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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Fair point. And to Rory’s point, I’d assume they were all in shock. It wasn’t a normal battle, their fellow soldiers weren’t just being slaughtered, they were being incinerated in an instant. All the smoke, fire, ash, and blood were likely disorienting.


That’s fair but realism isn’t always best. In this case, for me, it made it seem artificial and unnatural.


The best fight sequences on a TV show that aired on Sunday night were Pickle Rick fighting rats and security guards. Rick and Morty owned Sunday night.



Running away might be an option if you can outrun a horse.


That’s insanity. It was obviously Pickle Rick VS Jaguar


You don’t have to outrun a horse, just a fair number of your fellow soldiers!



“…It is Solenya!”


Hang on, are they looking for 60… SCHMECKLES for that comic?

This hobby is getting way too expensive.


Did anybody notice if that nasty new Tarley daddy got roasted or not?

I have hopes.


I don’t think so. If and when he dies, I think they will definitively show it.


I just hope he gets smothered by a really fat guy.



I’m still trying to figure out how they’re going to pull together all of the disparate parts within the rest of this season +1 more. All hail Jon Baratheon, First of his name!


How about somebody cluing me in on some of these bizarre Westeros marriage rules? Two major religions, Old Trees and Seven-Come-Eleven. Fire God, Drowned God, islands without marriage, places with polygamy. Yet this question of who married who when circles Jon Snow like a buzzard. I mean, who officiates? What is, and what is not, considered a “marriage”? Apparently it has to do with handcuffs, cloaks, and a jolly old time within earshot of the unwashed masses.


Yet again, like Neil Gaiman and myself claim, Piracy saves lives… Well okay it’s not that good, but it definitively helps rather than hinders.


Studies have found that piracy often does aid indie films but that it universally hurt larger productions.


Didn’t they just use 1970s California for inspiration?


So Dany is going to get out there and fight? That was the message, again; that leaders have to lead, not just give orders. She’s the Queen that has to be chosen, not just inflicted on the realm.

Regarding tactics; I really don’t know what the best use of a combat dragon is? What are the tactics? I guess the basics of using air power on ground forces applies pretty well?

As for the Lannister army’s reaction, I think they did remarkably well under the circumstances!

Personally, I’d have wanted to be wearing brown trousers that day! But then I’m not a professional soldier and I’m not a sellsword and I’m certainly not Jamie Lannister.

I think this IS how you show what they can do, to people who have never seen one. You use them to kill a lot of your enemies, but you don’t go in for wholesale collateral damage.

I wonder how Jame is going to react when they fish him out of the river? He was affected by the attack, but he kept going despite that, but he also stared into the literal jaws of death.

I agree that a lot of Dothraki died just because they’re Dothraki and this sort of thing is what they live for.

The rest of episode?

Yes, Bran is soooooo spaced out it’s annoying the hell out of me, but his moment quoting Littlefinger back at him was good.

Arya is still immature. Sparring with Brienne for the thrill of it, and in full view of everyone. Even if Littlefinger hadn’t been there, he’d have heard about it. He now knows something about Arya that she’d have done better to keep a secret.

And now Theon’s back, lets see where that goes?


Tho’ there is the theory that this is due to ‘try before you buy’ mentality because we are so often burnt by Hollywood in terms of how good a larger production is. So it would be interesting to see results like this corallated with quality.


Oh cripe. Palimony? I can’t be palimony…