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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


The try before you buy mentality is why they believe it helps indie films. It doesn’t apply as much to bigger films though as it hurts the box office of quality films as well as crappier ones.

This article talks about one such study but isn’t particularly recent:




Well she didn’t fight per-se, but she was out there leading her army which will certainly buy her cookie points with her own dothraki army, with Jon and probably even with the ennemy army a little bit. I’m sure the unsullied don’t give a shit if Danny’s out there with them (plus they’ll gladly follow Greyworm it seems), but with regular folk I guess it’s good for her image. The same can be said of Jamie who stuck with his men even though he knew it was over as soon as he saw the dragon.

I hope next ep we get the much awaited (by me at least) Tyrion/Jamie reuinion & the Tyrion/Bronn reunion. Seeing the episode preview, it seems Jamie will be in for a rough ride… Bronn will probably just pledge alligeance to Danny, so he should be fine… unless Danny get all pissy about the whole scorpion thing and has him eaten by drogon or something :smile: (btw, if she does that, fuck her… forever!)

I agree that Bran can be a little off-putting but I enjoyed his scenes this week A LOT more than last week’s… Yes, that Bran/LF moment was REALLY good, and very well acted by both (especially LF). As for Arya, ohhh I think she did it on purpose as soon as she heard LF was in town. I think it’s her way of putting him on notice… “tread lightly or I’m gonna fuck your shit up” =P

Plus I don’t think he’ll stay much longer in Winterfell anyways… he’s clever enough to see that he just got vastly out-numbered in terms of Sansa influence, and he’s a coward, so I’m sure he’ll make up some excuse to retreat back to the Aerie.

As for Theon… who knows… his character’s always been pretty useless but I’m sure he’s one destined for redemption so I’m guessing he’ll end up sacrificing himself at some point to save someone, and the logical thing would be for him to kill Euron, since he seems to be nu-Ramsey.

Also: At first, I wasn’t very happy about the long battle scene, because this was the shortest ep of the season already, and that took out a good chunk of the episode, but besides being a good battle, on second thought they did advance the plots of some characters quite a bit during the scene, like with Danny, as I said earlier, but Jamie too, I think he’s getting really close to his breaking point finally. I don’t expect papa Tarly to survive much longer, but it’ll be interesting to see if they do something with dick face, or if he’ll be a Rob-like character.

Oh and if they’re planning to bring back Gendry, the should really get to it already.


Maybe she’d have been smarter keeping it a secret, but at the same time it was the characters first real chance to breath and unwind in years. After all that time on the road alone and trying to avenge a family she thought was completely dead she got to have a moment to spar with another warrior woman. Something growing up she probably only dreamed about. You can argue it was immature and ill advised, but she killed all the Freys so she should be awarded a little R&R.


Littlefinger is on Arya’s list. He doesn’t know that but she’ll want to kill the man who betrayed her father and started all this awfulness. After so long though I can’t see him simply dying so quickly - it feels like his arc has some way to go.

I was chatting with a buddy today about the show and we came up with some speculation.

How did Qyburn resurrect the Mountain? Clearly it came from something forbidden he read at the Citadel. Could he have found the process to make the White Walkers and did something similar to Ser Gregor? Not getting it quite right so he’s not like the other walkers, but he’s something similar. That’s in part why we don’t see his face - we’re not supposed to figure that he’s like them. He’s a strange character to have on the show, he’s never really done anything or had an arc, but he’s been there since the start. This makes him a plot device that pays off. And for me it helps with my idea that Cersi could ultimately become the NIghts Queen - she dies and goes through the same process. It’s also interesting that the others who rose from the dead were shook by it, but Jon is just the same. Jon died for a reason in the story, he’s as undead as the Walkers. I can’t help but think there’s something yet to drop regarding his resurrection.


(not gonna use spoilers cause it’s speculation, but feel free to edit if needed)

Not necessarily, because I don’t remember exactly right now, but I don’t think WW were ressurrected or brought back from the brink of death… it was more like some sort of very ancient spell that transformed them. However they themselves are necromancers and ressurrect the dead as zombie-like creatures, which might be what Qyburn did, although it doesn’t seem to be the same thing either, because the Mountain didn’t die. And then we also have another type of ressurrection in the exemples of the guy with the eye patch who keeps getting ressurrected by the lord of light (presumably) and Jon Snow who seems to also be the case.

So there seems to be a lot of different methods so far, but one thing that’s clear is that the WW were created with ancient powerful magic, so I doubt Qyburn has access to that sort of thing. The only way Cersei is becoming the Night Queen is if she’s transformed by a WW I reckon, and I don’t think she’ll ever confront any.


I should think that this week we get the set-up for the Army of the Dead getting close to the Easternmost tower, with the Wildlings/Free Folk being the Watch. I really don’t think they will get past the Wall (or get part of the Wall down) before the last episode.

