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Future Shocks-style story "Love Conquers All"

Like a lot of people here, I was inspired by Mark Millar’s Millarworld Annual short story contest. Even though my story wasn’t chosen for the annual, I saw the benefit of writing short stories and began researching going down that road.

Basically, that meant I bought two of 2000AD’s Future Shocks books and set about to write my own. So, I did write a handful of stories in the Future Shocks template and I submitted the scripts to 2000AD. I never heard back from them but I thought the stories were decent enough to pursue getting them produced myself.

So, I put an ad on this very forum looking for an artist but I only got two responses. Luckily one of them turned out to be a very talented artist by the name of Olan Orig. My script was fairly detailed but Olan added his own details to each panel and the characters that really helped to flesh-out the world of this simple story. Not only that but he finished ahead of schedule. So, if anyone is looking for a quality, dependable artist, give him a shout.

Anyway, enough of my rant. I now present to you a short tale called, “Love Conquers All.”

Any critiques or questions are welcome. Does it make sense? Can you follow the story? Is it stupid? Have at it, boys and girls.


The storyline is very clear, even without dialogue or captions. The plot is simple, which it probably needs to be to that the pictures can tell the story; but “simple” doesn’t mean “stupid”. I think it is a very good effort. Well done, Michael.

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I agree with @njerry. Love your initiative. Great work. Thanks for sharing, @MTG.

The best compliment that I can give you is that I didn’t guess where this was going. The ending snuck up on me. I really enjoyed it.

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Thanks for the kind words, guys. I really appreciate you taking the time to give it a look and respond with your thoughts.

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Just an update…

The reason I chose this particular story to produce is that Alterna Comics was accepting submissions for their anthology this year whose submission guideline is stated as such:

A few topic examples: superhumans, superanimals, superheroes, supervillains, normal people receiving superpowers and how they deal with them, losing superpowers, what someone would do with their newfound abilities, use and abuse of superpowers, etc.

After reading that, I figured that “Love Conquers All” would fit quite nicely into that theme. But, after I submitted it to them, this is the response I got:

Thank you for submitting for the IF anthology. Unfortunately it follows the criteria very loosely (it’s very sci-fi heavy) and the ending is a bit vague. I’m going to have to pass on this story.

Sheesh! I can’t catch a break in this industry. I guess it’s off to try writing greeting cards.

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Sheesh. If that is the only brief they gave, I’m not sure how you could do anything but follow it loosely. It isn’t very specific at all.

In any case, don’t feel disheartened. If we liked your work, presumably there will be like-minded publishers who will feel the same way.

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Did you remember to include the $50 incentive with your submission? That may have something to do with their decision. :wink:


Yeah, exactly. I thought their brief was pretty broad. As long as it had something to do with superheroes, then it would be okay. And the thing about it being “sci-fi heavy” also struck me as odd. Isn’t sci-fi the primary sub-genre of most superhero books? Books such as Superman, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Green Lantern, etc, etc, etc.


Thanks for the words of encouragement. Much appreciated. :v:


I really liked it. Vague? What the hell was so vague about it? Those editors were asleep at the wheel. I felt it was nice, tight, little piece in the tradition of 2000 A.D.'s Future Shocks…


Thanks. I appreciate the feedback and kind words. It does help.

Yeah, it’s really frustrating when the important people – the editors, the publishers, the general public – don’t “get” what you’re doing. This is why I try to show my stuff around and get people’s opinions – positive or negative. It’s getting to the point where I’m starting to think I’m crazy. I think my stories are decent. I think they make sense. But some other people don’t. So, I seriously start to question my sanity. Is there something wrong with me? Why do other people see things so differently than I do?

I’m starting to think I’m living in a Twilight Zone episode.