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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Actually she was following Tyrion’s plan & advice. However, if you saw the previews, there will be something like that happening.

I don’t think burning the shit out of the army is an issue here, it’s war. Armies fight and die. HOWEVER, again, if you watched the previews, it seems the issue will be her ultimatum (as in join or die). so you’re both right and wrong =P

True, but again, that was part of Tyrion’s plan. That food supply was essential to the Lanister’s war effort, they’re basically cutting KL’s lines of supply, as one would do in a siege, to weaken their army and grow unrest towards the crown. Standard stuff.

I kinda wish that happened cause it would make Bronn even more of a badass, but if Dragons can be taken out so easily then eh… that’d be underwhelming… honestly it’s already pretty good that it was Bronn who took Danny and her dragon down a few pegs, 'cause that’s what he does to all those royal types… fits sooo much with his character, he didn’t really need to off the dragon.

I was perfectly satisfied with how it went down. The sheer contempt he shows towards the other lords, lauging at Dickon’s face, making fun of Jamie and his sister openly without fear of consequences and then hitting the dragon and forcing oh might Dannaerys to the ground… damn that guy is pure bliss to watch :smile:


Well, I did say that the dragon spear thing would come into play. I thought it would kill one of the dragons but the show threw me a curve. But they did get the allies out of the way quick for a short season to get Dany in action with her dragon and Dokrathi army. They reminded me of Indians with their battle cry. Not so sure about their sickle though…

I guess they need all the dragons for the final war in the Winter zombie apocalypse. I’m waiting for the Stark family reunion, Jon to find out his true identity, and for Dany to find out she is his aunt. Would they…?!?

Anyway, the battle made up for the first half slowness…

On a side note, HBO had footage of the cast at SDCC and it was wild to see the Varys guy with full hair.


Oh don’t worry, I’m sure Cersei is fitting the castle full of “scorpions” at this point… I hope Danny won’t try to take KL with her Dragons now… 'cause she’s bound to lose them now that they basically confirmed they CAN take dragons down.

Why wouldn’t they? it’s GoT :smile:

Also, that’s the Targaryen modus opperanti in terms of lineage =P


Since Davos is originally from Fleabottom, that should affect any plans for the taking of King’s Landing and the Red Keep.

Y’know what these here people need to do? Talk to each other! Exchange information! I think, in this age of tweet, test and IMming folks get impatient with “bad data relay” even in sword-and-sorcery fantasy. Imagine how things would have gone without the ravens!


If it was him that pushed Jamie out of the way, he’d be glad to not have that gold weighing him down in the water.

A shoulder injury like Drogo. If the Lannisters were smart they’d make sure the scorpion arrows were dipped in some of Qyburn’s strongest poison.


It was… that was the horse he took just before.


Rush really needs to get a goddamn hobby


Being a troll IS his hobby.


Doesn’t he get paid to be a troll?


I almost felt like we wasted a lot of Dothraki.

Sure, have them come charging over the hill but then have the dragon attack from a 90 degree angle to the enemy’s line. Battle over.

I actually felt like there should have been a lot more retreating, especially after the initial hit. Nobody is that loyal.


Agreed, people should have been fleeing in terror. It’s also the practical move to retreat. Of course the dothraki and the dragon probably couldn’t have been outrun, but I would have liked to see more of the soldiers runaway.


This Lannister army has been fighting for years. They’re battle hardened and well disciplined. If they’d known the dragon was coming maybe some would have ran, but it was on them in an instant so maybe they’d accepted their only option was to fight.


I watched the battle again last night and removed from the episode it is actually kind of terrible. The Lannister army don’t hold the line they just fail to react to nearly every. There are multiple shots of them just standing around doing nothing while something happens right in front of them. It was weirdly off putting.


If you aren’t an archer how should you react to a flame throwing dragon?


Hide behind your mate.


I would have used the more subtle command of ‘run like fuck’.


By moving in anyway. There are lots of shots of the fire burning people up or the dorthaki breaking through while the people in the background just stand still. There’s literally no discernible reaction to what is happening in the shot.


Moving in where?

Back to Roman times we see the strength in co-ordinated defensive moves. It may look more proactive but does jumping in with shields make anything more effective?

No they’d get fried either way.


I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. I’m not saying they should have run or fought. I mean they were standing stock still. When something shocking happens in front of you the tendency is to flinch or raise your arm or respond in some physical manner. Almost none of them did. It made them look like an army of mannequins and robbed the action taking place of some of its impact.


That’s not how shock in soldiers tends to work.

When faced with heavy artillery it’s common for even experienced soldiers to freeze. They are trained not to run from the moment they become soldiers which, combined with combat shock, leads to slow reaction and indecision when faced with this type of danger.