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Furman/Senior - To The Death kicks off its weekly digital publishing


Just want to thank all the people here who backed our To The Death Kickstarter campaign. Sadly, that didn’t get fully funded, but our web episode publishing venture (which was always the main story thrust of To The Death) rolls on. Episode 1 has been up on the site ( for a while now, and as of next week (Wednesday Oct 19) episode 2 goes LIVE, then weekly thereafter. To The Death is a gritty sci-fi story of last stands and lost causes, set on an Earth ruled by a trio of mega-corporations, where one man - Aleksy Dryagin - finds that rather than hanging up his guns he must act to save billions of lives. It’s packed with full-on off-world war, alien mercenaries and stunning action set pieces, breathtakingly realised by Geoff Senior (Dragon’s Claws, Death’s Head) in a series of fullscreen full colour frames. For a taster, check our Episode 1 & Episode 2 trailers, then head over to for more!


I’ll be subscribing come payday on Thursday


Hi Simon…I have already subscribed. Episode 1 was fantastic. I can’t wait for Episode 2…thankfully I won’t have to wait long.

Best of luck to both you and Geoff with this venture.


Awesome! Thanks Lorcan. If you like, please help spread the word! Cheers-- Simon


Thanks, fellow Simon! Your support is much appreciated!


Yeah, I think I’ll be signing up 28 October.


“Welcome to the party, pal!”:grinning: