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Fun idea - What are your favourite movies of 2016!


You know how we all get it wrong? Like we’re really excited about Amazing Spidey and Avengers 2 and Man of Steel, etc, and then we spend the rest of the year writing about how they weren’t quite what we expected?

Well, instead of a reflective end of year thread for 2015 with that 20/20 vision how about a gamble for the year ahead as we try to anticipate what we think our favourite movies are going to be. Just so we can be reminded about these choices in December :slightly_smiling:

Superman V Batman
The first two trailers for this were so wrong, but the third trailer really worked for me. Yes, we had our problem with it, but there really was something a charge seeing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman standing together. I know I’m going to have my gripes, but that trailer made me think I might enjoy this.

X-Men: Apocalypse
Bryan Singer is at his A-plus best when he’s doing X-Men. This is he, Simon K and the writers of X-Men 2 coming off the best X-Men movie so far, Days of Future Past. It can only be amazing.

Suicide Squad
There’s a slight office Halloween party vibe to that group shot, but Deadpool with Will Smith and the most beautiful actress in Hollywood as Harley and a team-movie with The Joker and a really cool trailer and a good writer and director and… and… and… I’m optimistic. I have a feeling I’m going to dig this.

Dr Strange:
I really like Scott Derrickson. I’m not especially interested in Dr Strange and I think we’re all a little more Star Wars over Marvel these days, but the talent on this is good and I’m hopeful. It’s a quality team and sounds very different in a good way.

Civil War:
Kinda burned out on the characters, to be honest, and the ones I like best don’t seem to be in it like Hulk and Thor, but I’m excited about this for the Russo Bros alone. They did a terrific job on Cap 2. Fingers crossed. I hope this works out for them too, though like Superman and Batman I’m not sure how excited I am seeing two superheroes pounding each other. As a drawing it’s one thing, but we like both these characters. This could be like seeing our parents arguing. A difficult one to pull off.

I really like the actresses on this and Paul Feig can be funny when he’s working with Wiig. They’re a really good team together. I think I’m going to dig this a lot.

Independence Day 2:
Trailer wasn’t especially exciting, but I love the original and anytime I see Jeff Goldblum in a scifi flick I know I’m going to have a good time. Jurassic World made 1.6 billion because it multiplied nostalgia by a movie star and this is missing here, but I bet it does 900 million. You know it’s going to be a totally fun two hours.

Star Wars: Rogue One:
Oh, please. This was probably on track to make 600 million, but now going to make over billion in the same way Avengers steroid boosted Thor 2, Cap 2 and Iron Man 3. It’s the next Star Wars movie and the script is going to be great, my pal Gary Whitta on duty. I bet this does 1.3 billion or something crazy!

I love SLJ and I love Tarzan.

Jungle Book:
Looks amazing and I hear great things.

Comic-book movies for 2017 look awesome!

I’m going to like all of those.

Whether they’re any good or not.

Don’t forget Deadpool.

Star Trek Beyond

Next up in the Star Wars universe.

And howzabout a couple maybe for 2017? Superior. Huck. Chrononauts. What the heck IS up next, anyhow?


As above but would also add…

Deadpool - I’m not sure just how off the wall they are prepared to go with this but am keeping my fingers crossed.

Rogue One - finally, the chance to see a Star Wars movie without any of that pesky Skywalker family drama getting in the way of the action!

Ghostbusters - a love it or hate it proposition but I have a good feeling about this.


I have high hopes for Hail Ceaser, When Marnie Was There, and Rogue One, being a massive fan of Studio Ghibli, The Cohen Brothers, and Star Wars.


I’m looking forward to both of Ben Wheatley’s movies, High-Rise and Free Fire.

Deadpool could be fun.

The Witch looks great. Played here a few months ago, but I missed it.

Midnight Special looks fantastic. Love Jeff Nichols’ movies.

I’m all in for Shane Black’s The Nice Guys.

Whiplash was one of my favourite movies of 2014, so I hope Chazelle’s La La Land is good.


Kung Fu Panda 3 will be all kinds of fun.

X-Men: Apocalypse is looking like it could be epic too.


The BFG and Disney’s Moana have also piqued my interest.


Mark didn’t forget Deadpool. He just thinks that Will Smith is playing him in Suicide Squad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, Deadpool and XMen are the Superhero movies I’m looking forward to.


Ah! Yes! Of course. Thanky, Johnny.


Some other movies that are supposed to come out in 2016
SILENCE by Martin Scorsese - starring Liam Neeson
FREE STATE OF JONES by Gary Ross - starring Matthew McConaughey
BOURNE AGAIN* by Paul Greengrass - starring Matt Damon
STAR TREK BEYOND by Justin Lin - starring Simon Pegg
WARCRAFT by Duncan Jones - starring CGI
13 HOURS by Michael Bay - starring explosions
STORY OF YOUR LIFE by Dennis Villeneuve - starring Amy Adams
JACK REACHER 2 by Ed Zwick - starring Tom Cruise

*not the actual title


I’m going to go with The Hateful Eight. :smile:


Suicide Squad.

Did you all see that new pic with Boomerang and that razor bladed boomerage?
Hell to the hell yes


I’ll do a ranked top ten, allowing that there are some smaller films that I do not yet know about.

