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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


With the new season just around the corner, the promotion is gearing up.

The question today is, should the show continue after the expected 7 seasons and the end of the story in the books?

HBO talks Game of Thrones future: More than 7 seasons wanted – exclusive
All shows must die. But when, exactly, depends on who you ask

The epic series notorious for shocking deaths is starting to plan for its own inevitable demise.

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have previously stated they’re hoping to conclude the show with seven seasons. A few months ago, HBO took a step toward reaching that mark by optioning the cast for another two rounds. “We see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Benioff says. “We still have a long way to go and things to figure out, but we definitely know where we’re heading and the major end-beats.”

But wait: Is HBO really prepared to commit to a 2017 end date for the most popular show in the company’s history?
Not exactly. Or rather: They prefer not to, but will if they must.

“This is the hard part of what we do,” sighs HBO programming president Michael Lombardo. “We started this journey with David and Dan. It’s their vision. Would I love the show to go 10 years as both a fan and a network executive? Absolutely.”

And then there is that pesky movie idea. George R.R. Martin is among those who have lobbied for concluding the series with a feature film. It would mark a rare and risky TV-to-film leap, but Thrones plays like a movie already and has a huge and passionate global audience. The recent IMAX limited release of Game of Thrones generated an impressive $1.9 million at the box office for showing two repeats of the series in 205 theaters across Super Bowl weekend.

HBO isn’t keen on a Thrones film even if it’s a potential box office blockbuster, however, because the format switch could be construed as snubbing their loyal subscribers. (The showrunners won’t comment on the matter.)

Yet another possibility is that HBO might opt to extend Thrones with a spin-off. There have been no specific conversations on that front as of yet, though Martin has a development deal at the network. The author is currently writing the next book in his saga, although at this point he’s not expected to keep pace with the show. (Martin has two books remaining and no publication dates in sight.) Since the showrunners know Martin’s master story plan, they’re preparing to plow ahead into some new, unpublished narrative territory next year – assuming Martin doesn’t get The Winds of Winter out before next spring.

Perhaps the most likely outcome for the end of Thrones is having an extended, split-run seventh and final season — where more episodes are ordered than Thrones’ usual 10, but half air one year and half air the next. This would get HBO another “season” without having to renegotiate with the cast since all the episodes are technically part of the seventh round they’re already optioned for. AMC employed this strategy with the final seasons of Breaking Bad and Mad Men, but HBO used this technique first with the sixth and final season of The Sopranos, which consisted of 21 episodes instead of the usual 13**. Additionally distributing the final two hours beyond HBO with some sort of theatrical run for fans who want to see it in the theater wouldn’t be surprising, either**.

For now, the showrunners will only say that giving Thrones the strongest possible ending is their biggest priority. “We want to go out on our absolute highest note,” Weiss says. “We don’t want people to finally see the end and say, ‘Thank god that’s over.’” Adds Benioff: **“We know basically how many hours are left in this story. We don’t want to add 10 hours to that. It’s about finding that sweet spot so it works for us and for HBO and, most of all, it works for the audience.”**


When does the season start?


April 12th


That’s also my wife’s birthday. I may try to convince her that I arranged that.


Just make sure that you’re in charge of planning a “surprise birthday thing” so she can’t insist on making other plans than staying home and watching Game of Thrones.


We’re actually going out the night before to celebrate so this will be a surprise.

“Hey babe, look the power a MW moderator has! I got you Game of Thrones for your birthday!”


Game of Thrones Creators Confirm the Show Will Spoil the Books

With all the character changes, non-book deaths, and plot alterations in the upcoming season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, you’d be forgiven if you thought the TV show would eventually have nothing whatsoever to do with George R.R. Martin’s books. But you’d be wrong. Show runners Dan Weiss and David Benioff confirmed over the weekend that their show would be ending in the same place as the book series, and sooner than the books as well.

