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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Yeah, about Sonny…


This really was "The Reunion Episode ", wasn’t it?


I was less than thrilled with the first half hour… holy hell did the last half wake me up.


I was shaking by the end of that episode. OMG OMG OMG!


Brianne and Arya!


Just so many great fan moments in this episode. For all the waiting this season is just spoiling us. Four episodes in and if anyone had described what was going to happen in those first 4 hours any fan would have been thrilled. They’re really not holding back anything.

Also, chaos is a ladder was a fantastic moment. Chills.


Jeeeesus Bron is such a fuckin’ badass :smile:

I really hope he makes it to the last stretch and gets to fight alongside Jon. Plus I ALWAYS enjoy whenever he’s on screen, which tbh is not nearly as often as it should… one of the best characters in the series.

Kind of a weak episode for me since I prefer plot progression to long battle scenes, but I suppose people REALLY want these sort of encounters as well, and it delivered well. This was a good victory for Danny as well, since she just put a fat dent into the Lanister army.

Didn’t like the last “drowning” shot of Jamie tho… we know he’s alive, we know he’ll survive, it was kind of a weak way to finish the episode. But, fuck, Bron deserves 3 castles by now :smile:

Plus, since he’s a sowrd for sale and has no morality about it, he’ll probably join up with Tyrion… Or I hope so 'cause that’s one of the reunions I’ve been waiting for.

Oh and yeah, so basically my theory is confirmed and Bran has bascially become Dr Manhattan/Prof X. No wonder he’s all wooden now…


That episode rejuvenated the series for me in a big way. The battle was actually tense, and did a good job of subverting some expectations - I was sure Danerys was going to lose a Dragon to the scorpion the first time it was used. But here I actually thought that Jamie, Bronn and Danerys were in danger at times.

Also, it was so good to see Arya using her water dancing in her sparring session. A very well-shot fight scene, and it showed the advantages and limitations to the fighting style.


Oh, and I loved Davos correcting Jon on less vs fewer.



The best part of the episode.


Hey, this episode kind of vindicated my small gripe about last week, where Dany suggested to Jon that he’d lost two brothers, and he agreed even though they should have assumed that he’d lost three brothers and a sister - the two guards laughed at the arrival at Winterfell claiming to be Arya because everyone figures Arya is dead.

Good episode - a bit dull to start with (Bran is painful now; none of those scenes need to take as long as they do), and some weird timeshifts (Tyrion caught up to Dany pretty quickly), but Bronn is always good value (the show’s best character? Top 3?) and the battle scene was thrilling. I was expecting a death, but then as a show that challenges expectation by killing the main character in the first season, it makes sense that now that we expect deaths they hold off.

Jamie’s obviously not dead, so it’s a bit of a silly “cliffhanger”.


Jamie is alive but I think his sinking was basically his “OH SHIT” moment where he stared death in the eye like he never had before. It’s one thing to face armies with swords and spears but a fucking dragon?!?! I wonder if this will be his Moment of Clarity?


Jamie’s character arc has been one of the best ever, in fiction. From pushing a kid out the window of a tower to facing a dragon head on like a supreme badass. He’s the character with the most well earned and stark change in GOT. I agree that the ‘cliffhanger’ is more of a tentpole in his story, the shit this guy has been through is almost equaling Jon and Dany, especially if you factor in his life before the first episode, and now he’s just narrowly escaped death via dragon in a war he’s only fighting because he’s in love with his crazy sister.

And, “Fewer,” made me think of MW.

I expect likes for the irony pun, above, by the way.


I think my favorite part was Bronn laughing at Dickon’s name.

One thing… it sounded like they said the gold was back at King’s Landing. I would think they would have guarded the gold with the entire army, or at least Jamie would have personally brought it back and left Tarly or one of other bannermen to take care of the harvest. Looked like they had a thousand or so guys still at Highgarden with the grain.


Another enjoyable episode with some cool moments. Loved the scenes with Bran and Littlefinger as well as Arya and Brienne. And that final scene was insane and brutal. It will be interesting to see how Dany’s advisers react to her ignoring the advice of everyone.


That’s not how I interpret her actions.

The advice she got was to not burn Kings Landing, to not fly her dragons to the red keep.

She took a different route, attacking the lannister army.


True. I suppose the specific advice was to not burn castles and cities.


Tyrion’s advice was always awful. She doesn’t need to burn down Kings Landing. As Jon suggested simply letting everyone see her dragons rather than burning folks would be enough to cause plenty of everyday folks to end their support of the Lannisters.

In attacking the army (not the full Lannister army - that was a much smaller force of only a few hundred left behind to gather the supplies) she essentially burned alive lots of would be subjects and taught everyone if they didn’t follow her she’d murder them. She’s not listening, not being something different yet. Just another mindless killer ruining lives for the everyday people. I think this is on purpose, twice now she’s looked like a tyrant and not a savior.

It would have been great if after all this buildup Bronn had killed Drogon. Another GRR shocker.


This was a show of force by Dany of not just the dragons, but also of the Dothraki.

I think the royal armies are used to fighting other “civilized” armies. They fight each other using certain strategies. The Dothraki fight by a whole different set of rules which the Lannister forces weren’t prepared for.

As I said upthread, this attack was shock and awe.