  1. X-Men: Apocalypse- This is my favorite blockbuster franchise, I think, and is consistently pretty strong. This one looks like it could be the best one yet.

  2. Batman vs. Superman- I loved Man of Steel and so I’m excited for where this one goes. Snyder is doing things, visually, that nobody else is doing with superheroes, and so far this looks tantalizing.

  3. The BFG- Spielberg plus Melissa Matheson plus Roald Dahl

  4. Everybody Wants Some- Dazed and Confused is one of my top movies of all time; I have no objections to Linklater taking the whole thing to the 1980s.

  5. Kung Fu Panda 3- I love this series, it’s really high quality. Can’t wait to take the kid.

  6. GhostBusters- I really have faith that they’re going to capture the spirit of the original. We’ll see.

  7. Suicide Squad- Getting a bit nervous by overall look but I do love these characters and this could be grand action.

  8. Dr. Strange- I went from being pretty cool on this film to pretty excited, based mostly on the concept art and such, although I have my doubts that it will be a big Marvel-style hit.

  9. Hail Caesar- The Coens are a little hit and miss for me but they’re on a pretty good late-career roll too, and this looks right in their wheelhouse.

  10. Jungle Book- Another one I can’t wait to take my kid to. Looks bursting with heart and the trailer is simply wonderful.


The Irish Times did a movie preview a week or so back and referred to it as The Bourne Something or Other. I would love for that to be the title.

So far, I am interested in seeing The Good Guys, Civil War and Doctor Strange (hoping that they can bring to Ditkoesque weirdness to the screen). And despite the mauling that the first trailer got, I am looking forward to Star Trek Beyond. Justin Lin and Simon Pegg went out on a limb to distance themselves from the trailer, and while I don’t expect to see this replicate the TV show, it might be a lot of fun. Plus Idris Elba is in it (Starship Enterprise versus Luther - Awesome).

Or Starship Enterprise versus Stringer…totally different film, but equally awesome…


Are Cap: Civil War and Dr Strange the only Marvel Studios film we’re getting in '16? I thought they were going to start putting out three a year (or did I just make that up just now?).


They are switching to 3 a year but not for another couple of years, and some of those far ahead are still very tentative (such as Inhumans).


Deadpool, Civil War and Dr Strange. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about what’s due out. But I like to be surprised and not follow previews and set reports etc.


My most anticipated are:

X-men: Apocalypse – Singer doing an X-men movie which embraces all the goofy tropes associated with the franchise. If it’s not brilliant, it will be gloriously, wonderfully, enjoyably bad.

Dr Strange – A huge soft spot for the character and I’m curious to see how the adaptation goes. Marvel rarely steer wrong, so I’m hopeful of something bombastic and amazing.

Civil War – For all intents and purposes the next chapter in the Marvel saga. I’m on board, as I’ve always been.

Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice (aka Justice League - Part Zero aka Man of Steel Part two) - I’m not a big Snyder of Supes fan, and I was impartial to MoS but I’ll happily see what Snyder has in store for this chapter. He’s unpredictable.

Suicide Squad - Eh. It looks like it could be fun. Curious about the new iteration of the Joker and I’ve known Margot Robbie as an actress for a long time, so I’ll happily follow her career into superstardom.

Other notables: Star Wars: Rogue One, Deadpool, Ghostbusters, Warcraft, Independence Day 2.

2016: Year of Nerdstalgia?


I think my favorite movie for 2016 will be Star Trek Beyond. I liked the first 2, but Justin Lin doing space sci-fi sounds amazing. I think this will be a feast for the eyes, a blast to watch and hardcore Trek fans will hate it while a new generation will want to join Starfleet.

I have huge high hopes for Rogue One, because it’s finally after 40 years the raw naked Star Wars universe without the melodrama. I expect this to be this years Mad Max, the movie that everyone will love and the blockbuster on most best of lists.

I really can’t wait for the Crouching Tiger sequel. Loved the first one, excited to see a sequel with more modern techniques as well as old fashioned choreography.

Of the others:

I think BvsS will be great, but I think half the viewers won’t like and I’m not looking forward to the dissections.
I think Civil War will disappoint. Dr Strange will be great fun though.
I think Suicide Squad won’t be as good as we’d hope, and I don’t know if Deadpool can stay interesting for 90 minutes.
I think Ghostbusters won’t work.
I think Finding Dori won’t have the same magic as Nemo.
I think X Men Apocalypse won’t be for me. I’m not a huge fan of the franchise.
I think Ratchet and Clank will be the best video game movie ever.
I’m not sure about the Jungle Book, I always think making the animals hyper real looks pretty odd.
I can’t see Independence Day working. Or Zoolander. Or Warcraft. Or Fantastic Beasts. Or God of Egypt. Though I kinda love Gods of Egypt but I know it’s terrible.

Box Office wise I think Rogue One takes it, 5 movies made a billion in 2015 but I think only 3 might hit the mark in 2016 (Rogue 1, Dory and I’m not sure).


I think Potter, BvS, and Civil War will all cross a billion and be considered disappointments at the same time.

Maybe Potter won’t cross a billion but definitely the other two.