodbye to him and in the way she’s touched by him refusing the money and saying she’s pretty. And look at her reaction when he asks what’s happened to her.


She’s not totally gone, we’re being teased with the idea that she can become a whole person again, but there are bits of her personality that are damaged right now.


The walkers aren’t undead though. GRR has said that they are alive, but a different sort of alive.


Well that’s very specific. :smile:

I do get though that they are different to the usual zombie in literature. They don’t ‘turn’ after a while, it seems the Night King activates them by proximity.


The White Walkers (or the Others) are the blue-skinned guys in charge of the Army of the Dead. The Wights are the reanimated corpses.


GRRM’s quote;

“[The White Walkers] are strange, beautiful… think, oh… the Sidhe made of ice, something like that… a different sort of life… inhuman, elegant, dangerous.”




Dammit :frowning:


Or just follow the dorthaki method and cut off one of the horses legs. Then it’s easy to outrun.


Absolutely. But thinking about it that way, I think the episode was also about rehumanising Arya a bit. Her interaction with Hot Pie, talking with Sansa about their father, meeting Bran, and finally her playfully engaging Brianne - let’s not forget what happened when these two last met. I think it was Arya’s way of connecting with Brienne as much as anything.


Benjen is now a half-dead person, rather than a Wight or a White Walker, thanks to the White Walkers but then because the Children of the Forest intervened.

The mechanics of magic never really led themselves to being pinned down. They become less magical when you do that.


Yeah, Benjen/Coldhands is something else again, his body wasn’t one of the ones retrieved at that point, but finding him was one of the reasons the Night’s Watch ventured North of the Wall at the end of series 1.


Ah shit yeah, I forgot Benjen… he’s also a different kind of un-alive being. I guess the greyscale people are too, up to a point… So there seems to be many ways one can become something else/cheat death.

I see Qyburn more as a Dr. Frankenstein than a necromancer tho… so I’d say whatever the Mountain is, it’s more due to some sort of “medical” procedure, rather than ancient magic… much like the green fire thingie is more of a chemical mix, rather than something purely magical, like dragon’s breath.


I dunno about “magic”. Gastric gasses, mainly methane, burn mighty hot. And we don’t quite know what’s in a dragon’s diet, do we?


We know that they eat meat. Goats and cattle and things like that. Not saying that it’s all they eat, but they seem to be predators. Don’t remember what dany fed them when they were young but I’m pretty sure there was a shot of her feeding them when they were chicken size.


Yeah ok, but they’re “magical creatures”, therefore their fire is magical, even if it’s due to an intestinal process :smile:

They also have an endless supply of fire, whereas the green fire thing I assume you have to make it, and once your stash is gone, then you have to make more, etc… Point was: one was man-made, the other comes from the mouth of a magical beast.


The “green stuff” is magical though. It was established in season 2.


Yeah, and it’s made by pyromancers, not chemists or alchemists.


Greyscale’s based on a few real-life conditions, notably Metastatic calcification. Though in-world it’s an analogue for leprosy.


Ahh… don’t remember that… I thought it was napalm basically… well then, yeah, it’s magical :smile:

Well that would explain why there was a limited supply in the first place, I suppose.

Still, the point stands, in general terms. Although, to be fair, we still have never seen how exactly Qyburn “works” soooo… he might be a magician after all, but seems unlikely.

Sure but in the show the stone creatures are sort of undead or rather un-alive creatures, in the sense that they become golem like creatures but lose all humanity (personality, memories, etc…) so they’re one form of zombie-like creatures in that regard.


Very much. Like Mary Shelley wrote him, animating the creation by means of an injection. I do believe this was quite pre-electricity. And the “medical” instruments of the time! Oh my!