Speaking to the Oxford Union, Benioff addressed the TV series outpacing the books:

Luckily, we’ve been talking about this with George for a long time, ever since we saw this could happen, and we know where things are heading. And so we’ll eventually, basically, meet up at pretty much the same place where George is going; there might be a few deviations along the route, but we’re heading towards the same destination. I kind of wish that there were some things we didn’t have to spoil, but we’re kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. The show must go on. . .and that’s what we’re going to do.

We’ve known for awhile that Weiss and Benioff knew how Martin planned to end his series. But up until this year, readers were convinced that Martin would at least deliver the long-awaited next book in the series before the show had a chance to outpace him. It’s pretty clear that the upcoming fifth season of Game of Thrones will wrap up the plots of Books 4 and 5 (A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons), leaving everybody, show watchers and book readers alike, in the same place come this year’s season finale a.k.a. in the dark about what will happen next in both Book 6 (The Winds of Winter) and Season 6.

Back in January, Martin’s publisher said she had “no information on likely delivery” of The Winds of Winter, prompting most to conclude that there would be no new book at all in 2015. But Martin has since cancelled several upcoming public appearances at conventions in order to finish Book 6, even teasing that he might finish as early as this summer a.k.a. “before these cons roll round.” Meaning we might get Book 6 before Season 6. Maybe.

But Martin could lock himself away around the clock and he still wouldn’t finish his planned seventh book (A Dream of Spring) before Season 7 of the show rolls around in 2017. Nor would we want him to. Martin’s books are great because he takes his time with the painstaking details. Nobody wants a rush job.

So as things stand, book readers may still have an advantage going into Season 6, but it’s everyone for themselves come Season 7. There are advantages and disadvantages to that arrangement. The obvious advantage being book readers will no longer have to tiptoe around spoilers. The disadvantage being that readers who enjoy the story of Westeros unfolding the way Martin tells it (painstaking details and all), will have to settle for learning how it all ends in an abridged and modified way.

And what will all this do for Martin’s book sales? Will readers be as motivated to buy when they already know how it all ends? Benioff thinks they will. He said,

I think the thing that’s kind of fun for George is the idea that he can still have surprises for people even once they’ve watched the show through to the conclusion. There are certain things that are going to happen in the books that are different in the show, and I think people who love the show and want more—want to know more about the characters, want to know more about the different characters who might not have made the cut for the show—will be able to turn to the books.

You can watch Weiss, Benioff, Kit Harrington, and John Bradley address the Oxford Union in full here:


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I’ve taken to having a few drinks on a Sunday night again, take my mind off the encroaching Monday morning and the resulting Sunday night blues.
Of all shows, I enjoy a couple of drinks with GoT - so we are going to hold off and watch the new episodes on Sundays. I just hope we can avoid spoilers from Monday night till Sunday!


The first four episodes of season five have leaked:


Two quick things: To be fair to the people watching on TV or pacing themselves, please refrain from discussing the content of any episode that has been leaked and not yet aired.

Also, remember that while we allow discussion of data piracy, we do not allow discussion of the mechanics thereof. To wit: No links to straming sites, torrents or other methods of obtaining the episodes is permitted.


I ain’t watching those leaked episodes, since seeing the file weight, the quality must be pretty bad… I’ll wait for good old HD to watch them… it’s one of the few shows that really needs to be watched in HD. About to go into the first one… Hope it’s good, it better be after binge-watching DD =P


Aaaand of course they had to go and do that u_u

Jeez, sometimes I hate this stupid story… I mean, I knew it would happen because it fits my larger theory, but still, I would’ve like to see more of that before they pulled the trigger on the whole thing… Oh well =/

Good episode overall, but as always it never feels “enough” after watching an episode. I wonder how far along they’ll advance the plot this season… the last couple of seasons have moved (from my perspective at least) at glaciar pace, so I hope they start moving it along (although I suspect they won’t yet).


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