Take a good look at Arya’s face right after Finger nods smugly at her. She is so going to brown his butter!


Yeah, that’s how I feel as well. It’s the first time in forever that she’s felt safe, and she’s back at Winterfell with her siblings. She’s allowed to let loose a little, for once, surely. I don’t disagree with Steve that it’d have been more prudent to keep a low profile, but it’s not particularly immature to not to, it’s simply human. And I loved her interaction with the guards - she’s grown so quietly, easily confident. And, incautious or not, her sparring with Brienne was kind of awesome.

I loved Bran’s “chaos is a ladder moment” so much. He’s being spaced out annoys me less than his having so little dialogue; I want them to finally do something with what he has become. Although his giving the dagger to Arya probably will turn out to have been doing something - he’s an agent of fate now, it seems.

It’s nice to have so much Littlefinger in the mix right now. I suspect the little rat’s going to be sent off at the end of this season, but not before he’s played a last set of cards.

So… will Jon finally bend the knee? Or has he already, in the cave? That bit is still unclear, isn’t it? Time’s running out for him to do something.


She’s not safe, none of them are. There is no “allowed”. The world doesn’t care what you’ve been through, the world just is. Winter is here, the dead are coming, Littlefinger is a ruthless bastard and the more he knows the more he can plan, anticipate and fight back.

It’s totally in character, I wasn’t arguing about the writing being bad, I was pointing out that it was a bad choice by the character.

Arrogant. The word is arrogant, not just confident.

If it has consequences I won’t be surprised.


Funnily enough I thought exactly that when she stared up at him and said to Mrs Jones ‘he’s on the list, watch out’. So I went to see who is still left on Arya’s list and over several sources it doesn’t look like he was ever on it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if gets added though, she has put on extra names frequently, but it may mean his demise isn’t quite so imminent.

Here is who is left alive on Arya’s list:

The Mountain (well alive-ish)
The Hound
Ilyn Payne
Berrick Dondarian
Thoros of Myr


Way back in one of the earliest seasons, wasn’t there a regular guy who died at Castle Black, and while on the slab his body came back to life? Which is where they realised they need to burn bodies? It’s a Walking Dead style zombie-virus or somesuch.


The bodies (more than one I think) are found and brought back to Castle Black.

They reanimate there, so either it’s a magical disease of some sort or;

We see the Night King raising the dead at Hard Home, on his command, so he can definitely control it.


As I am sure she will find out, yes. Unfortunately.

Nah, that’s not the way the scene was played. If she’d been arrogant, she’d have been less patient and more haughty with the guards, and gotten angry. Whereas she was actually quite diplomatic and handled the situation well.

Yeah, and I agree. My point of disagreement was that I don’t see it as a sign of immaturity; just as one of her being human. Other characters on this show make far worse mistakes all the time, mainly due to being prickly, arrogant or overconfident in far worse ways. She’s acting rather more maturely than Dany, for one (who should just accept that Jon Snow is offering allegiance, not submission, and get on with it).


She was pretty entitled, she’s becoming an aristocrat again. She wasn’t cut out to be a nameless assassin because she can’t let go of who she is and what she wants.

That’s the universal failing; I want. That’s what the others are like too, as you say, Jon probably less so though.


She was entitled because this is her home and being denied access to it would’ve been rather infuriating to anyone else. She dealt well with it, she really did.

True, but her “want” has nothing to do with status or power and aristocracy. Her specific want is her need to kill the people on her list, and it’ll probably be her downfall, too. That was the true reason she couldn’t become no-one, too - not because she couldn’t let go of Arya, but because she couldn’t let go of her revenge.


Yeah…and nothing like that has been seen on the show since.

I’m going back and giving the show a rewatch, and DAMN season 1 is full of some nice tension building. The middle is like a murder mystery, with Ned trying to see what got Jon Arryn killed - and the last few episodes breeze by at a breakneck pace.


I did a rewatch of the first 5 seasons as my wife got interested and wanted to see it. It actually moves faster all the way through than I remembered.


It was the remains of two members of Benjen Stark’s ranging party. When Jon and Sam went north of the wall to take their oaths at a weirwood tree, Ghost found a severed hand which lead them to the other two corpses. The corpses reanimated as Wights the following night, and Jon stopped them from killing Lord Commander Mormont. The hand was brought south by Yoren as part of a request for more resources, but it putrified on the trip and was not taken seriously as evidence of the White Walkers’ return.


I’m also thinking about the the scene with her and Hotpie. He’s just bumbling along, good naturedly, through life. She just sees something and takes it. She’s not just an aristocrat, she’s one who’s now a ninja assassin as well.

I think it’s both.