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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


I think the only stupid part of Dany’s attack was that she burnt up the food supply that her army needed to capture and live off.


Still not sure that’s fair. She’s at war and she burned an army that had just finished slaughtering one of her allies. If she had just let the Dothraki army slaughter the Lannister army would that have been more acceptable? If so, why? If not, that’s fine. But there’s no way she can take down Cersi without bloodshed.

I do agree that she is essentially ignoring the advice of the likes of Jon, and getting on the back of her dragon is reckless and almost got her killed. But at the same time, she did kind of need to respond after losing Dorne and Highgarden in rapid succession. And at some point she needed to show Cersi the power that she has with those dragons.

He desire to see people bend the knee is a problem and I think she’s in for a rude awakening if she ever discovers that Jon is her nephew. Because he’s definitely more level headed that she is and being the prince’s son really mucks up her birthright claims. Still, I think a big part of the story is that the need each other. Jon is cool and calm, but maybe not willing to make all of the really hard decisions. Dany is fierce and willing to make those choices, but also hot-headed and reckless.


This was highlighted by Bronn charging the Dothraki and him cutting the horses leg. However the battle mainly was a cavalry attacking unmounted troops. Had the Lannister army been mounted (and there’d been no great big dragon burning everything) it wouldn’t have been as great an outcome. The Lannisters are battle tested, well armed, well trained and tough. They had strong military leaders who just defeated Highgarden easily. At one point some random Dothraki says ‘your men can’t fight’ but it wasn’t long ago that Ser Jorah was killing Dothraki smart mouths like he was taking care of some pests. The horselords aren’t ninja’s, they’d be handily defeated by an organized army.

She shouldn’t have fought at all. Fly in on a huge big dragon, let everyone see it shoot burning death and ask if they still want to pick a fight or if they want to bend the knee. They’d have turned on their lords in seconds, like so many armies have done for Dany previously. She didn’t need a massive army to get the Second Sons or the Unsillied or the Dothraki on her side. Or Tyrion, or Varys or Ser Jorah, or Ser Barriston. That was what made her different. Now she’s just done what Cersi did at the Sept of Baelor, but it did make for a cool action sequence.


Did the Mad King still have dragons? If so then a dragon isn’t quite as shocking since a lot of people in those armies would have seen a dragon die within their lifetime.


They’ve been gone for over a generation. No one currently alive has seen one before.


I think they were gone for about 150 years before Dany’s dragons were hatched.


For @alx and @njerry:


No, when Cersei was speaking to Mark Gatiss she said the money to pay them back was on the way with Jaime.


Yeah, I was under the impression that it is now a series of molten masses on the path between Highgarden and King’s Landing.


Hmm, I thought the elder Tarly (or someone) told Jaime that the gold was safely delivered right before the battle began.


Yep, blink and you’ll miss it line, but the cash made it back before the food.


Well, feck. That pisses me off. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I guess that answers the question of how they are going to finance their fleet of Scorpions since they know they work now.


Ah fair enough, I was concentrating on the earlier discussion.

Played it back and Sam’s dad says very clearly ‘all the gold has made it back to King’s Landing’. Apart from poor Bronn’s of course.


Did you see Drogon take out the ballista? Drogon was pissed! Oh, he’s fine. Got a hole in the shoulder, but, if we noticed, he came in for a soft landing and his reactions did not slow down. My guess is not to show another ballista in that dragon’s line of sight, he won’t like it.

And now to Lord Peter Barish. Sansa is manipulating him. Jon is ready to kill him. Bran knows all about him. (Chaos is a ladder, indeed!) Brianne is all to ready to bisect him. And as soon as Arya gets a few more details…


You will note I suspected earlier that would happen. It’s not like GoT to telegraph plot points and if they do it’s usually to subvert them.

When they revealed their harpoon to take down dragons I was not convinced. Saying that we may have to see how much damage it caused.


Lord Petyr Baelish :wink:


Never read the books, bud! We do what we can! :laughing:


Their best bet with the ballista was the element for surprise. That’s gone now. Sure Cersi could have a lot more built and hope that the sheer quantity would be enough. But, of course, it wouldn’t be. Really, when the story of that “battle” gets out, the Lannisters might have a very big recruitment problem. No army can march or sail on Dragonstone. They wouldn’t stand a chance. And the fear that Dany could fly into King’s Landing at any time could be enough to weaken King’s Landing to the point that they can’t defend themselves against much of anything. That said, if Dany gets reckless (which isn’t out of character) who knows what happens.

Still, I think the war for the Iron Throne has to basically play out by the end of the season so the final season focuses on the real threat.


You’re telling me that in watching the show you didn’t hear the silent vowels, and unnecessary letter changes for the names of characters?

Next your going to tell me you thought Jown Snoh was spelled Jon Snow.